Cloud Unlock Buddy Alternatives

Best Free iCloud Unlock Buddy Alternatives to Unlock iCloud Lock

iCloud Unlock Buddy has been a controversial Software from a unknown developer likely based in russia. Their Software claims to remove iCloud Activation Lock from Apple iPhone and iPads and being able to remove carrier blacklists on the device. While such things are possible with Kavo Unlock and iCloud Unlock Deluxe many users have complained about having wasted their time with the Software they’ve acquired from the iCloud Unlock Buddy Website. How to Download iCloud Unlock Buddy From a first glance at their website it looks very professional and well made. Their documentation lists various iPhones from old iPhone 4s to the latest iPhone X (not the Xs however) as being able to be unlocked with their activation lock removal solution. According to their website the Software is syncing the data, then making a backup and then erasing the settings on the phone including iCloud information. Alternative iCloud Unlock Freewares As mentioned iCloud Unlock Deluxe which the developers have provided for free to readers on our blog is able to remove the iCloud Lock from any device. Their Software is very reliable, free and easy to use. We’ve featured a video of this Software on our YouTube channel and you can watch it below If you’d like to download your free copy of this software only do so at the mirror provided on our site as the developers are urging everyone to not download it from 3rd parties as their downloads usually come with unwanted or dangerous additions. You can find the

Internet Archive

The Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

The Best Internet Archive’s and Wayback Machine Alternatives Today we’ll be looking at the best wayback machine or so called ‘Internet Archive’ alternatives. These websites have special features and they will be helpful to anyone looking at a website’s history. Below are some wayback machine alternatives to help fit your needs. Take Screenshots Screenshots are seen as the best alternative. They are easy to make out and can take a picture of the website by saving the snapshots in a database. You can access the snapshots again in the future. Only the owner can access them.   iTools This site has a lot of information and can also provide access to the Alexa database. If you click on the internet options button you can access a number of tools on this site. Pagefreezer It is easy to create content with Pagefreezer. There are a number of features and it will make it easy for you to explore the competition. Webcite Webcite Archive offers editors, writers, and publishers the chance to use screen shots to relate to auto cited references. It will help with the HTML page as well as any documents that are associated with the images.This site is user friendly and has a large database. This is another commonly used alternative to wayback machine. This has a number of functions and is user friendly. It is becoming more and more popular. There are two search bars that allow for access and the content to be downloaded from

Delete Snapchat Messages & Conversations

How to Permanently Delete a Snapchat Story

Ever wondered yourself how to delete a Snapchat story? We all have done something and moments later regretted doing it before. We thought it would have been cool and it turns out to be anything but funny. How to delete a Snapchat story? A person often cannot stop themselves from saying stupid things. It is not fun and there is often immediate regret. Gmail has introduced a feature that allows emails to be unsent. Too bad this does not work for every part of life. There are some things to know about Snapchat and how people view these stories. Even famous people get asked if they regret some of the things they have done. Some of these things can be used as a learning experience. What is a Snapchat story? In October 2013 Snapchat introduced stories to go with the snaps that are sent.  A Snapchat story is a bunch of clips put together which allows it to be longer.   Sending individual snaps can take a long time and the receive may not read them in the proper way. Stories can last for 24 hours and will disappear after this time. Some people will review the snaps in descending order so they make sense. A simple snap story is great to interact with others. When snaps are made into a story go to the tab and click the button to make it part of your profile. Your friends and others can view it as many times as they want in that

