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_an_Invalid_MMI_Code">Fixing an Invalid MMI Code

Is your mobile phone experiencing problems? Well, if the answer is yes here at MacCrunch we do offer solutions for all mobile phones. The most popular brand of phones is the Samsung galaxy brands which we find ourselves mostly being asked to assist or even repair. There are numerous errors affecting Samsung galaxy phones and one problem in particular that we have solved frequently is the Connection Problem also known as Invalid MMI Code. Below we have given some of the ways to correct that problem and at very short time, it is very effective and you do not need to return your mobile phone to where you purchased the phone.

Here is what one of the user said:

Hello, my phone can’t receive or send text messages and calls, I am also unable to recharge airtime and each time I try invalid MMI Code keeps popping, please help?

This error mostly appears when trying to access your airtime balance, adding a voucher to run a USSD code, performing a function that is provided by your Sim provider, or topping up airtime.

What is cause of Invalid MMI Code or Connection Problem?p>Although cell phone providers vary in many countries, dual Sim smartphones such as galaxy S duos are the most common to show the Invalid MMI Code error.

Below are some of the ways to help you fix this problemh2>1. Solution

This method involves App Disabling. Some people have been able to identify the app that may be causing MMI Code error and deleting or uninstalling it, however, there are some of us who are unable to do this. All we need to do is go into safe mode. The phone that we will use in this guide is a Samsung galaxy.
Safe mode is basically when all apps that come with the phone are temporarily disabled.

How to go into safe mode?ol>
  • Turn off your Samsung galaxy phone
  • Hold the power button
  • Tap continuously on the menu button while still holding the power button
  • A safe mode logo will appear at the bottom left on the screen
  • After completing now you need to test if it workedol>
  • Use the same prefix code you had tried earlier e.g. *625#
  • If it now works, there is an app that is causing this in your phone
  • Reboot your phone and uninstall or delete any apps you recently installed
  • 2. Solutionp>Adding a comma at the end of the prefix code is another effective and simple way to fix the Invalid MMI Code problem on your phone.

    An examplepre>If the prefix code you want to use is *4532*7#, adding a comma would easily fix the problem and the prefix that you would use would be similar to this *4532*7#,

    The operation is forced to execute and overlook errors that are on the way when you add a comma.

    3. Solutionp>This method will require you to turn on IMS over SMS from the phone information mode.

    Steps to enter information mode:ol>
  • Dial *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer
  • Navigate to phone information
  • Click on the “Run Ping Test”
  • After that test is performed
  • Click on the “turn off radio”
  • Click on “turn on SMS over IMS”
  • Finally, your phone will be rebooted.

    4. Solutio

    4. Solution

    d is one that anyone can operate. All that is required is for you to completely turn off your mobile phone and after some few minutes turn it on and the magic is complete.

    5. Solutio

    5. Solution

    ed to do navigate to,

    • Settings
    • Network connection
    • Mobile networks
    • Network operators and select your service provider

    If the problem persists, connect again since it normally can take up to 5 attempts before it starts working

    It goes without saying that modern telecommunication technologies have totally reformed our lives. If we look back twenty or thirty years, communication was not that easy at all; we had absolutely no idea of the things to come. Things like the telegraph and other basic modes were used, which were nowhere near hassle free and had significant costs to go along with it. But if we look at the typical modern setup and cost structure of today, it is almost as if we are able to communicate for free. While we could go on about the impact modern technology has on our lives, the focus of this article is to help mobile users who get connection problems, also commonly known as an invalid MMI code. While most of us are aware of how we can fix our computers since the interface is extremely user friendly, people have very little idea on how to approach mobile phone connection issues. So, if you are one of those people who are having frequent issues of an invalid MMI code then you might want to read the full article.

    This problem could occur for numerous reasons and though this is true, we are going to talk about the solutions directly. The number one solution to get rid of this malfunction is to delete an app that may be causing the problem. It is quite often the case that this problem arises because of a specific application, probably the one most recently installed. While this may fix the problem, it is worth mentioning here that this solution might not be feasible for most mobile users. But there is certainly no harm in trying to fix the problem by deleting the suspected application, you just need to figure out which app it may be. To find this out, you need to go into the safe mode on your device. There is no specific method of going into the safe mode and this varies from brand to brand. You will be able to find this method in the user manual of the mobile phone. Once you have entered the safe method, you need to enter the prefix code and see if the error disappears. If it does then switch on the phone on the normal mode and follow the procedure of uninstalling the recently installed app.

    Another method which you can employ to fix the same problem of invalid MMI code is through the addition of a coma at the end of something known as the prefix code. Basically, this method is about tricking the system and forcing it to perform a certain operation. Your phone will have a certain prefix code, and the addition of the coma indicates to the system that it has to override and execute the operation. Once the system overrides, there is a huge possibility that you are able to perform your required operation which you weren’t able to before because of the error message. Normally such errors are fixed by simple tricks and often the complex processes or techniques fail. So, it is important to first try the simpler techniques first and then move on to more complex ones.

    Many IT experts say that more than 50% of the problems in the computers and cell phones get automatically fixed once you reset the device. So, before you start modifying the complex settings of your cellular device, a better idea would be to first restart and see if the problem is fixed or not. You may even have to do this several times in a row. The reason why resetting the device works on many occasions is that the cache gets filled with a lot of information, and once you restart it, the cache becomes totally empty. This temporary memory plays a very essential role in the functioning of the device, but sometimes it also become a source of hindrance as well. So, learn to use it to your advantage.

    The next thing you can do to fix the problem is that you can check the connection by going into the settings. You need to go to network connections and check mobile networks. Once you select this option, the software will automatically start searching for your operators. The next step is to select the operator and then to check if the problem persists or not. Normally it would require four to five attempts to fix the issue of invalid MMI code.

    To conclude our discussion on how to fix an invalid MMI code, if you are facing this issue then you need to know that you are not alone in this. There are some simple tricks which could quickly fix this issue and help you in resuming your day to day operations.