Facetime for PC

How to Set up and Install Facetime for PC

FaceTime is a video messaging software developed to help people initiate and engage in high-quality video calls with each other. FaceTime is excellent software as compared to the other types of video messaging software when it comes to video quality. Its images are clearer and sharper and it can also receive HD video calls at up to 720p. In addition to video calling, FaceTime can also be used for voice calling. You can use Facetime to call your family and friends who might be far away from you; hence bringing you closer when you might not have the option to travel. You can also use it in a business set up to communicate with your clients rather than having them come to your office every time they have an issue. The New FaceTime on Windows PCs Until recently, FaceTime has only been available to IOS and Mac users. The good news is that you can now access FaceTime on your PC and this is the only website that will make it possible for you. Keep reading to find out how you can get this magnificent software on your PC. Being able to access FaceTime on your PC will go a long way in making your life easier. This is because most people spend a lot of their time on their PCs by either working, playing games or communicating with family and friends. It is, therefore, important to try and consolidate most of these programs in one place, which


Samsung QN75Q9F 2019 Review – 75 Inches of 4K Madness!

Today, I want to do kind of a quick review for you guys on the Samsung Q9F series TV. That’s the new one that just came out, the 2018 version that’s precisely the 75-inch version. I should mention too that I found a pretty good deal on this set, and I’ll throw a link in the description below so you guys can check that out. This is Samsung’s free top-of-the-line television. It’s the best one they make, their highest end one, and I couldn’t be more happy with it. I’ll tell you right now If you could go to the picture on this thing, it is stunning. It’s full 4K. It has their best HDR engine called the Elite Max, and you can tell the difference. The clarity and the vividness of the picture are mind-blowing. You have to see it to appreciate it, I guess. It has their ultra black elite technology, which is a fancy way of just saying it has a good contrast ratio, deep blacks, and it does. The depth between the fully lit pixel and the fully dark pixel is excellent in this set, some of the best I’ve ever seen, and it does have a 240 hertz panel, so, if you’re using it for sports or fast-moving things, you’ll see in clarity with no motion blur, and it does make a big difference going even from some of the older 120 hertz sets to the 240. Some people say, “Oh. Your eye can’t tell.”


Sony X690e Series Review – The Best Budget 4k LED TV

Today I want to do kind of a quick review for you guys on the Sony KD60X690E. That’s their 60-inch version of their 4K Ultra HD smart LED TVs. I should also mention too that I found a pretty good deal on it. And I’ll throw a link in the description below, so you guys can check that out. So, this is part of Sony’s X690E series. It’s pretty much there… I don’t want to say, as the bottom of the end line, but it’s their most affordable model of their 4K LED series. But in my opinion, it’s the best bang for your buck, definitely because you get most of the features that the much more expensive ones have in the X900s and the X800s and stuff like that. But you don’t pay near the premium for those things. Some people advertise that the other ones have better contrast ratios and stuff. But I’ll tell you, the contrast ratio on this is unbelievable. The blacks, the separation of colors is right on this set. If you’ve never had a 4K game before, you’ll be blown away the first time you watch Planet Earth II in 4K through your Netflix or something like that. It’s almost like you’re looking out a window at what’s going on. It’s that amazing. It doesn’t have the Triluminos Display like some of the more expensive models do. But when I checked them out, and they beat them, I could not tell the difference between


Sonos Playbar Review – A Review From A Audio Enthusiast

Today I want to do a quick review of the Sonos play bar. This is a wireless soundbar, one of the more high-end ones, and I should mention before we get started though, that I found a pretty good deal on this soundbar, and I’ll put a link in the description below so you guys can check that deal out. So, right off the bat, I’ll tell you I’m not a sound bar guy. Well, I should say I wasn’t a sound bar guy. But I’d always been a firm believer in; you need bookshelf speakers or towers for any decent quality sound and home theater type scenario. But I will say, the Sonos is pretty amazing for what it is and how much it costs. It’s a little more pricey than certain soundbars, but the sound is honestly really, really good on this. It has a clean look when mounted, and I was shocked at the amount of big sound that you can get out of a small system like this. The review I’m doing is for the play bar only, you can get it in a 3.1 home theater or a 5.1, but those are considerably more money. This one is just for the sound bar it doesn’t come with any subwoofer or anything like that. But I’ll tell you for music and movies; it’s amazing the sound that comes out of this thing. Of course, it’s one of those things you have to hear to appreciate, so


Samsung UN82NU8000 Review – Behold The 82 4K Monster!

Today, I want to do a review on the Samsung UN82NU8000. This is an 82 inch 4K 8 series, which is new for 2018 for Samsung. It’s a new set. I hadn’t seen any reviews on it yet, so I thought I’d give you guys my two cents on it from my experience. So, yeah. The eight series, they make in quite a few different sizes. The one I’m reviewing is the 82-inch version, but they do make quite a variety of sizes. I will say for a 4K set, go as big as you possibly can. This is the first TV that I’ve had that size, and I’ll tell you right off the get-go, it’s nothing short of breathtaking. I used to have a projector in a home theater room, and it was good. It was an older Sony projector, and I was pleased with it. But you can’t get anything near the clarity and the color that you can get with an actual panel. The 4K panel in this thing is stunning. The bezels are so small in it; you can’t even tell it’s there. It looks like a free picture on the wall. The color representation is super accurate. It’s very, very clear, and the deepness of the blacks is just great. I mean, it’s getting to the point now where it looks like you’re almost watching what’s happening through a window. It’s so clear. Remember, with a 4K set, because it’s such a high resolution, you


