iPhone 7 – Everything you need to know before buying

What’s up guys, Josh here, and we’re getting so close to the iPhone 7 release date, less than half a year away. We actually just crossed that midway bump between the refresh cycle, so we’re going to be seeing this thing relatively soon. I made so many videos about leaks, rumors, patents, everything and I thought, Why not compile it into one post to give you guys the best possible idea of what we’re looking at from Apple when it comes to the iPhone in 2016?” The iPhone 7, 7 Pro, and 7 Plus. I’m going to show you everything we currently know about these devices. What will it look like?

Will it be more exciting than the iPhone 6S?

The iPhone 6s wasn’t much of an upgrade from the 6 regarding looks. The new iPhone 7 will be more of an upgrade but still it won’t be a full, complete redesign. What we currently know about it based on these leaked images, basically someone took the Render’s deleted pictures and made their own concept in the higher quality of it. Take a look at these, I’ve shown you them already but just to give you an idea, the iPhone 7 will still keep that rounded design. It won’t be more squared, it will have a flash camera, though. The standard 7 will not have a protruding camera. The antenna bands on the back of the device will remove the horizontal midsection, so it will just curve around the back top and bottom. It looks very great in the images. It’s very, very similar to the new iPad Pro LTE bands, so they come around in that sort of manner.

The iPhone 7 with Touch ID and Proximity Sensor

The iPhone 7 with Touch ID and Proximity Sensor

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing a huge, huge redesign lick expected, that will actually go in there 2018. Ming-chi Kao, one of the best analysts in the Apple world is basically saying, “Apple will revert to an older legacy iPhone 4 design in 2018.” Now, this means we could possibly even skip the S upgrade and no longer see a 7S, but-but skip to the iPhone 8 in 2017. That is a possibility, but for now, the iPhone 7 will keep mostly the same design, just some weaker, less annoying antenna bands, slightly thinner design and flush camera.

Will there be an iPhone 7 at all or is Apple going to call it the iPhone Pro?

A closeup on the iPhone 7Model details, now I talk about iPhone 7 plus pro, all these models all the time but really what we’re looking at is an iPhone 7, and an iPhone 7 larger size. This larger size Ming-Chi Kao is saying we’re going to be seeing a 7 plus, and 7 Pro. The Pro will be slightly better, it will have that dual-lens camera setup, not just the one single lens of the iPhone 7. It will have an exclusive 3 gigabytes of RAM, and possibly an exclusive 256 gigabytes storage options. Look-wise it won’t change much, but about the enclosure itself it will be at least a millimeter thinner, so Ming-Chi Kao is saying it’ll be between 6.0 to 6.5 millimeters. That makes it almost as thin as the iPod Touch 6th Generation, which is at 6.1 millimeters.

Now, to get this thinner size, Apple did have to change some things on the inside. First off we do have a thinner lightning port enclosure, so EMI shielding inside on the logic board allows for more compact, compact logic board design, and that will actually help you get more battery life. Any slightly thinner design in general and no headphone jack, so the thing everybody’s been talking about it’s actually happening, Apple will not be including a headphone jack in the iPhone 7. This will actually help make the device dinner, but it’s not really why Apple is removing it. Why is Apple removing the headphone jack? Just like the floppy drive, the CD drive, USB A ports, like they’re all disappearing, and it’s all for a reason because Apple sees the future. A future of wireless connectivity where people don’t really use these standards anymore. The headphone jack has been around for over 40 years, and Apple’s thinking it’s about time to get rid of it for a new lightning jack.

Apple Wireless Earpods

Apple Wireless Earpods

The Brand New Wireless Earpods

The Brand New Wireless Earpods

This lightning jack that’s currently available, of course in all iPhones, will be able to stream high-quality audio even higher quality than currently available over the 3.5-millimeter jack. Not only will it help make a smaller, thinner phone, but it will also actually help you get higher quality audio from those headphones. Apple will be including new Lightning connector headphones in the box of the iPhone 7, and 7 Pro, and Plus models. Basically, it will connect inside the lightning enclosure, and you’ll get very high-quality audio from them. Now that begs the question, how will you charge your device while listening to music? That could possibly mean wireless charging could be included in the new iPhone 7. However, that’s something that’s less likely to happen. Apple will be selling separate wireless headphones, and they’ve actually trademarked that as aroids, so the earpads will be available as an optional accessory to purchase, but the headphones will be lightning connector included in the box.

