Download Boris FX Sapphire Suite Latest Version for Mac: Get the Best Shot with Compositing, Titling and 3D Effects.

download boris fx sapphire

Download Boris FX Sapphire Suite Latest Version for Mac: Boris FX Sapphire Suite for Mac is a collection of boris plugins that will empower you to get the best shot with compositing, titling and other effects. The suite includes boris continuum complete (editing software), bxactions plugin (animation) borris RED volumetric lighting toolsets at an affordable price among others. With it, you can create beautiful videos or animations without any need for expensive post-production services because all editing is done in real time while recording on your camera!

This suite caters to the needs of those who are serious about graphics and video editing. It offers various colors, bright lights, and a plethora of other effects that can be used on recorded content in real time.

Award Winning VFX Plugins for the Best Shot

Save on expensive post-production services because with Boris FX Sapphire Suite, all editing is done in real time while recording the video or animation.The suite includes Boris Continuum Complete (CC), bxActions, bxGraffiti and bxRED.

  • bxActions is a plugin that includes animation tools, bxGraffiti lets you create shockwave or particle special effects and bxRED provides options for advanced lighting. All of these plugins are included in this suite!
  • The boris continuum complete allows users to animate vector graphics with the use of keyframes, It is one of the boris editing plugin that includes many features like easy integration into your existing workflow, support for every major camera format (including high resolution), extensive image processing toolset including color correction filters, blurs and focus controls.
  • bxRed can be used to adjust the color parameters within your scene. boris RED can be used as a standalone package or together with Continuum Complete to provide powerful volumetric lighting tool-sets at an affordable price.
  • bx Graffiti also features powerful animated textures such as fire, smoke and water ripples so that you may enhance any project without post production services. This amazing plugin provides text, shockwave and particle effects to the table so that you may create a stunning end-product with amazing graphics.
  • With bxActions, animators will be able to capture motion from live footage quickly which means no more painstaking rotoscoping work without any need for expensive post production services because all editing is done in real time while recording on your camera!

Also included are bxFractal(for creating natural textures) and bxPlanarTracer(to composite 360 degrees panoramic environments). These plugins cover most things from CG elements to more advanced physics simulations such as rigid body dynamics.

Boris FX sapphire

Features of Boris FX Sapphire Suite for Mac

Features of Boris FX Sapphire Suite for Mac include boris continuum complete, bxactions plugin, borris RED volumetric lighting tool sets at an affordable price among others.

The Latest Version of Boris FX Sapphire Suite for Mac includes bxActions, which is a powerful animation program that gives you the ability to create 3D animations without any post-production services.

bxActions will also give you the ability to animate in 3D with bxActions, Boris RED and boris Continuum Complete, as well as bxPhysics with bxFitness, bxHair and bxParticles. bxActions is an update to the previous version that has been on the market for over 5 years. New flares that showcase the powerful and recently added features are

  • Powerful application that makes it possible for you to create the kinds of visuals that used to take hours in post production, now you can do it in a matter of minutes.
  • Produce high-quality results with real-time video editing.
  • A variety of plugins for video/animation post-production.
  • This suite includes 50 different effects from digital damage to film presets.
  • High quality photorealistic effects including chromatic aberration, in-camera shake and lens distortion.

Why Use Boris FX Sapphire Plugins?

Paired with bxActions for animation and bxPaint, bxFractal, bxBlend4Web for 3D compositing and bxFlow for fluid simulations, Sapphire is the perfect choice for any project that requires a heavy dose of special effects and compositing.

  • bxActions: bxActions is an advanced set of tools to supplement the boris sapphire plugin suite. It has a procedural interface for vast control over animation and effects, including scripting support in python.
  • bxPaint: bxPaint integrates seamlessly with boris Continuum Complete (CC) and allows you to create complex textures without having to go into any other software package. You have complete pixel brush controls for limitless creative expression!
  • bxpFractal: Boris FX’s new iteration in fractals will allow you to render amazing scenes that are only limited by your imagination. From natural patterns like trees or foliage, through surrealistic urban landscapes, up until alien planets – everything can be done with bxpFractal.
  • bxBlend: The bxBlend plugin is a powerful tool for creating complex composites by combining up to sixteen layers in real time, including unlimited adjustment of brightness and transparency on each layer. It also includes an extensive texturizing engine so you can create the perfect backdrop or underlay for any scene!
  • bxFlow: Boris FX’s newest particle system has been built from the ground up to allow complete control over all aspects of your simulation such as gravity, wind velocity, turbulence intensity and fluid viscosity. You will be able to achieve realistic ocean waves, splashing waterfalls or even raindrops falling into puddles with amazing realism – limited only by your imagination!
  • bxFractal: The bxFractal plugin has been completely revamped to make it easier than ever before. With a streamlined interface and dozens of new presets, artists can now work with intricate fractals faster and more intuitively than ever before!
  • bxpixmapFX: bxpixmapFX is a powerful tool that allows you to create amazing textures in seconds by using masks or images as a source for the texture. This means no longer will you need expensive programs like Photoshop just to get great special effects – bxpixmap FX does all the heavy lifting while still giving you full control over your results!
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Technical Details of Boris FX Sapphire Suite for Mac

Boris FX is an advanced set of tools that provides a procedural interface for vast control over animation and offers bx3D objects and Particle Animation Engines to create atmospherics, animations, particle systems along with the bxPHYSICS-NXT plugin. All this will be integrated into your project right from within 3DS Max! You can then export or render out all your projects for final output in any format that you need – it’s never been easier or more powerful to work on a professional level!

  • File Name:
  • File Size: 967 MB
  • Developer: Boris FX

System Requirements for Boris FX Sapphire Suite for Mac

  • Operating System: macOS 10.14 or higher
  • Processor: Apple M1, 64-bit Intel or above
  • Memory: 8 GB minimum
  • Monitor: 1920×1080 or higher
  • Disk: High-speed disk array/SSD

Download Boris FX Sapphire Suite 2019 for Mac

You can download the latest version of Boris Sapphire Suite for mac from! bxActions bxpixmapFX bxBlend bxFlow and bxcPhysics-NXT are all included with this suite. Simply click the Download button and download it for free.

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