Philips Hue Starter Kit Review 2019 – Is This Still The Kit To Get

Today, I want to do, kind of a quick review for you guys on the Philips Hue lighting system. I should mention, too, that I found a pretty good deal on the Starter Set, which is the set I’m reviewing, and I’ll throw a link in the description below, so you guys can check that out. I was looking for a good, all in one starter kit, for a Hue-style light bulb. Which is the RGB-style light bulbs you can have, all at, like, 16 million different colors in them? They can do a little bit more than, also, but the Hue system is what I decided. I think it’s the best one for the money, by far. The four bulb starter kit is the one that I went with, which comes with four bulbs, and the receiver hub. It’s a fully automated system. You can use it with Apple Home Kit; you can use it with Google Assistant, you can use it with Alexa, which is the big home three automation systems out there right now. But it works very well. The colors are very accurate. They’re perfect. It can be dimmed from anywhere, from not on, to full brightness. There’s a lot of modes that you can do. Like, there’s thunderstorm modes, where it’ll kind of flash. It has different programs, like, kind of a beach feel, on different waves, and they’re always adding things all the time. Or you can do, set it to a specific color,


LG OLED65C7P Review – This Is 4k OLED Perfection!

Today, I want to do a quick review of the LG OLED65C7P. It’s 65 inches, and it’s a 4K OLED TV, the 2017 model. Now, I should mention that I found a pretty good deal on this TV and I’ll put a link in the description below so you guys can check that deal out. This is LG’s newest top-of-the-line 4K OLED television set. If you’re new to the world of 4K or OLED, it’s a pretty significant change. I’d say probably the most substantial change in television since they switched from standard definition to high definition. OLED is the big thing here, but an OLED panel in 4K, especially this LG panel, looks unbelievable. Seriously, it seems like you could reach out and touch the image that’s going on. That, of course, depends on the camera but 90% of what I’ve seen on it, it almost looks like it’s in 3D without having the 3D glasses. It’s that good. So, if you want the short version of this television set, I’m super pleased with it. I highly recommend it. I think it’s the best high-end 4K OLED panel out there, hands down. Remember one thing, too. If you’re going 4K like this one is, buy a bigger television set than you would typically think because there’s so much detail on the screen. If you get a 50-inch or a 42 or a 55, you have to sit closer, typically. So, if you’re used to a 50 or a 55,


Sony XBR65X850E Review – The Perfect 4k LED TV

Today I want to do a quick review for you on the Sony XPR-4K LED TV, the model number is XBR65X850E. Now I should mention before we get started that I found a pretty good deal on this TV, and I’ll throw a link in the description below so you guys can check that deal out. So this is the latest 2017/2018 model of Sony’s higher-end 4K LED television set. It’s not an OLED, but you’re not going to have to worry about any types of burn-in or anything like that. OLED is a high technology, but there are some televisions out there that have burn-in issues on them, but LEDs, not a problem, and I’ll tell you right off the bat, the picture on this thing is nothing short of amazing. The XPR line from Sony has always been good, but in this 4K set, man, I tell you. It’s getting to the point where it’s like you’re looking out the window at whatever’s going on. Pretty impressive. Another thing I like about Sonys, and this one, in particular, is that the bezels on the TV are super, super slim. To me, that gives it a little extra pop. It just makes the TV look all that more premium, and when it’s hanging on your wall or your TV stand, it just seems like you have a nice television set there, and that’s always nice. The 120 hertz is good for sports; football, baseball, anything high motion, looks unbelievably


Onkyo THX Certified 7.1-Channel Surround Sound Speaker System Black (HT-S9800THX) Review

This is a review for you on my Onkyo Home Theater in a Box System. The specific model on this one is HT-S9800THX. I should mention too that I found a pretty good deal on this, and I’ll throw a link in the description below, so you guys can check that out. I hadn’t seen too many reviews on this, and I thought I’d give my two cents from my own experience. I had spent much time researching home theater speakers, and I just wanted a pure home theater in a box that sounded good too. Many people were pointing me toward this Onkyo system. I’ll tell you right off the get go I love this thing. In my opinion, for the money, you couldn’t piece together a better audio system than this. For one, all the speakers are tuned to complement each other perfectly. It comes with an excellent receiver, which is essential because of a lot of the home theater box type systems. Moreover, I feel weird calling it a home theater in the box because it implies that it’s not a very good system like it’s a cheap one. Don’t think of it that way. Think of it as just a pre-configured system, I guess. However, anyway, the amp that it comes with is an Onkyo amp, and it’s perfect. It has the THX certification. It has Dolby Atmos and DTS, and it has Chrome Cast built right into it as well, which is cool. It supports

Sonos Play 1 Review (2019) - Still The Best!

Sonos Play 1 Review (2019) – Still The Best!

Here’s another review for you guys on what I think is the best wireless speaker for streaming music through your Alexa or your Google Assistant or your Apple Home Kit that there is out there right now. In my opinion, the best sound for the money, definitely for the money and it’s by Sonos, and it’s the Sonos Play One. Now it’s a mid-priced unit. I would say. I found a pretty good deal on it, and I put a link below in the description so you guys can check that out if you’d like. But the nice thing about this speaker is three things. One, and the most important thing is the sound quality. This is on a part if not better than the Bose Soundlink Systems. I’ve tried them — Sony’s higher-end systems. This thing sounds good. It really will fill your entire room with music. Excellent clarity. Good bass too. I was also astonished. I didn’t think the bass was going to be that good with this unit. The other thing that’s nice about this one is that it works with Bluetooth so you can Bluetooth from your phone and stream music right into it even if it’s not paired with your home situation. Now I used the Google ecosystem. This works perfectly fine with the Google ecosystem. It will stream, I have a Google Home Mini that I can Stream into this. Sounds way better than the Google Home Mini. But any music that I have