Brand new iPhone 7 Images

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In the actual patent notes, Apple details a hybrid wireless, wired option for these headphones. Basically, they’d be wireless on their own, but when the battery dies, you can plug them into the wire and actually have a wired connection. Also, as a result of no headphone jack, there will be stereo speakers making this the very first iPhone to have stereo speakers. All they just had mono, just one speaker on the bottom, and I’m actually looking forward to that. I use my phone as a speaker often, I’d love to have better audio with that. This is supported by the fact that case leaks show a very smooth design on both side of the speaker ports, so no longer do you have a headphone jack, just two speakers making a stereo speaker setup. The iPhone 7 may have an iPad Pro like quick connector.

In those leaked images, if you zoom in real, real close on the bottom of the phone you can see three pins. Now, those three pins are just like the ones on the iPad Pro, now it’s unknown what this could mean for the iPhone, but we can guess that this would open up the world to third party cases, different things, maybe even wireless options for this iPhone. Basically, higher transfer speeds, faster charging through these ports. It’s unknown if this is legit, if this is just a testing model, we know Apple’s testing many variations of the iPhone 7, but a smart connector may be included on the back of the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Specifications

Storage options for the iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Storage Options

Apple will be upping the base storage to 32 gigabytes. Of course, you know media sizes are on the rise, and Apple’s latest Pro iPads all have a base model storage of 32 gigabytes. Enough for the light up we might be seeing 30 to 128, and 256 on the iPhone 7 model, on the iPhone 7, and 7 plus models, 32, 64, and 128 seem reasonable. Now, getting to displays, it’s unlikely we’ll see a huge change here. Apple will be updating the resolution, but the technology will remain LCD IPS panel. We do need all of that, that is coming, it has been confirmed in the future, likely 2017 or 2018, but for now LCD technology with the resolution bump on the standard iPhone 7 from a 750 x 1334 resolution to a 1920 x 1080 P resolution making it full HD. That means they’re going from 326 pixels per inch to 469. That’s quite an increase. The larger iPhone 7 Plus is unlikely to get a resolution bump as it will remain at 1920 x 1080 P resolution. If it were to get one, it would go up of course to QHD display, 2560 x 1440 resolution. It’s a shame really, every Android smartphone nowadays comes with a QHD display, Apple should really catch up, but it’s unlikely to happen with the iPhone 7 Plus or Pro, they remain the same.

The iPhone 7 now has HD Audio

The iPhone 7 now has HD Audio

What’s powering these monsters?

The Apple A10 Chips, so Apple’s rapidly approaching Intel with their chip technology, Intel should be scared. Apple’s actually able to stack so many 3D transistors in the space of the A9 chip, you know you get a ton of power for such a small chip. 16 nanometers is the confirmed configuration of the Apple A10 chip. TSMC actually just signed a contract, they’re be producing 100% of the chips for Apple for the iPhone 7, of course in 16 nanometers size. When it comes to RAM, Apple’s going to be sticking 2 gigabytes, LP DDR4 in the iPhone 7, so no change there. The iPhone 7 will receive an exclusive 3 gigabytes, of DDR4 RAM.

Details on the iPhone 7 Battery Life

The iPhone 7 will receive a larger battery, so Apple is actually using several new technologies that would allow them to free up the space inside of the shell of the iPhone 7, making way for a larger battery. Of course, I talked about EMI shielding, it’ll reduce electromagnetic interference on the board itself, all that technology is currently being used in the Apple watch. What this technology also allows for is more compact internals, meaning a larger battery. A leaked battery image actually shows that it has a higher watt per hour rating than the iPhone 6s current battery, making it about 1810 to 1820 MAH. It will be larger than the iPhone 6S, about the size of the old iPhone 6 battery, but with more efficient internals, it’ll equal out to better battery life. There is no word on the iPhone 7 plus, or 7 Pro battery just yet, but I’m sure that one will leak in a little bit.

The iPhone 7 also gets a Camera Upgrade

The iPhone 7 is Perfection from any angle

The iPhone 7 is Perfection from any angle

Apple has an active engineering team over 800 people that work on iPhone cameras. I think that’s really incredible, and the iPhone 7 is going to be a benchmark in Camera performance for Apple. What do we know about the camera setup on the iPhone 7? We are aware the iPhone 7 itself will receive a larger camera, it will have a larger overall size, but it will remain flush thanks to a new patent that allows for better configuration of the internals of the lens. You’ll get a lot of superior fancy technology, of course, it’ll do better in low-light, it’ll have a larger aperture, all the right stuff. The real focus is on the iPhone 7, it’ll have the duo-lens set up, the actual lens module was leaked, and it basically shows an Apple-like design, this thing would fit inside a larger iPhone 7 or Plus shell, but most likely it’ll be pro model.

