Download Magic Bullet For Mac: Easily Enhance Video and Photo Footage

download magic bullet for mac

Download Magic Bullet for Mac: Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite For Mac is a powerful set of tools designed to help you take your video and photo footage to the next level. It includes seven different red giant effects programs, which can be used individually or combined to create stunning results that will turn your videos into cinematic masterpieces.

From adding vintage film grain to blurring backgrounds with precise control over how much effect you want, this software has it all! The red Giant Website also features tutorials on each program in their bundle so that new users can quickly learn how they work before diving right in. This gives them an edge when working with some of these more complicated programs such as Red Giant TrapCode Suite and Red Giant Universe.

If you are a beginner looking to start editing your own video footage, the red giant magic bullet suite for mac is perfect for you! With an easy to use interface, it’s never been easier to become a professional at creating cinematic masterpieces of your own.

Let Magic Bullet Do The Magic For You!

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite is the perfect balance of power and ease for color correcting videos. With its easy to use tools, you can quickly smooth out skin tones or remove wrinkles with a few clicks.

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Download Magic Bullet For Mac: Easily Enhance Video and Photo Footage 3

Filmmakers will love that it’s noise reduction capabilities allow them to preserve details in shots while still cleaning up unwanted artifacts without having to scrub through hours of footage at their disposal, just one click! The end result was crisp but natural colors which we loved because they felt genuine and unprocessed, not like other artificial filters or effects designed solely by computers.

We highly recommend trying Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite if you’re looking for quality control over your images and video clips alike! Download Magic Bullet for Mac from Now!

Features of Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite for Mac

The features of red giant magic bullet suite for mac includes various plug-ins, presets, and templates that can be used in video editing to enhance the footage.

Other features include;

  • Automatic save feature
  • Live update cue points at which users can pause and resume the program without any loss of content.
  • Support for filters that can be enabled or disabled on a particular layer when working with masks to help maintain the look desired by the user.
  • With 42 tools across nine modules, Magic Bullet Suite for Mac offers a wide array of features.
  • Ability to resize scopes while viewing any scope – Hue/Saturation.

The Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite for Mac also includes Red Giant Tracker, that is a powerful tool to stabilize shaky footage and remove unwanted objects from the frame, Red Giant Warp Stabilizer which offers advanced tools with optical flow technology and Red Giant Chromatic Aberration Pro, which corrects color separation in photos or on video footage. Download Magic Bullet for Mac Right Now!

Go Beyond Color Correction!

Unlimited render layers are provided by Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite for Mac, allowing users to work effortlessly without having to worry about reaching memory constraints. It also supports various formats such as h264/x264 MPE CODECS, GPU-accelerated Red Raven Proxies, AMD APP Video Conform Assistant for XVID mode and HDV 1080i60 mode.

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Download Magic Bullet For Mac: Easily Enhance Video and Photo Footage 4

System Requirements and Technical Details for Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite for Mac

Mac OS: 64-bit Mac OS 10.8.5 or later

Processor: Intel Core i series or newer, AMD Athlon II X series or newer (Intel Xeon Processors are not supported)

Memory: At least 16GB of RAM

HDD Space: 500MB for installation and another 350MB free space per installed program. A USB drive with at least 200 MB to store render caches is also required.

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470/480/560 Ti, ATI Radeon HD 4890/5730+ or higher. Red Giant recommends a Quadro graphics card when working with Red Giant Universe.

File Download Size: 134 MB

Developed By: RedGiant

Download Now!

Click the given button to download latest version of Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite for Mac DMG setup. The download link is an offline setup of Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite Mac DMG with direct access. Download Magic Bullet for Mac Right Now!

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