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Apple now preventing third-party Repairs for MacBooks with T2 Chip

According to a recent confirmation by Apple, the Company’s latest security chip T2 will hinder repairs by third parties to some extent. When answering a question from The Verge, Apple confirmed that third parties would not repair some parts of its new MacBooks such as the logic board and touch ID components. As a result, any of the new MacBook users will have to visit an authorized Apple service provider to repair any of the named parts. However, the company did not clarify if the same is true for the T2 chips of the iMac Pro released last year. The rumors that Apple was going to block third parties from repairing some of its MacBooks parts first came to light last month when a confidential document was found by Motherboard and MacRumors. From the record, it suggested that only authorized Apple service providers will have a unique software that will determine whether some parts of a given MacBook are original. It was later revealed by iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens that the MacBook T2 Chip is the one being held by Apple. The main aim of the chip is to make sure that only authorized personnel can perform critical repairs and gain more control over who accesses the parts. It is thought the move is to have more market shares and shun off independent repair service providers. On the other hand, the movement might be one that ensures Apple’s authorized network remains in line. It is tough to figure out