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How to Set up Prominent Haptic on the Apple Watch

How to Set up Prominent Haptic on the Apple Watch

The Apple watch is equipped the state-of-the-art tap tic technology that taps on your wrists once you receive a notification on the Apple devices. You can experience the haptic tweak technology on your smart apple watch by installing the prominent haptic feature. But what does prominent haptic mean? Firstly, you need to install your watch properly on your wrists. According to Apple, you can best experience the touch is the back of the watch is in contact with your skin. The strap must be tight on your hand so that the watch does not loosen when your wrists move. It must lose enough to be comfortable and tight enough to improve haptic effects. How to Adjust Haptic Strength The haptic strength of the Apple smartwatch can be set to vibrate at two levels of intensity. The settings are directly controlled on the wrist watch or through the paired iPhone. To access the app menu, press the index button and flick your wrist to wake.Tap on the settings and scroll down to sounds and hapticAdjust the haptic strength by pressing two buttons next to the haptic level. The left one reduces the intensity while the right one increases the intensity.Pick your apple smart watch and open the Apple watch AppOpen my watch-scroll to sounds and haptics and use the commands to change the haptic strengthsEnable Prominent Haptic Feature Even though you have set up the haptic settings on your watch and linked it to your iPhone, you might be the type of

How to get apple watch serial number

How To Find The Serial Number or IMEI For Your Apple Watch

There is always a unique number that comes with every wrist gadget from Apple. This number is quite crucial as it stores the location, manufacturing date, model code, and individual unit identifier. But not everyone knows how to decode this 12-digit string of numbers and letters. So can I find my apple watch serial number? You will now find out how. Craigslist or eBay are third-party sellers, and if you are to buy the watch from them, it is only wise to check the serial numbers and compare to determine if truly the gadget belongs to the seller. This will also help you know how original the watch is and whether it was stolen or not. The last thing you want is to spend your money on an Apple device that’s not manufacture guaranteed. Where Is The Apple Watch Serial Number Located? Many of you have been wondering how to get your serial number off your Apple watch? There are three places you can find the serial number of an Apple watch. They include the following: 1. Watch Case You can read the back of your gadget for that unique identification number. The numbers are usually printed in a circular pattern. They will tell you more about the display material, case size, case material, serial number, and sensor coating. If your device is not charged or you misplaced the packaging, this is the best method you can use. 2. Watch box The official packaging of your watch also contains the