It will protrude, this will not be flat on the pro model because this thing is huge. This thing is going to allow for so much awesome new technology. As a result, it will protrude. Now, what can you do with a duo-lens setup? I’d like to focus, you take a picture, you can focus on different areas of the picture after taking it. You can record multiple streams of video at the same time, so you record, you have slow motion available later for edit, 4K, 1080p, whatever you want. I think that’s really incredible, it’ll take up a ton of storage, but that, of course, can probably be disabled by software feature. We do know that Apple owns the Links Imaging, a company they purchased a little bit earlier that specializes in multi-lens set-ups, so that something very, very likely, 100% that’s coming to your larger iPhone 7, and with that leaked image basically confirms that.

Touch ID will be in the iPhone 7

A new Touch ID will be in the iPhone 7

Real quick before I forget, optical zoom is possible. Because you have one standard lens and a telephoto lens, you basically have a broad range of field available right away. You can actually zoom using an optical zoom instead of it being the digital crop to zoom. I think that’s really, really cool, because of that duo-lens set-up that’s just one of the benefits of many that you get. Talking about wireless, Intel has been confirmed to ship the actual modern chip on the iPhone 7, raising the download speed to 450 megabits versus 300 currently on the iPhone 6s. It’s still not up to par with the Samsung Galaxy S7, but it’s getting there. All right, so that’s it for the specs basically in a nutshell.

But when does the Apple iPhone 7 come out?

The Colors of the new iPhone 7 Lineup

The Colors of the new iPhone 7 Lineup

September 2016, it’s no surprise Apple releases their iPhones every single year. The iPhone 6S didn’t count, that was a smaller upgrade, but the actual new refresh will be in September. The exact details of date times will be known closer to the event, but right now we just know September. It’ll be the very first iPhone to ship with iOS 10 as standard. We don’t know much about that, but we-we know it’ll have a lot of improvements to see possibly a graphical redesign as it is that time in the tick-tock schedule of iOS. Every 3 iOS versions there is a significant revision.

What are the some of the things that are less likely to happen, that have been talked about as well? Waterproofing. Waterproofing may happen eventually but not in the iPhone 7, so Mark basically confirmed that the 6S and iPhone 7 share the exact same water resistance, which is basically none. Basically, any further iPhones in the future, thanks to all those new patents may receive this technology, unlikely in the iPhone 7. Wireless charging, it may happen because of the problem with the headphone jack being removed, charging, listening to music at the same time, what are you doing to do? Wireless charging is a solution to that problem, although it might not happen. Then there’s a lot of talk about no home button on this thing. Apple does have patents for built-in Touch ID in the display, but it’s unlikely with this version of the iPhone we’ll see no home button. In the future with all led that will be more possible, unlikely again with the iPhone 7.

A couple of the smaller things we might see, USB 3.0 will be standard. That will allow for fast-charging just like that new charger we’ve seen with the new iPad Pro 12.9 edition, faster charging on the iPhone is much needed, very welcome. iPhone 7 as standard might get optical image stabilization, thanks to a new lens setup and 3D touch the second generation which would allow for multiple fingers on the display, to check pressures with multiple fingers.

My Conclusion and iPhone 7 Review

I just wanted to bring up a statement from Mossberg, so an analyst, also investor, this guy is basically saying the iPhone 7 has a ton of ground to catch up on. There hasn’t been a massive redesign, and forever the iPhone SE and the iPad Pro are just derivatives of earlier products. There’s no groundbreaking new technology, the Galaxy S7, which I’ve got over there has been biting at Apple’s heels. This thing has really caught up and surpassed Apple in many ways, and all he’s saying is that iPhone has a long way to go. With the iPhone 7, it better be spectacular as quoted by him. I’m really really hoping that a lot of these are true, and as we get closer, of course, we’ll get to confirm more and more of them, but that is the iPhone 7 in a nutshell.

Thanks so much for watching guys, hopefully, I gave you a good, clear, concise idea of what the iPhone lineup will look like in 2016, and it’s all going to be pretty damn good. Thanks so much for watching guys. Have a great day, be sure to check up to the earlier iPhone 7 video as well, talk a lot about these smaller points in there. Thanks for reading

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