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Download Adobe Muse CC for Mac: The Adobe Muse CC for Mac is a powerful and intuitive design tool that you can use to create beautiful websites. It has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it simple to organize your content. You can use the drag-and-drop interface to design your site and then publish it online with just a few clicks. You can easily add images, videos, and text onto the page, so you don’t have to spend time fiddling with code!

Get Started With Adobe Muse CC

  • Download the latest version of Adobe Muse CC for Mac from the download button.
  • Download the DMG file and install this software on your mac device.
  • Launch it from the Applications folder or Spotlight search bar.
  • You will then see the main interface of Adobe Muse CC for Mac:
  • Click “Create New Site” at the top left corner, which is also where you can preview your site design before publishing it online.
  • Select a template when prompted by clicking on one of the presets under “Select style”. The templates are organized into categories such as nature or food & drink so that you can quickly find what type of website content fits your needs!
  • After selecting a preset, choose whether you want text or image placeholder positions by clicking on the corresponding icons.
  • Drag and drop your content into place! You can download or upload images from Google, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox or Adobe’s stock photos to use in your website design. To download videos from YouTube or Vimeo for a video placeholder just drag them onto one of the available spots along with an image placeholder (and edit their duration if necessary).
  • Alternatively if you are looking at importing an image for a web mock up you can import multiple photos by selecting all of the files via Drag & Drop function.
  • When you’re done arranging all of your content elements as desired click “Publish” at the top right corner – this will send it off to be published online immediately!
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Recommended Settings for a New Site in Creative Cloud

Device set to Desktop: Width is set to 1280 px, Height is 720 px – 960 px (depending on what size monitor you use).

You can also change these settings by clicking “New site” at the top right corner of Creative Cloud interface. Then select “Desktop” as Your Target Display Size and tweak with other fields accordingly based on your preferences!

For example, if you want to upload your site in a landscape orientation (width being wider than height), you can change the Width from 1280px to 1440px and Height from 720px – 960px.

Download Adobe Muse CC for Mac Now!

Features of Adobe Muse CC for Mac

  • One of the features that we love about Adobe Muse is the live design view. It is basically a WYSIWYG designer (What You See Is What You Get). It allows user to make changes happen on their page as they type. This is useful for those users who never used Adobe software before and don’t know what’s going on with code.
  • Drag and drop to quickly change layouts, reorganize content, and create new pages from scratch
  • Import one or more images from your desktop and have them automatically fit proportion to the selected grid or template for a quick website mockup in seconds.
  • Customize text sizes and colors to make your words pop off the screen.
  • Preview web-pages at a high resolution of 1772 pixels per inch for retina displays.
  • Get out of the coding game and download Adobe Muse CC for Mac today from
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System Requirements

Supported Versions: macOS v10.11 (64-bit) or newer versions.

For the best performance, your Mac should have a multi-core Intel Processor and support 64-bit operating systems.

Minimum 2 GB of RAM

To install this software, you need an additional of 1.1 GB of available Hard Disk space as it is installed in a directory that takes up an average of 1.5 GB size for the installation alone. Download Adobe Muse CC for Mac Now!

Download Now!

Download Adobe Muse CC for Mac and start creating beautiful, responsive websites today! Download the latest version of Adobe Muse CC from our website or directly from your browser by clicking the download button.

To make downloading easier, we are offering the download in DMG format, so you can easily install it in your device and use at no cost without restrictions. Create something great in just minutes with this easy-to-use tool that’s perfect for all levels of expertise. Give it a try today and see how quickly you can get started designing websites. With full access to templates, fonts, and all the tools you need to quickly create or modify any website project from start-to-finish.

  • Download File Size: 714 MB
  • Developer: Adobe Inc
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