Free Download ChronoSync for Mac: Backup, Sync and Restore Files

download chronosync for mac

Free Download ChronoSync for Mac : ChronoSync for Mac is a powerful tool to help you back up, sync and restore your files. It’s free to download and you can easily backup data from any folder in your device or external hard drive. It’s easy to use and has an intuitive interface. This app is perfect for anyone who needs the ability to store their data in one location and have it accessible on all of their devices. If you have a lot of files that need backing up, ChronoSync will do it quickly because it uses “rsync” technology.

To download the app, click on the download button below, it is free to download. Once installed, open up the application and follow the screens instructions. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate through so anyone should be able to understand how to use it regardless of their experience level with Macs.

Download ChronoSync for free on your Mac device and take back control of your data. Manage all types of files, including movies, music, photos and documents across different devices with ease using this intuitive tool. Download for free from! Download ChronoSync for Mac Now!

ChronoSync: A powerful Mac Tool

This application is very helpful in allowing users to safeguard their data on their devices against issues like hard drive failure, accidental deletion or file corruption while still being able to access all of it when away from home. Excited to see what ChronoSync is capable of? Read more

Sync Data Between Two Different Disks

To sync data between two different disks with a backup destination: select edit -> preferences -> general tab-> “interval time” which is when you want each job to take place (defaulting at 12 hours) and also add any new volumes you want backed up in “/Volumes”.

Now that all settings are set, go ahead and start a backup by selecting “backup now!” under preferences -> jobs tab. This will open another window prompting you to choose whether you want a download, upload or both.

Restore Data

To restore data on your Mac, make sure that the disk with the data is mounted and then go into preferences -> jobs tab where there will be an option for “restore now!” which will prompt you to choose between download, upload or both (where download would be pulling from one location and uploading it to another).

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Sync Files

To sync files on two separate disks without backup destination, select edit -> preferences -> general tab-> “interval time” which is when you want each job to take place (defaulting at 12 hours) – now add any new volumes in “/Volumes”.

Now type in what directories need syncing by selecting either “directory” under the “select source directory” or “directory” under the “select destination directory”. Hit OK and then go ahead and start a sync by selecting “start now!” from preferences -> jobs tab.

Download Files

To download files to your Mac in one location: select download/archive option, which will prompt you for where you want this data download to occur, input any new directories that need syncing with “/Volumes”, hit OK followed by choose download now! You can also use restorations instead of downloads if needed.

Time Machine For Your Mac

ChronoSync for Mac automatically backs up your files to external hard drives, network folders, NAS devices and more! It also syncs them across all of your computers so you always have the latest version of everything. The program can even be set to sync new or changed files on a schedule. No matter what type of file you need to keep safe and sound on your computer, ChronoSync has got you covered! Download ChronoSync for Mac Now!

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Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Mac OS X v.s – Requires the latest version of macOS to install, which is currently at High Sierra (v.s)
  • Supports all versions of Intel processors with 64 bit architecture, regardless of date released or whether they are 32bit compatible or not (except Nehalem).
  • RAM: 512 MB needed.
  • File Download Size: 69 MB
  • Developer: Econ Technologies

Download ChronoSync for Mac

ChronoSync for Mac allows you to backup, sync and restore files on your Mac. This download includes a .dmg file that will be mounted by Finder upon download and installation. Download for free from! Download ChronoSync for Mac Now!

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