Adidas Ultra Boost Review 2018 -

Adidas Ultra Boost Review 2018 – Are They Still The King Of Comfort?

Hey guys, how’s it going? Today I want to do just kind of a quick review on what I think are the most comfortable running shoes that I’ve ever worn in my entire life, by a long margin. And kind of no surprise, but if you’ve read some of the reviews on these things, but they’re the Adidas Ultra Boosts. These have taken the world by storm; I guess you could say, over the last few years. Quite a few reviews out there and I thought I’d give my two cents, just based on my experience with them. Should be mentioned, too, I found a pretty decent deal on these, and I’ll put a link in the description below so you guys can check that deal out. So these, the big thing with these shoes are the boost foam. Adidas invented this new kind of technology that it looks like styrofoam, but it’s not. I mean it feels, it’s much more durable. It almost feels like rubber, but it looks like styrofoam. And what it does is, it’s just like this super polymer that can store and release energy exceptionally efficiently. So it’s a different feeling when you run in them. First of all, if you want to wear these for just an everyday shoe, they look cool, and they’re incredibly comfortable. Like I said, the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. The boost, what it does kind of, is it gives you almost a little spring in your step

How to Use Your Phone as a Barometer or Altimeter

How to Use Your Phone as a Barometer or Altimeter

If you own an iPhone, you’ll know there’s a new app or feature craze almost every week. As the most popular smartphone on the planet, it’s no surprise we’re still excited about all this device can do. The iPhone is more than mobile games and instant messages. It contains a wealth of tools that can change your world if you know how to use them. The iPhone barometer, for example, enables your phone to track vertical movements without the use of GPS (and an internet connection). This can be a highly useful feature. However, many users are unaware of it. They exclusively associate the word ‘barometer’ with weather forecasting. It has a variety of helpful functions. In this article, we explain why the iPhone barometer app is useful to your daily routines. So, open it up. Take a look around. Learn to make it work for you. What is the iPhone Barometer App? Firstly, what is the barometer app? What does it include and why has Apple added it to the long list of iPhone features? In many ways, it is designed to complement an array of smart digital detectors such as the gyroscope, digital compass, proximity sensor, ambient light reader, accelerometer and more. Barometers measure air pressure So, this app is yet another way for your iPhone to interpret the world around it. As it includes an altimeter for understanding elevation, it adds to the depth of detail regarding where the phone is in physical space. The big picture

How to get apple watch serial number

How To Find The Serial Number or IMEI For Your Apple Watch

There is always a unique number that comes with every wrist gadget from Apple. This number is quite crucial as it stores the location, manufacturing date, model code, and individual unit identifier. But not everyone knows how to decode this 12-digit string of numbers and letters. So can I find my apple watch serial number? You will now find out how. Craigslist or eBay are third-party sellers, and if you are to buy the watch from them, it is only wise to check the serial numbers and compare to determine if truly the gadget belongs to the seller. This will also help you know how original the watch is and whether it was stolen or not. The last thing you want is to spend your money on an Apple device that’s not manufacture guaranteed. Where Is The Apple Watch Serial Number Located? Many of you have been wondering how to get your serial number off your Apple watch? There are three places you can find the serial number of an Apple watch. They include the following: 1. Watch Case You can read the back of your gadget for that unique identification number. The numbers are usually printed in a circular pattern. They will tell you more about the display material, case size, case material, serial number, and sensor coating. If your device is not charged or you misplaced the packaging, this is the best method you can use. 2. Watch box The official packaging of your watch also contains the

How To Fix iPhone Extreme Temperature Warnings

How To Fix iPhone Extreme Temperature Warnings

Nothing is as frustrating as not being able to use your phone when you badly want to. iPhones tend to lose their functionality in extremely warm or cold places. That is because the phones have a specific operating temperature, which is between 32° and 95° Fahrenheit. When the temperatures are too high or too low say between -4° to 113° F your iPhone will be non-operational. If you get the warning message to cool down or warm your iPhone, here are ways you can resolve that. Resolving temperature alerts on iPhone depends on the warning sign you have been given. How to fix Temperature Warnings issue Operating, Non-Operating and Dangerous Temperatures iPhones like we have earlier said operate between 32° and 95° F. The non-operating temperature range from -4° and 31° F on the lower end and the upper limit begin from 96° to 113° F. This temperature can severely damage your device because when the rechargeable lithium-ion battery is exposed to such temperatures, its properties are altered leading to permanent damage of your phone. When you get this warning what you need to do is safely store your phone and avoid using it completely on that environment. High-Temperature Warnings Overheating occurs when you expose your iPhone directly to the sun because its fabric attracts and stores heat. Also, it can happen when you overload or multitask your phone. Overheating can also occur when you restore from a backup or when you set up your device for the first


Apple now preventing third-party Repairs for MacBooks with T2 Chip

According to a recent confirmation by Apple, the Company’s latest security chip T2 will hinder repairs by third parties to some extent. When answering a question from The Verge, Apple confirmed that third parties would not repair some parts of its new MacBooks such as the logic board and touch ID components. As a result, any of the new MacBook users will have to visit an authorized Apple service provider to repair any of the named parts. However, the company did not clarify if the same is true for the T2 chips of the iMac Pro released last year. The rumors that Apple was going to block third parties from repairing some of its MacBooks parts first came to light last month when a confidential document was found by Motherboard and MacRumors. From the record, it suggested that only authorized Apple service providers will have a unique software that will determine whether some parts of a given MacBook are original. It was later revealed by iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens that the MacBook T2 Chip is the one being held by Apple. The main aim of the chip is to make sure that only authorized personnel can perform critical repairs and gain more control over who accesses the parts. It is thought the move is to have more market shares and shun off independent repair service providers. On the other hand, the movement might be one that ensures Apple’s authorized network remains in line. It is tough to figure out