how to clone sim

How to Clone a Sim Card – A Step by Step Guide

How to clone SIM? Cloning a SIM card is something many people have thought up but do not know how to do it. You are going to learn step by step on how to clone a SIM card. Disclaimer: The Cloning of a SIM card is ILLEGAL and you can get in trouble with the law if you do so.  Most people own for and use it for a lot more than making calls. Many people do not know how easy it is to gain access to their information. This can be done by cloning the sim card. The SIM is the transmitter signal from the phone to the phone tower. Sim cards can secret keys called IMSI and KI values which will allow the operator to know which mobile number is reaching a customer. These keys are also used to keep track of billing for each customer. With that in mind the goal of cloning the Sim card is used to get access to these numbers. They are also used to register the sim on a network. SIM cloning: How to clone SIM? Cloning the sim card allows you to spy on someone and make calls and messages from their phone. Keep in mind this is illegal. There is a flaw in GSM technology that allows two keys from the operator to go into a blank smart card. The sim is authenticated based on these keys and will fool the operator into thinking that the original sim card is

cmd hacker commands

The best CMD Hacking Commands for Beginners and Advanced Users

Looking for the best CMD hacker commands? Windows is the most reliable graphical user interface founded operating system. It is easy and fast to install any software according to your wants in a windows grounded computer. One of the most potent tools in windows PC is command prompt. A user can almost perform any task with the CMD. In DOS operating system, it is also easy to undertake any task with command prompt. DOS was the premier command founded operating system that Microsoft introduced into the market. It was entirely command-founded operating system. In the following article, we will discuss the best command prompt tricks commonly used by hackers. If you want to join the hacking world, take your time and learn the following useful tricks. The best CMD Hacking Commands: Ping The above command helps one to get the TCP or IP, networks, and the Internet Protocol address.It can also help you identify any problem with your network, thus, solving the issue appropriately. To perform a ping, open command prompt, then type ping followed by the IP address and hit enter. If you don’t know the address of a website, you can ping the site itself. For instance, one can ping to see whether Google is communicating with your laptop. Nslookup This tool is used by network admins to query for the DNS (Domain Name System) to get the IP address domain name or mapping. For example, nslookup will allow you to obtain the IP address

how to make fake facebook messages

How to make fake Facebook Messages

How to make fake Facebook Messages with the Fake Messenger app? Everyone loves to prank a friend to make them look like a chump. People pranks their best friends regularly. It is a great way to show them loyalty, and that you are always thinking about their lives. However, some friends are not used to pranks, and they get pissed off by you after fooling them. It is possible to use Facebook Messenger on Android phones to make a fool out of a friend. There are numerous applications on Google Play Store you can download to chump your friends with fake message chats. How to make fake facebook messages: Fake messenger app One of the commonly used apps is named Yazzy, and the application is simple and easy to use. It is also possible to create fake WhatsApp chats, fake Facebook status, fake Android text messages, fake hangout chats, and even fake Tweets. In this article, we will show you how you can fool your best friends through creating fake Facebook messenger chats. The procedure is similar to several other accounts. We will use Yazzy application. How to use fake messenger app? First, get Yazzy app from Google Play Store. Then install the application on your Android device. After installing, open the application and tap on the top left corner to obtain more settings options. Secondly, open the settings module. Here, ensure that the include watermark box is unchecked. This is because no one loves to see the watermark.

AirPrint not working Fix for No AirPrint Print

Airprint not working? How to fix the ‘No AirPrint Printers Found’ Issues

No airprint printers found? There have been many reports from reads that they cannot print using the Airprint enabled printer. When they are trying to print a message is coming up saying that no airprinter could be found. This is common and seems to be happening often. How to fix the Airprint Feature on iPads and iPhones No airprint printers found? The first thing you need to do is check the printer and make sure they support Airprint. Make sure the router is in the correct port. Make sure the computer and printer are using the same wireless network. Change the wifi bandwidth on the iDevice for 2.4 Ghz to 5 or the other way around. Be sure airplane mode is off and Bluetooth is on and Update the DNS to or Disable the firewalls during the printing process! AirPrint Troubleshooting Steps When printing do not use a network that is public! Airprint does not work with public networks and the error message will appear when you attempt to print over a public network. The device and the printer should be using the same private network. You want to be able to see the printer and the network that it is on while using your device. Airprint will not work on hotspots, with Bluetooth, or any kind of public connection. Be sure to check the specs of the device if the printer is not found Make sure your device is compatible with airprint Apple Device with iOS 4.2 or

