We’ve all been waiting for it. The Apple Watch was the major innovation due this year. And the biggest questions were about the features it would have. Of course, just as the iPhone isn’t only a phone, and the iPad is much much more than a portable desktop computer, we knew that the Apple Watch was going to be much more than just a watch.
Now that the wait has ended and the Apple Watch is out there in the hands of eager users, how does it stack up? What are the reviewers saying?

Heres our Apple Watch Review with the Top 10 Features


1. It’s not just a watch

it’s a personal device. In the words of the Apple blurb, it’s the most personal device yet, letting you do most of the things you’ve become accustomed to on your phone and tablet. Only now, you wear your life on your sleeve, er, cuff.


2. It’s also a pretty good watch

…almost one of the best: The Apple Watch is a precision timekeeper. Perhaps the most precise timepiece ever. And you can read the time in any form you want it: digital, clock face, world clock. And of course, because after all it is a watch, it has a timer and an alarm.

3. It lets you stay in touchΒ on the go

A gentle tap warns you of incoming messages, a small but very readable screen lets you know what’s going on, and to make your plans.



4. It’s a fitness device

A watch this clever needs a new name. If you have any suggestions, we’re listening. The Apple Watch keeps track of your daily routine, encouraging you to sit less, walk, run and play more. For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, it provides timekeeping, and tracks distance, calories burned and body measurements to keep you informed of your performance.



5. It’s versatile

It performs a whole range of functions, no matter who you are or what you do for a living. It comes customized to your needs, even before you know what those needs are. For example, there’s Apple Pay. With the simple touch of a button, you can pay for purchases at the hundreds of vendors that accept Apple Pay.



6. It looks good

The Apple Watch comes in a range of colors and styles, to suit your taste. There are three versions: Apple Watch, Apple Sport and Apple Edition, the luxury version.



7. It keeps you on track

It’s your own personal assistant and schedule keeper, sending you gentle reminders of appointments, deadlines, breaks and even routes to work or your favorite coffee shop. There’s Siri, of course, Apple’s new voice-activated personal assistant.


8. It’s loaded

The apps include all those you’d expect and others that you hadn’t yet imagined. There are apps to keep track of time, weather, schedules, stocks, fitness. All your music is there, as is a camera and remote; and a passbook to organIze your travel documents.



9. The latest technology

The Apple Watch incorporates cutting edge technology, seamlessly bringing your life together in one neat package. And it’s made to all fit neatly on your wrist.



10. It’s cool

Despite the naysayers, Apple continues to define cool. And the Apple Watch is just one more step on that adventure.
So there you have it. All the functions of smart watches: communications, timekeeping, payments, travel, music and camera, in a seamlessly beautiful package. More apps are on the way, and hopefully also GPS. There are some limitations of course, to be expected in a first generation product. The Apple Watch is not a stand-alone, and does need to be in proximity to an iPhone or iPad to function. It has limited wireless capability and unlike traditional watches, it needs to be recharged every twelve hours or so.
While the lines of those pro and con are drawn as expected, between supporters and detractors of Apple products in general, there is no doubt that the Apple Watch is way ahead of the competition as far as smart watches are concerned. This comes with a price tag, of course. Starting at $349, the Apple Watch costs considerably more than Android smart watches which begin in the $99 range. But for sheer beauty and innovation, Apple holds an unbeatable lead.