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Hey readers! It’s Elliot, coming to you from Salt Lake City. I’ve been chatting with our readers quite a lot these days as I am stuck at home like many of you as well and the topic of keeping yourself entertained came up quite a lot. Now I bet its fun to talk in our MacCrunch VIP readers exclusive chat with one another but many of our readers simply don’t have the funds, or don’t want to spend money on a Netflix subscription. So I came to the rescue, hit up our latest sponsor and got you guys an amazing offer!

I’ve managed to get a SWEET deal for you guys!

So after talking to our latest sponsor I convinced them to give out 1 Year Netflix subscriptions for FREE to all our readers! Isn’t that amazing? It doesn’t matter if you already have a Netflix subscription or not. If you already have one you just don’t have to pay for a full year. If you don’t have one, well, enjoy your 1 Year of Netflix on us 😃

How to get 1 Year of Netflix for Free

It’s very simple to get started and i’ve even made a video on how to sign up. Simply follow the instructions on the form and fill out your name and email so that we can look up your account and register for a free membership with our sponsor. This is completely free of charge and won’t take much more than 5 minutes!

After Signing up to the Sponsor as shown you will receive an email with your voucher code


Simply take the code and enter it on like this


And you Netflix will tell you that you are redeeming a full year voucher

Redeemed Netflix

Now hit the red ‘Apply to my Account’ button and your 1 Year of Netflix will be applied to your account. If you have a new account you won’t have to pay for a year. If you have an existing subscription you will not be charged for 1 year.

1 Year Netflix free 1

You’re set!

You can now enjoy Netflix worry free for an entire year and away goes all the boredom you’ve had being stuck at home during this worrying time. Thanks for reading and I hope you managed to take advantage of this amazing deal that I have secured for you guys

Elliot V. King

Elliot V. King

Elliot Victor King is a Tech Enthusiast from Salt Lake City with years of experience in building websites. Having been involved with Mobile Technology and Computers from an early age, Elliot's Mission at is to evolve the Website to new levels by contributing helpful content for our readers to enjoy and learn from. To contact Elliot send an email to [email protected]

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