If you’ve ever had issues with getting locked out of your phone, then you know how stressful it can be. But if you have to deal with using Apple devices, it can be much worse. Apple uses iCloud, to make their devices extra accessible but also much more secure. If you get locked out of this, it can be really really hard to get back in.

So instead of having to contact the Apple company about an activation lock removal, you can use a software that can unlock your devices for you, and easily. So, what do you do or use exactly? Find out here:


What is iCloud Anyway?

iCloud is what Apple uses on their devices, like iPhones and iPads. It’s for email, device backup, and storage of all of your information. It syncs all of your Apple devices together and updates them with your new information that you put in. It’s able to do this from you having an Apple ID and login. You can even use your Apple ID to update information on your computer too.

The trouble comes from when you lose your login information. If you don’t have it, you’re stuck and won’t have any access to your information anymore, and your devices will lock you out.


What Does Exodus Super Unlock Freeware Do?

It’s a software that will allow you to get access again to your iPhone or iPad without needing your special login (this is called a icloud activation lock bypass). It also allows you to use iTunes without worrying about being locked out there either. You’ll be permanently unlocked when you use iCloud Unlocker. It’ll also remove the fingerprint lock from your iPhone too. Once those are gone, it’ll be like you have an unused phone. You can Download or run it in your browser on windows, mac and linux!

Direct Download for Exodus Super Unlock iCloud Bypass Softwarep>We have listed the best Activation Lock Removal Softwares in our featured blog post about the best iCloud Bypass here

Do I need to Download Exodus Super Unlock Software?p>Exodus Super Unlock Freeware is the best solution to remove iCloud Activation lock from your iPhone 6. You can find a Download link in our other post about iCloud Unlock Tools

Why Should I Trust Exodus Super Unlock?p>Exodus Super Unlock (Download) is a reputable icloud activation lock removal service with over 130K followers, over 109K downloads, and over 6K reviews! People love this and say it works really well for them. This is actually an app that you can download via the Apple Store. It’s not a gimmick or some random software that doesn’t work. You can contact their support team for more information before you buy. Or just use their live online chat.

What Models Does iCloud Unlocker Work On?>It works on all iPhone models, like from 7+,7, SE,6S+,6S,6+, SE,5S,5C,5 and it works on all iPad models too. It also works on all IOS devices.

How Do I Download it?>You sign up for their lifetime plan, which costs nothing. The plan has an unlimited license so you can unlock as many iPads/iPhones as you need to. They also offer monthly updates for free.

How do I check my iPhones iCloud Activation Lock status?>You connect the device to the computer using a USB cable, and then once the computer recognizes the device (you may have to hold the Power and Home buttons together for 10 seconds, and then release the Power button and keep holding Home, until the device is seen by the computer) you go to your browser (iCloud Unlocker works on Windows, Linux, and Mac) and run Cloud Bypass.

And there you go!