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How To Fix iPhone Extreme Temperature Warnings

How To Fix iPhone Extreme Temperature Warnings

Nothing is as frustrating as not being able to use your phone when you badly want to. iPhones tend to lose their functionality in extremely warm or cold places. That is because the phones have a specific operating temperature, which is between 32° and 95° Fahrenheit. When the temperatures are too high or too low say between -4° to 113° F your iPhone will be non-operational. If you get the warning message to cool down or warm your iPhone, here are ways you can resolve that. Resolving temperature alerts on iPhone depends on the warning sign you have been given. How to fix Temperature Warnings issue Operating, Non-Operating and Dangerous Temperatures iPhones like we have earlier said operate between 32° and 95° F. The non-operating temperature range from -4° and 31° F on the lower end and the upper limit begin from 96° to 113° F. This temperature can severely damage your device because when the rechargeable lithium-ion battery is exposed to such temperatures, its properties are altered leading to permanent damage of your phone. When you get this warning what you need to do is safely store your phone and avoid using it completely on that environment. High-Temperature Warnings Overheating occurs when you expose your iPhone directly to the sun because its fabric attracts and stores heat. Also, it can happen when you overload or multitask your phone. Overheating can also occur when you restore from a backup or when you set up your device for the first

iphone keeps restarting

10 Ways to Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting Issues

Here’s the scene: You been using your iPhone for a while and everything seems to be working as expected when suddenly, the iPhone shuts down or restarts on its own. Initially, you think it was a one-time thing but then it happens again. You still brush it off but it happens a third time, then a fourth. Your iPhone is shutting down at random times. At this point, you realize hey my iphone keeps restarting! What do you do? In this step by step guide, we’ll take a look at some options that could solve the mysterious problem of your iPhone suddenly shutting down and restarting. Why does my phone keep turning off? If you have a new iPhone that is either freezing or turning off all the time but it is still under warranty, the best thing to do is to take it to your nearest Apple store and see if you can get it replaced. Apple is very good about repairs or replacing devices, especially if certain models have possible manufacturing defects. If your iPhone is no longer under warranty or it is a previous generation, there is a chance that it still can be replaced. However, more likely than not, if you do take it to Apple for repair, there will be a cost involved. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do on your own that could potentially fix your shut down or restart issues. Why did my iPhone restart itself? Random shutdowns or restarts

imessage waiting for activation

How to fix iMessage “Waiting for Activation” in 5 Minutes

If you want to avoid getting any more of the waiting for activation error message on your iPhone, then it is important to know that you are not alone in this. We ourselves have a bit of skepticism when it comes to activating iMessage. There are times when it works perfectly. Then there are times where it gives us so much frustration to the point that we lose our minds. While there are a lot of recommended fixes, almost none of them are reliable. Therefore, we have decided to test fixes with a lot of iPhones until we have found a successful way to activate iMessage. Why is iMessage stuck on “Waiting for activation”? Make sure your phone number is listed in the Phone app: Your number should be listed on top of contacts. If your number is not listed, then this issue can be corrected with settings.• Also, make sure that your date and time is correct. This can be done by going under general. Use ‘Set Automatically’ in order to make sure that you are under the correct time zone. This will ensure that the iPhone is holding the right time.• Make sure that your network is working. Issues with Wi-Fi can trigger the iMessage activation error. Make sure that cellular is enabled. Some users will have the message sent out as an international SMS. Check with your carrier in order to see if it permits them and to see if you have enough to send them. Get in


How to fix Call Failed Error on your iPhone (Step by Step Video)