iMessage not syncing across all devices

How to fix iMessage not syncing Across All Devices

Sync iphone and ipad messages: When a user sends or receives a text message on the iPhone, it should also show on the Mac, watch, or any other Apple gadget. However, on some occasions, Apple Watches, iPhones, and other iDevices fails to sync messages. One is faced with difficulties of synchronizing messages across the Apple Devices. There are however ways that one can employ to fix these issues of iMessage not synchronizing through all gadgets, that is, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. In a typical scenario, the iMessage must sync between all the gadgets that utilize the same Apple ID, including the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. The text messages should pop up on each connected device. The conversations should also immediately synchronize. Apple Messages should be a walk in the park. The Messages and iMessages syncing should not be affected when a user updates the iOS, watch OS, or macOS. Though, life is not always straight forward. There is a possibility of some devices failing to sync following an update. iMessage contains unique features that allow a user to send a message to several Apple devices as long as you use the same Apple ID. When everything is running correctly, you will enjoy sending conversations across all your iDevices. You will only have a simple task of setting every Apple device iMessage account to a matching Apple ID. Nonetheless, some Apple users report that iMessage fails to sync across all gadgets. If you are faced with this problem, worry

iphone wont turn on

iPhone won’t charge or turn on? Fix it now!

iPhone will not turn on or charge? Trouble shooting for Apple Device Users Who Are Experiencing Issues in Powering Off Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for us to hear complaints about devices not powering on. This complaint is especially common in 4S, 5, and even some 6 models. Some users have even tried resolving this issue by leaving the phoneon charge overnight. Unfortunately, this won’t resolve the problem and these users are left needing help. Never fear, we are here to help. iPhone will not turn on or charge? Fix it now! Firstly, let’s look at the symptoms. The Symptoms: won’t turn on when pushing the power button only powers on when connected to outlet shows a dark screen responds to pushing the home and sleep buttons by displaying the logo but then shuts off immediately connect to iTunes” textis displayed, but nothing further If you are experiencing any of these issues, try these simple methods to trouble shoot. Be sure to check your phone after each step to ascertain if the problem has been solved. The Solutions: iPhone will not turn on or charge  – Restart Perform Forced Restart. For model 6 or lower (in addition to all iPads and iPod Touch): depress the power and home buttons at the same time until you see the logo. For model 7 and 7 Plus: press and hold BOTH the Side and the Volume Down buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the logo. For model 8, 8 Plus or

iPhone will not stay connected to Wi-Fi

iPhone will not stay connected to Wi-Fi? Fix it now!

iPhone will not stay connected to wifi? If iPhone doesn’t stay connected to the Wifi, or if the connection time is very limited, or if there are any sort of the Wifi connectivity issues, then the following steps can be of help: iPhone will not stay connected to Wifi? Fix it now! Go to “Settings”, find “Wifi”, then switch it off and turn back on. This probably might resolve the issue. If the above step doesn’t help then the iOS device can be restarted. If still, the issue remains still, go to “Settings,” find “General,” select “Reset,” and then finally select “Reset Network Settings.” The issue is likely to be resolved by now and if not then continue. Go to “Settings”, find “Wifi,” then find the Wifi which is currently in use and click,” Forget this Network.” The settings would be reset. The problem would be settled by now, however, if still there is an issue then again there are some other options as well. Go to “Settings,” find “Wifi,” then select the option of “Other,” then the name of the network in use has to be entered exactly the way it is used. Then “WEP” has to be selected from the Security Settings. iPhone will not stay connected to Wifi? The password for the wireless network has to be entered which will enable the user to join the network. Conclusion However, if nothing helps then also try to restart the router or update it to the latest firmware because