Download Mac OS X Lion Installer: Time to Get Mac Installed for Free

download mac os x lion

Download Mac OS X Lion Installer: Apple has released their latest version of Mac OS X, Lion and it’s free to download! If you have been thinking about installing a new operating system on your mac device, this download is a great way to get started! You don’t have to purchase a mac computer or download Apple’s operating system for your device. This download is free and will allow you to get started with Apple’s newest operating system!

Mac OS X Lion is a proprietary operating system released by Apple to improve security, stability and compatibility features. The new iCloud features allow users of Mac OS X Lion to access their stored data from anywhere as long as they have internet connection and are signed in with their Apple account.

Sleek and Interactive GUI

Mac OS X Lion’s sleek and interactive user interface, along with its various enhancements make it an even better environment than 10.6, the previous release of Mac OS X. The iCloud is able to store data on a remote server for easy access from anywhere in the world and provides remote access to any other Mac accessible through internet connections, making it simpler for users to share their data across devices.

Quick Installation!

You can download the newest version of Mac OS X Lion by visiting or by clicking the download button above. You will have to download a disk image file (.dmg) which is roughly 3.5 GB in size and then install it on your device.

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Download Mac OS X Lion Installer: Time to Get Mac Installed for Free 3

Once downloaded, open this .dmg file with Finder, double-click Install MacOS X Lion app icon, enter your password when prompted for authentication and click Agree to continue installation process. It should take about 30 minutes for the download and installation of the new operating system but don’t worry! That means that once done installing you’ll be able to enjoy all these great features!

Better Features than Before!

These are just a few of the new features that Mac OS X Lion offers, such as a more polished UI design, quicker installation process and better features when compared to previous OS releases. Download Mac OS X Lion now and start experiencing them for yourself!

  • Full screen and gesture navigation. You can quickly move between applications, files or even windows by swiping with three fingers in any direction. Use four fingers to activate Mission Control, which will allow you to see all your open apps as well as all of their windows at once.
  • Multi-touch gestures for trackpad users! If you use a trackpad, then these new multi touch gestures are going to change everything about how you interact with the operating system, especially if want more control over what happens when dragging objects onscreen. Gestures include a two-finger tap for Quick Look, a three finger swipe right to bring up your Dashboard and a four finger pinch or spread to see all the windows open on your desktop.
  • Activating Launchpad from anywhere in OS X! You can now return home by clicking an icon at any time, even when you’re using another application. When launched, Launchpad will display icons for every app installed on that computer (as well as some built-in apps) and if you click one of these icons it’ll immediately switch over into full screen mode
  • Remote Locking: Lock or wipe your Mac remotely. This is great if you are sharing your device and want to secure the data it contains.
  • Better Compatibility: Compatibility with iCloud and a sleek, interactive interface.
  • There’s no need to purchase anything or download any other programs from Apple separately, because everything you need has been included in this one file! It’ll only take few minutes to download and install, so go ahead and give it a try today!

The download is quick so go ahead and get started today with Mac OS Lion! Download Mac OS X Lion Now!

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Download Mac OS X Lion Installer: Time to Get Mac Installed for Free 4

System Requirements for Installation of Mac OS X Lion

Mac with Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i-5, Core i-3, or Core i-7 processor and macOS X Snow Leopard 10.6 (or newer) will be able to install the new Mac OS Lion without any problems.

A minimum of 2 GB of system memory is required in order to run properly on all models and 7 GB of available hard drive space is necessary in case you want to store files away from your Home folder or if you plan on storing other data on your MacBook Pro no matter how small that might seem because there are limitations due to its storage capacity.

  • DMG Image File Download Size: 3.5 GB
  • Developer: Apple Inc.

Free Download Mac OS X Lion

The download is quick so go ahead and download Mac OS X Lion now! Download Mac OS X Lion from the download button above for free. You will download a disk image file (.dmg) which is about 3.5 GB in size and then install it on your device.

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