Are you having difficulty in fixing the iPhone called failed error? This issue can annoy anyone when they are trying to make a phone call to a relative, a close friend, or employer. Despite the version of your iPhone, you want this issue to be resolved as soon as possible. We have covered many troublesome iPhone problems in the past. In this article, we are going to cover the simple steps that will help you fix iPhone call failed error with ease. What Does Call Failed Mean? It is not unusual for iPhone users to see “Call Failed” appear on the screen. Users say this message occasionally pops on the screen when they are trying to make a phone call. Some have even said they found the error while in the middle of aconversation. A weak signal in a particular area is usually the culprit behind a dropped phone call on an iPhone. A poor signal is the most common reason for dropped phone calls, but it is also imperative to point out that a damaged or improperly placed SIM card can lead to dropped phone calls. In some instances, software bugs can be blamed for this irritating experience. Simple Ways to Fix the iPhone Called Failed Error Adjust Airplane Mode Option Let’s begin with the easiest solution. Turn on the Airplane mode by swiping up from any screen of your iPhone. This will give you direct access to the Control Center. Touch the Airplane icon on the upper-right corner


How To Reset Your iCloud Password From Your iPhone (Step by Step)

Hey, my name is Josh and in this step by step guide I will show you how to reset your iCloud password directly from your iPhone Recovery Email to Restore Your Account To use this option, begin by launching your Safari web browser and logging on to When you get to the website, select the “Enter Your Apple ID” option, then “Password Reset Options.” From there, select the “Reset by Mail” option to enable your password to be changed via email. Check your email and follow all of the necessary directions that are listed in it in order to successfully reset your iCloud password. The Secret Questions When you correctly answer the secret questions that you’ve set up for your account, you will also be able to successfully reset your iCloud password as well. To begin, launch your Safari browser and go to When you reach the website, select “Enter Your Apple ID.” Once you enter this, click on “Next”; however, if you’re unable to access the ID, select the “Answer Security Questions” option. You will then need to verify your date of birth before you can go any further. Once you successfully answer all of the questions, select “Next,” then reset your password to whatever you wish. The Two-Step Verification To utilize this option, launch Safari and go to Click on the “Enter Your Apple ID” option. Once you enter your ID, click on “Next,” then enter the recovery key that has been provided to you by Apple,


How to Fix Invalid MMI Code – Step by Step

Fixing an Invalid MMI Code Is your mobile phone experiencing problems? Well, if the answer is yes here at MacCrunch we do offer solutions for all mobile phones. The most popular brand of phones is the Samsung galaxy brands which we find ourselves mostly being asked to assist or even repair. There are numerous errors affecting Samsung galaxy phones and one problem in particular that we have solved frequently is the Connection Problem also known as Invalid MMI Code. Below we have given some of the ways to correct that problem and at very short time, it is very effective and you do not need to return your mobile phone to where you purchased the phone. Here is what one of the user said: Hello, my phone can’t receive or send text messages and calls, I am also unable to recharge airtime and each time I try invalid MMI Code keeps popping, please help? This error mostly appears when trying to access your airtime balance, adding a voucher to run a USSD code, performing a function that is provided by your Sim provider, or topping up airtime. What is cause of Invalid MMI Code or Connection Problem? Although cell phone providers vary in many countries, dual Sim smartphones such as galaxy S duos are the most common to show the Invalid MMI Code error. Below are some of the ways to help you fix this problem 1. Solution This method involves App Disabling. Some people have been able to identify

Galaxy S6 not recognizing fingerprint

How to fix Galaxy S6 not recognizing fingerprint

Reviews for the Samsung Galaxy S6 have been overwhelmingly positive so far. Still, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone is not without its glitches. Several users have reported the Galaxy S6 fingerprint not working for them. Here are some issues users have reported, plus a few options for fixing the issues. What’s Going Wrong with the Fingerprint Scanner? Many users have run into trouble with the fingerprint scanner’s recognition capacity. Instead of validating a saved fingerprint, the scanner instead asks for a backup password. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t recognize the password, and it does not accept attempts to reset the password. Even when the fingerprint scanner does work as expected, the smartphone sometimes opens an app at random. This seems to have nothing to do with settings being changed in the phone. Opening random apps isn’t just annoying. It can have unintended consequences on data use, accidentally start other processes and more. According to reports online, a software bug seems to be at fault. Developers are working on updates to resolve the bugs, but Samsung has not yet announced a timeline for the release. Are you having issues with your Galaxy S6 fingerprint scanner not working? Before you decide to return your smartphone (or throw it across the room in frustration), try these solutions. Use a password you remember. Before you blame the smartphone, make sure you remember the backup password you create for the fingerprint scanner. That way, you can eliminate user error from the list of possible problems. Be persistent.

