I first came across the ChugPlug when I was looking for a way to keep my laptop running for a eight hour flight. The typical battery life of my laptop is about 6 to 8 hours, which is more than adequate in normal circumstances, but I knew I would not have any way to charge the laptop in mid flight. When I did some research into how I could overcome this problem, most of the solutions I found seemed to be overly complicated, especially as my technical knowledge is not all that great. I was almost about to give up when I found the ChugPlug and it seemed to be everything that I needed. I was even able to find some demonstrations of people using it on You Tube and it looked really easy which helped to make up my mind.

I was eager to get hold of my ChugPlug quickly so that I could make sure it would perform as expected, just in case I would need to look for an alternative before my trip. I purchased it direct from the manufacturer and they offered two day shipping which was perfect. The shipping was also free which was an added bonus. I was able to test it out in plenty of time, and it worked just as it said it would.

My Travelling Experience

I spent just over two months travelling and the ChugPlug made all the difference to the amount of time that I was able to spend on my computer while I was away. It meant I did not have to keep my friends and family waiting for replies to their emails which also meant that they spent less time worrying about me. I still put my laptop on charge whenever I was back in my room, but I probably could have got away without doing this, it is just that I would rather be safe than sorry. Whenever I was out for the whole day though I took the ChugPlug with me and never had to worry about running out of power. On average I would say that I got between three and four hours extra life out of my laptop everyday when I was using the ChugPlug.

The only thing that did cause a bit of inconvenience to me was that I has to bring the extension cord with me, as the ChugPlug is too heavy really to be charged with a short socket connector. The extension cord is something that I would have rather left at home because it is quite bulky and takes up quite a bit of space. However, it was a sacrifice that I was willing to make because of how much extra power I got from my laptop by using the ChugPlug.

The Conclusion

If you are looking for a device that will give you the extra battery life that you need, and that you can just use straightaway with your laptop, then you will not go far wrong with the ChugPlug. It only takes two hours to fully charge the battery pack, and you know once it is charged that it is going to give you the extra power wherever you are using your laptop. I certainly wouldn’t travel again for an extended period without it.