Cloud Unlock Buddy Alternatives

Best Free iCloud Unlock Buddy Alternatives to Unlock iCloud Lock

iCloud Unlock Buddy has been a controversial Software from an unknown developer likely based in Russia. Their Software claims to remove iCloud Activation Lock from Apple iPhone and iPads and being able to remove carrier blacklists on the device. While such things are possible with Kavo Unlock and iCloud Unlock Deluxe, many users have complained about having wasted their time with the Software they’ve acquired from the iCloud Unlock Buddy Website. How to Download iCloud Unlock Buddy From the first glance at their website, it looks very professional and well made. Their documentation lists various iPhones from old iPhone 4s to the latest iPhone X (not the Xs, however) as being able to be unlocked with their activation lock removal solution. According to their website, the Software is syncing the data, then making a backup and then erasing the settings on the phone including iCloud information. Alternative iCloud Unlock Freeware As mentioned iCloud Unlock Deluxe which the developers have provided for free to readers on our blog can remove the iCloud Lock from any device. Their Software is very reliable, free and easy to use. We’ve featured a video of this Software on our YouTube channel, and you can watch it below If you’d like to download your free copy of this software only do so at the mirror provided on our site as the developers are urging everyone to not download it from 3rd parties as their downloads usually come with unwanted or dangerous additions. You can find the official iCloud

Internet Archive

The Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

The Best Internet Archive’s and Wayback Machine Alternatives Today we’ll be looking at the best way back machine or so-called ‘Internet Archive’ alternatives. These websites have special features, and they will be helpful to anyone looking at a website’s history. Below are some wayback machine alternatives to help fit your needs. Take Screenshots Screenshots are seen as the best alternative. They are easy to make out and can take a picture of the website by saving the snapshots in a database. You can reaccess the snapshots in the future. Only the owner can access them. iTools This site has a lot of information and can also provide access to the Alexa database. If you click on the internet options button, you can access some tools on this site. Pagefreezer It is easy to create content with Pagefreezer. There are some features, and it will make it easy for you to explore the competition. Webcite Webcite Archive offers editors, writers, and publishers the chance to use screenshots to relate to auto cited references. It will help with the HTML page as well as any documents that are associated with the images. This site is user-friendly and has an extensive database. This is another commonly used alternative to the wayback machine. This has some functions and is user-friendly. It is becoming more and more popular. Two search bars allow for access and the content to be downloaded from the website. You can also share a screenshot of the webpage. Liked

Delete Snapchat Messages & Conversations

How to Permanently Delete a Snapchat Story

Ever wondered yourself how to delete a Snapchat story? We all have done something and moments later regretted doing it before. We thought it would have been cool and it turns out to be anything but funny. How to delete a Snapchat story? A person often cannot stop themselves from saying stupid things. It is not fun, and there is often immediate regret. Gmail has introduced a feature that allows emails to be unsent. Too bad this does not work for every part of life. There are some things to know about Snapchat and how people view these stories. Even famous people get asked if they regret some of the things they have done. Some of these things can be used as a learning experience. What is a Snapchat story? In October 2013 Snapchat introduced stories to go with the snaps that are sent.  A Snapchat story is a bunch of clips put together which allows it to be longer.   Sending individual snaps can take a long time, and the receive may not read them in the proper way. Stories can last for 24 hours and will disappear after this time. Some people will review the snaps in descending order, so they make sense. A simple snap story is great to interact with others. When snaps are made into a story go to the tab and click the button to make it part of your profile. Your friends and others can view it as many times as they want in that

how to clone sim

How to Clone a Sim Card – A Step by Step Guide

How to clone SIM? Cloning a SIM card is something many people have thought up but do not know how to do it. You are going to learn step by step on how to clone a SIM card. Disclaimer: The Cloning of a SIM card is ILLEGAL, and you can get in trouble with the law if you do so.  Most people own for and use it for a lot more than making calls. Many people do not know how easy it is to gain access to their information. This can be done by cloning the sim card. The SIM is the transmitter signal from the phone to the phone tower. Sim cards can secret keys called IMSI and KI values which will allow the operator to know which mobile number is reaching a customer. These keys are also used to keep track of billing for each customer. With that in mind, the goal of cloning the Sim card is used to get access to these numbers. They are also used to register the sim on a network. SIM cloning: How to clone SIM? Cloning the sim card allows you to spy on someone and make calls and messages from their phone. Keep in mind this is illegal. There is a flaw in GSM technology that allows two keys from the operator to go into a blank smart card. The sim is authenticated based on these keys and will fool the operator into thinking that the original sim card is

cmd hacker commands

The best CMD Hacking Commands for Beginners and Advanced Users

Looking for the best CMD hacker commands? Windows is the most reliable graphical user interface founded operating system. It is easy and fast to install any software according to your wants in a windows grounded computer. One of the most potent tools in windows PC is command prompt. A user can almost perform any task with the CMD. In DOS operating system, it is also easy to undertake any task with command prompt. DOS was the premier command founded an operating system that Microsoft introduced into the market. It was entirely command-founded operating system. In the following article, we will discuss the best command prompt tricks commonly used by hackers. If you want to join the hacking world, take your time and learn the following useful tricks. The best CMD Hacking Commands: Ping The above command helps one to get the TCP or IP, networks, and the Internet Protocol address. It can also help you identify any problem with your network, thus, solving the issue appropriately. To perform a ping, open command prompt, then type ping followed by the IP address and hit enter. If you don’t know the address of a website, you can ping the site itself. For instance, one can ping to see whether Google is communicating with your laptop. Nslookup This tool is used by network admins to query for the DNS (Domain Name System) to get the IP address domain name or mapping. For example, nslookup will allow you to obtain the