Download FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac: Work Across Multiple NLE’s

FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac

FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac is a powerful video editing plugin bundle that has been designed to work across multiple NLE’s and to enhance your color grading. It allows you to download and work with RAW footage from DSLRs, professional film cameras, and other sources – in the same way as if they were on your desktop or laptop.

FilmConvert Nitrate for Premiere Pro and After Effects for Mac is a powerful plugin that provides advanced grain controls. This Nitrate enables digital artists to create a film more natural look and feel without damaging the originality of their video footage. Filmmakers, Vloggers, producers, and other video creators can achieve powerful and cost effective results with this powerful software toolkit!

Nitrate with More Advanced Controls!

FilmConvert Nitrate is an all-in-one video conversion tool that you can use to batch convert, transcode and even preview your various footage from just about any NLE. This app is available for MacOS users who want a powerful program that will help them work across multiple editing platforms like Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, DaVinci Resolve and more. 

FilmConvert Nitrate offers four different profiles for converting your video files: Standard Definition Video (SD), High Definition Video (HD), Ultra HD 4K or 8K Resolution Video with a maximum video bit rate of 128Mbps (8192 kbps). With its drag and drop interface it makes it easy to quickly edit videos.

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Download FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac: Work Across Multiple NLE's 3

Features of FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac

FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac is available in the form of plugins bundle that enables film transfers. It has got more than 20 color presets and 50 speed presets to offer. Features of FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac are mentioned below:

  • Work Across Multiple NLE’s. Nitrate is an all-inclusive video editing solution that’s built for the new era of filmmaking.
  • Support for FCPX, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Simultaneously Convert to a Wide Range of Formats. Nitrate includes tools to handle everything from color correction and visual effects to audio mixing and offline/online editing
  • Supports the Latest Versions of QuickTime Player (v7) and Apple Compressor (v4)
  • Easily Export Files to iTunes or iCloud Drive with One Click
  • The Nitrate for Mac app by FilmConvert is a powerful video editing tool that permits the user to make specific adjustments with respect to graininess or smoothness.
  • The interface has been designed with a focus on simplicity, so you don’t have to spend time learning how it works.

Benefits of FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac

FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac is a complete solution for film transfer work-flow that offers a bunch of benefits to its mac users.

  • It has a well designed, inbuilt download film converter that enables fast conversion of almost any format to the input video format required by FilmConvert Nitrate download software download and vice versa.
  • The color presets have been curated from day one as part of this project’s goal: perfecting digital film transfer workflows with future proofed tools which makes it easier for users to achieve their desired results every time they use these plugins. Not only does it cover all colorspaces, it also handles all the different color models, including RGB and CMYK.
  • It has 50 speed presets that cover a wide range of conversion speeds from one frame per second to 25 frames per second.
  • The new version is an upgrade over its previous edition and offer latest features such as auto keyframing or set capture points which make FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac easy enough even for beginners to use. This makes it simpler to render out your digital movie projects right away without any need of motion blur effect software.
  • FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac also supports ProRes files, the most popular and widely used format in post production workflows that’s not available with many other download programs of its kind. This makes it an ideal choice for users who are looking to optimize their workflow by only using one program at a time.
  • It also supports AVIs, QuickTimes and MPEGs so you don’t have to bother about converting these formats before starting your project since FilmConvert Nitrate is capable of doing the conversion in real time or offline depending on your preferences.
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Download FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac: Work Across Multiple NLE's 4

System Requirements and Technical Details of FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac

Supported Interface:

  • Final Cut Pro X, download Adobe Premiere Pro CC, download Avid Media Composer
  • QuickTime Player (v7) and download Apple Compressor (v4)
  • Operating Systems: macOS 10.10 or later
  • File Formats Supported: AVI, QT, MPEG, Quicktime, download MPO
  • Supported Hardware: Mac OS X computer system with Intel processor running at least Core i series (iMac®, MacBook® Air), 16 GB of RAM recommended; 512MB graphics card required; Apple Alphacast Network Connection speeds greater than 100Mbps highly suggested.
  • File Download Size: 606 MB
  • Developer: FilmConvert

Download FilmConvert Nitrate for Mac

It’s available in a free version with no watermarking or limitations on export resolution – download today from!

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