IHow to download instagram app on iPad? Most people have heard the saying that bigger is better.

That is not always true especially when you are trying to view pictures and other media.

Resolutions on phones are still improving but you may have to use your fingers to enlarge a picture to show it to someone.

Many pictures on now posted on Instagram so it is easy to view and to share. Everyone from the average person to celebrities use Instagram so they can share pictures with friends, family ,and fans. Instagram is available on smartphones but many people are waiting for this app to be developed for the iPad.

I have created this guide to show you how to get Instagram onto your iPad. You will be able to view and post pictures on Instagram no matter what operating system your device is using.

There will be some restrictions as to what you are able to do on this app but you will always be able to view photos that others have posted.

How to download instagram app on ipad?

This information will teach you how to download the app, check out the online photos, see some alternatives, and some tips to improve your experience. This subject is ever changing and I try to give you the most up to date information.

The popularity of Instagram continues to grow and their team is always looking for ways to improve user experience.

They are always looking for ways to improve this program and make it easier for the average person to access all of these features.

Many famous people have also become obsessed with using Instagram.

When will Instagram be ready for the iPad?

You have found this page because you have come to realize that there was no official Instagram page that was built to fit the resolution and the screen size of the Ipad.

A lot of people are looking for alternatives so they can share their pictures online.

They want to be able to have the same features for this app as on their smartphone but want to be able to use it on another device.

Instagram is owned by Facebook and have officially stated they did not create a page for the iPad because they are focusing on people that use the iPhone or Android smartphones.

These users are their target market and they want to make sure the smartphone users have a positive experience when they are using this program.

Many people are looking for different ways to share their content. Some apps allow people to share their information on their mobile app.

Some give people several different options while others only give them a few choices. Instagram only has a couple of platforms for use. At this time that platform does not include the iPad.

The program is only updated for use on the smartphones and is looking to keep up as the smartphone continue to be developed and gain new features.

How to download instagram for iPad?

Over the next couple of years it would not surprised me if Instagram will have a program that is built for the use on a tablet. I have a feeling it will be in the close future.

If you are looking at the picture and video storage requirements for posting content on Instagram and the resolution of the iPad you can get an idea of the cost and the effort that will need to go into the development.

There will be teams that will need to work on coding, quality, and customer service.

They will also need to manage security and help people that lock themselves out of their account by accident.

This is a huge project for any developer and with the volume of people that use Instagram it can be a daunting task.

It will take them some time to develop the program alone, test it out, and make sure it works on the different iPad screens before it is released to the public to use.

Instagram for iPad

Lets take a good look at your options

iPhone Instagram App for iPad

The first option will allow you to have 80 percent resolution. You can downtown the Instagram that was designed for the iPhone and use it on your iPad.

It will work for the majority of the users and the performance will be decent. It will not be as good as the iPhone.

There are some issues that you need to keep in mind. The main issue is that the resolution is built for the iPhone and will have a lower resolution when it is used on the iPad.

While this has gotten better as the screen of the iPhone has improved it is still not the same. While the resolution is not the same the user experience will never be the same.

This app will still allow a person to check out what their friends have been doing and posting.

In order to get around this resolution you can download an app and click the 2x button at the bottom right when the app is opened.

This will not increase the resolution but will increase the size by two. It will be larger and will be pixilated.

To get this working

Open the App store on the iPad and there are two ways that you can install Instagram.
The first way is easy.

You can tap the purchased icon at the bottom of the store and see all of the apps you have downloaded. Click on Ipad apps and at the top right select iPhone apps.

You can look through them until you see Instagram and download it. This will only work if you already have Instagram downloaded onto your iPhone.

The other option is to download Instagram.

Tap on the featured tab located in the bottom left.
Once you have found the featured tab look for Instagram.

The original app will not appear.

Look for where it says iPad only located at the top right. Select iPhone only.

This will allow you access to the Instagram app. This works for many programs. Now all you need to do is download the app.

Something to note:

There are some third party apps that may give you trouble when you are trying to download Instagram.

The Instagram program should be from the company Instagram inc. there are some new third party apps and I cannot comment on all of them since new ones are always appearing.

You may want to be wary of some that you do not know before you allow them to have access to all of your social media accounts and information.

Instagram is backed by Facebook so it is pretty secure. Some third party apps come with annoying ads and popups.

Instagram Online for iPad

You can work around the screen size from just about any device. You can log into Instagram using your iPad so you will not have to download the app.
There are some downsides to using Instagram using this method. The biggest downside is you are not able to take pictures and upload them using the online version.

You may be able to get access to Instagram.

You may be able to comment on pictures but you will not be able to post your own.
This limits the access to Instagram on your iPad.

This is good as long as you are not looking to post anything. You can always use your phone to upload a picture.

  • Open your iPad internet browser and go to Instagram.com
  • You will be taken to the home page
  • Click on the login button and enter your information. You can even recover your password if you have forgotten it.

After this you will have access to the feeds on Instagram.

Instagram on the iPad

You can click on the download button and this will allow you to go to the Instagram in the app store where it was originally downloaded from.

Instagram Alternatives

There are some alternatives that you can use to Instagram on your iPad. There are some options that will allow you to upload and to share your videos. You will be able to view pictures from others, comment on them, and even share them with friends. There are some good sites and there are some concerns that I have with them as well.

Intstagram allows you to interact with it. This means you can add content to the platform and take in information. Some programs will allow you to comment while others may not.

There are some good alternatives to Instagram.

Like all programs they have their pros and their cons. There are some really good apps out there that you can use instead of Instagram.

Padgram on iPad

Padgram is a good option.

This program is free to use and you can view your Instagram feeds on it. You can browse the site and you can go into landscape mode or portrait mode.

To work this program you are going to need to sign into your Instagram account and allow access to your pictures and your feeds.

If you do not want another app to access your profile or information than you should stick with only Instagram.

There are a number of options and features on this program.

You can view all of your pictures here. You can take a picture and share images and you can even look on a map to see where these pictures are taken. This is a nice feature if you want to share pictures from a different city.

You can also share services from Facebook to Twitter and even to Pinterest. You can also share to Tumblr.

There is only a slight downside to this. There is not a swipe feature that is built into the app. I would recommend adding this feature. This will make it easier to use.

Pictacular for iPad

This is another free app that you can download to share pictures. You can view your feeds from Instagram on this as well. You are not able to upload your own pictures but you can view pictures from Instagram.

The layout of this app is easy to use. You can look through the pictures.

It need to sign in with your Instagram user name and password. You can see the pictures laid out in a manner that is similar to Pinterest.

You can tape on the picture to make it bigger and swipe through the pages.

This app has three columns that will allow you to check out the comments. You do not need to tap on anything to read them.

There is no way that you can comment on a picture. You can like it but comments are limited to the most recent three.

If you want to see all of other comments on the pictures you will need to use another program.

I have noticed another downside to this as well. There is no map so you cannot pinpoint where you are.

You will need to go back to Padgram to use their feature.
This app is similar to some of the others as well.

You can share pictures using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You friends can look at these pictures as well.

Email Instagram about Developing an Ipad App

You can also email the customer service department at Instagram and make a request that they develop an app for an iPad. If Facebook and Instagram gets thousands of request each day they will eventually see the importance in creating an app for the iPad.

The developers will not know how much you like app and want it for your iPad unless you tell them so.


Hopefully this guide was helpful and you know the options to run Instagram on your iPad and have access to your pictures.

If you know any other tips or tricks. We are always looking for new information that is up to date. As these programs change we like to provide information that changes with them. We always appreciate if you share this article with your friends and others that will find this information useful.