Unlocking a Permanently locked Apple ID

Unlocking a Permanently Disabled Apple ID

The Story: About 12 months ago, I improved my Apple ID by adding 2 Factor Authentication. I believed it was the best I could do to improve my Apple ID security. I was motivated to do that because of the high incidence of hackings. I felt that my Gmail account was not safe. This made me uncomfortable and I decided to beef up the phone security. What I did was to change my password, and included the 2 factor authentication. When I finished doing that, I took a photograph of what I did. I took note of the recovery key, because it was very important to me as the safety and security of my account depend on that. …aaaand it happened Some minutes after completing that process, my account was locked. At that time, I did not know that Mac was trying to communicate with my iCloud account, it was expecting a response from the message they sent about request to effect changes in my password. When a reply was not forthcoming, they finally locked my account. Oh well I ended up permanently disabled apple id. I was not worried initially because I thought that I already had information I needed to access my account. I thought that I had the recovery key, my password as well as the key. I later discovered that all those things I thought I had were not available because I had already closed the screenshot where the recovery key was saved. I was thoroughly

How to Fix iPhone 5s Blue Screen

How to Fix iPhone 5s Blue Screen Of Death And Rebooting Problem

The iPhone 5S is a popular model among iPhone users. Not only is it stylish with a sleek design, but also efficient. This high-performance model is the envy of many smartphone users, or so you may think. One problem, in particular, makes users of the iPhone 5S be a frustrated lot. Although not known by its official name, the blue screen problem has become a common occurrence to many iPhone 5S users. As the name suggests, the blue screen of death problem causes the phone to behave as though it were dead or dying. Attention: the iPhone 5s blue screen issue is also related to an issue known as iPhone 5s Touchscreen not working Effects of the iPhone 5s Blue Screen Of Death The iPhone 5S, blue screen problem, causes the phone to behave in two major ways, that is: The screen turns blue. This is due to the phone crashing. This state prevents users from using the phone as nothing on the display is visible. The phone experiences continuous rebooting. This is quite annoying as you have no control over your phone. If you are affected by this problem, then you will be happy to know that you can fix the problem. How to fix the iPhone 5S Screen of Death and rebooting problem There are numerous ways of fixing this frustrating problem. Some of the simplest solutions may include, though not limited to the following; Update the apps causing the problem Once you have identified the Apps causing this

How to fix iPhone 6 plus doesn't charge unless its turned off

How to fix iPhone 6 plus doesn’t charge unless its turned off

How to fix iPhone 6 plus doesn’t charge: The iPhone 6 Plus is a remarkable device. However, the latest design continues to experience some of the same glitches that are familiar to those of us who have long been Apple users. There are several possible explanations and systematic solutions to fix an iPhone 6 Plus that only charges when the phone is turned off. This seems like a unique challenge, but do not assume that you need to rush off and get a professional to look at it. The first basic diagnostic step would be to perform a hard reset on the phone. It is important to note that IOS software problems can impact the hardware. Many users think that a charging problem must be a straightforward hardware malfunction. Don’t forget that any iPhone’s hardware is efficiently integrated with the software. 1. Hard Reset In order to perform a hard reset, you will have to press and hold the Home button and the sleep button on the side of the phone for about 15 seconds. The Apple logo should appear, and the phone will turn off. Restart your phone and make another attempt to charge it. If all goes well, you should see a lightning bolt over the battery icon indicating that it is charging. Now, if the iPhone 6 Plus is still failing to charge, consider other appliances that might be faulty. Often when an iPhone 6 Plus won’t charge there is a problem with the wall adapter, the