Download Apple Aperture for Mac: Capture and Edit Fantastic Photographs

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Apple Aperture is a photo-organizing and editing program for the Mac that lets you capture, edit, import and export images. It has been discontinued by Apple but is still available to download if you have an older Mac. If you are looking for an easy way to get started with professional photography on your computer without breaking the bank then Apple Aperture could be what you need!

Apple Aperture for Mac: An Amazing Photo Editing Suite

Apple Aperture for Mac was launched as being a powerful photo editing suite in early fall 2009! This program was first introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote as an alternative option to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom which they are also providing through the app store.

Apple Aperture for Mac is a photo editing suite with tools that include an image browser, slideshows, filters and effects. It offers functions for organizing large numbers of photos by date or slideshow creation as well as the ability to compare images side by side.

Coming from Apple this product promises quality without having too many expensive features in order for those who just want to do basic adjustments on their digital pictures before sharing them. Other great features about Aperture include being able to open low resolution JPEGs, unlike most programs that can only open high resolution images.

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Download Apple Aperture for Mac: Capture and Edit Fantastic Photographs 3

Apple Aperture for Mac comes with support for most image formats and helps users synchronize photos. Display all your images or make edits as needed. Connect with Apple devices to download and share photos. Your photos will be automatically categorized based on tags you assign them in the app too!

So why not try it out for yourself and see what you think! Go ahead and download this powerful software right now from!

Features of Apple Aperture for Mac

Apple Aperture is a powerful and easy-to-navigate photo-organizing software suite and is perfect for anyone who just wants to do basic adjustments on their digital images before sharing them. Features and Benefits of Apple Aperture are mentioned below:

  • Apple’s professional software suite for Mac
  • Easy to use
  • automatically adjust the dynamic range of your picture.
  • Organizes photos by date and slideshow creation functions.
  • Compares images side by side.
  • Allows you to open low resolution JPEG files unlike most programs that can only open high resolution images.
  • You can also have the program align your pictures for you so that they look great in the order that they are placed.

Creating a New Photo with Apple Aperture for Mac

In order to use a photo from aperture you first need to go to the Import tab and click on it or CTRL+I. You then need to select the type of import setting that you want. For many people you will only want to export photos and not create a new library so that is why there are two export options, one for creating a new library or importing photos without an upload.

If you do want to create a new library then all the pictures will be imported into your new library and if you don’t want this then you can either remove them by going through folders in Finder or delete them in aperture.

To import pictures with aperture all you need to do is click on Select and drag across all of the pictures that you want to import and it will copy them into your library.

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Download Apple Aperture for Mac: Capture and Edit Fantastic Photographs 4

System Requirements and Technical Details of Apple Aperture for Mac

The system requirements of Apple Aperture for Mac is:

OS: MAC OS X 10.5.8 or later

Processor: Intel Core Duo processor or above

RAM: Minimum of 1 GB RAM memory

Hard Disk: Minimum of 300 MB

File Download Size: 1.1 GB

Developer: Apple

Download Apple Aperture for Mac

Download Apple Aperture for Mac today to take control of your digital pictures! Click the download button for a complete offline setup and a free installation of Apple Aperture on your Mac.

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