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Has Apple addressed Staingate?

Edit 24th October:

After long waiting It seems that Apple has finally acknowledged to the coating issue and Apple has replaced my screen for free! Other customers are also reporting that their screen has been fixed for free by apple

Original article:

As Apple Inc’s customer base is rising at rocket’s pace, worldwide, so is the number of members in the Staingate community against one of its premium products called the Macbook Pro Retina. The Staingate community formed by users of Apple’s Macbook Retina is represented by as many as 4396 users who have been agitated over “peeling off anti-reflective coating on screen of Macbook leaving opaque stains”.
The product that landed in the market in mid 2012, has seen scores of users voicing their concern over the staingate issue, which they state, begins soon after 7 months of purchase. The users have been appealing to the company to resolve the problem free of cost, while, out of warranty the repair of the stained screens costs about 800 USD.

It is pertinent to note that a buyer who spent 2000 USD to purchase the Macbook is being forced to shell out another 800 USDs on the device after seven months of usage.

The name Staingate coined by users, after the old issue of Antennagate of Apple iPhone 4, has fast emerged as a crusade against the company that recently announced that free of cost repairs will only be allowed to those whose Macbook was under warranty. This implied that only those who purchased the product in 2014 are being covered, while the others were being forced to shell out 800 USDs for the repair.

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What is Staingate?

It is the peeling off the anti-reflective retina coating from the screens. The peeled off coating leaves stains that could either begin from ends of the screen or in the middle of it. To make matters worse, some of the users had it in the middle of the screen and the stains are mostly opaque, disabling view beneath the screen portion impossible (even though the crystal display originally remains intact). This problem has been specific to Macbook Retina users.
About the communities

You can find a detailed report of the Staingate issue here:

Dissappointed, those having Macbooks out of warranty and were asked to pay for repairs of stains, formed a support group early in March this year. As the number of supporters mounted to three digits within a month, the volunteers went to create a whole website representing the sufferings due to Staingate issue in Macbooks. The website has over 4000 members on board and there is a registration form available at the bottom of the page for those who wish to join in.
Apple’s take on Staingate

Following an uproar on Facebook, informal staingate communities and the formation of the website, Apple Inc officials stated that this was not a manufacturing defect and rather a cosmetic damage. Clarifying the apprehensions of the users that Apple may exclude the repair of the staingate on screens from one-year warranty cover, the company in May, this year, said that screens of Macbooks under warranty may be repaired free of cost. This was a breather for some of the users. However, the demands of older users rose for free of cost repairs too. The company has not yet agreed to it, though.

Market analysts’ estimation on the issue

In view of Apple’s overall customer friendly approach and its response during the antenna gate issue, some five years ago, a number of market analysts said that the company might soon announce a way out to address the staingate issue better. They said that the voicing against the problem needed to be more intense to set the ball rolling for the aggrieved users.


A few Screenshots of users with the Staingate issue:

Staingate Complaint 4  Staingate Complaint 2 Staingate Complaint 3

Pictures of the Staingate issue:

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Read more about Staingate here:


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