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MacCrunch is a team of young journalists, dedicated to staying on top of the latest, freshest developments in all things Apple. Technology and computers are our passion. And the only thing we love more than technology and computers is Apple. Watching from a front row seat (popcorn in hand), we’ve seen Apple bring new advances to the entirety of human civilization. There’s been ups and downs on the wave of innovation, but we’ve been surfing the whole way. It’s an excellent time to be alive.

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We’ve been covering the Cupertino beat since 2011, and we’ve managed always to stay hungry for the next big “crunch” to come our way. We covered the iPhone 4, and we’ve been on the scene for the release of every Apple iDevice to come down the pipe since then. Do you want the Apple Watch? We’ve covered the Apple Watch from every angle. We’ve seen some of the best, and we saw some of the worst. Tim Cook is always in our crosshairs, and Steve Jobs is always in our hearts. We give you the latest news happening in the tech industry. And we want you to know the latest products and improvements to be ready for.

We Own All The Latest Apple Products

We admit it; we’re junkies for the stuff. No escape from the aluminum addiction. You won’t find us waiting around for review copies to come in the mail. We’re the guys you see standing in line in front of the Apple store after every release, waiting to grab the latest piece of history in the making and hold it in our undeserving hands. The significant benefit to you is a first hand, ringside review of each piece of Apple gear. No waiting. And indeed no biased reporting, either. We bought the equipment, and you can be sure you’re getting our real opinion.

We Keep the World Updated

When there’s development, we let you know. And there are millions of “you” waiting and hungry for each new post here at MacCrunch. A real fan of Apple comes home to roost where the rest of the real fans live. You’re here with us at every press release and each official statement. When Tim Cook sneezes, you’ll help us hand him a handkerchief. You’re here the second the next unconfirmed allegation gets posted to Twitter, and we are covering it moments later. Leave a comment and join the rest of the Apple-hungry crowd the next time we tear into Cupertino’s new electronic monument to future human-computer evolution. Together we can do fantastic things.

There’s a phrase at Apple, “It just works.” Well, we’ve got some insider tips from Apple development gurus that will super-charge your iDevices. We’ve got the dedication and know-how to make every bit of Apple gear in your collection work with the same ease as the version Cook was showing us at the last media event. We’re not scared of Mountain Lions. We’ve been inside Mountain Lion, we’ve looked out its eyes, and we know what makes it tick. While other tech sites are flailing around wondering when Apple’s going to fix functionality, we’re showing you the scoop on how to make it function after all. Our site is filled with careful, step-by-step instructions from point An all the way to point Z. Don’t miss a step, and you’ll have an iDevice that makes you look like one of the pros.

Never Pay Full Price Again for Your Apple Must-Haves

Owning the latest Apple products is essential to getting the most out of life. But there are so many devices, and so many new versions coming out all the time. Here at MacCrunch, you don’t have to wreck your budget to stay on the bleeding edge of technology. We’re always watching, and when we catch wind of a great deal, we make sure to pass it on. It might be a great buy on an Apple Computer, a trade-in deal to hook you up with the latest iPhone or maybe an incredible discount on that 3rd party peripheral that makes your laptop rise to the next amazing level of usability. It doesn’t matter because when a good deal on Apple comes around you need to pounce!

We Know All the Secrets

Lips have a tendency to come unsealed around us. We’ve built a delicate spider web to bring together our site and an extensive network of secret Apple industry contacts. For engineers, developers, programmers, even sales associates in the know, MacCrunch is a haven for secret un-confirmable information. A sanctuary where all the right names are protected, so the information keeps flowing when the other shoe drops. When the latest press release leaves you unsatisfied, you can be sure MacCrunch will go further and tell you what’s going on under the skin. While Apple tries to hide it, we already know it.

A Note About Operating Systems

We’re not about fighting any culture wars here. As far as we’re concerned the battle for the better computing platform was won back in 1984. The winner has remained undisputed, and the end-user experience has only gotten better. But occasionally some roustabout comes out squawking over the Internet. In those moments we take the time to speak truth to power. Every time Apple releases the Next Big Thing to send the competition running with their tail between their legs, you can be sure you will read it here first.

A Critical Eye

But rest assured, we also aren’t a bunch of unthinking fanboys. When Apple screws up, we want you to read it here first. And while the dudes in charge in Cupertino are craftily spinning a squeaky-clean PR response, we’re busy broadcasting the slip-up and taking them to task for the failure. Flawed components? Bugs in Mountain Lion? We let you know. Any time there’s a problem that really should have been caught. It’s on our site for everyone to see.

For Latest and Greatest Apple information, there’s only one place to get your “crunch.” And luckily you’re already there. See everything we’ve got; you won’t be disappointed.