How to fix an iPhone that is not Charging/ Lightning Port Problems?

Has your iPhone stopped charging all over a sudden? Do you have lightning connector issues? Let’s fix them now!

If yes, be sure that you are not alone. I also experienced the same thing with my adorable iPhone.

To me, this was not just an ordinary challenge; it was a crisis that needed an immediate action!I am one of those iFolks who are ever on iDevice, and wherever I go, my iPhone and iPad has to go as well. I place them in my pockets, handbags and my hands and they give me one heck of a workout you know!

How to fix lightning connector issues?

Walking with your iDevice all the time, everywhere at times comes at a price because their chances of falling become imminent while they may also start showing signs of tear and wear.

At Apple Toolbox, the most frequent issues iFolks report on are problems with their iDevices and to be more specific, the problems of iPhone not charging through the lightning port.

My Story

If your iPhone, iPad, or any other iDevice has abruptly stopped charging using your lighting capable, you are not the only one facing the crisis.

I experienced the same issue when I accompanied my girlfriend, my iPhone and bunch of friends to her friend’s birthday party.

What I could not realize was that some crazy activities at the party extended an olive branch to my iPhone‘s lightning port and interfered with it.

When I eventual got to charge my phone, it was charging because they were no contact between the lighting port and the capable.

What are the symptoms of iPhone that is not charging?

Some users report that their iPhone connects intermittently- they charge sometimes and don’t charge other times, while others report that their phones charge when they are not charging at all. In my case, the iPhone wouldn’t charge completely.

Usually, those who experience this kind of issue often encounter the authentic message appearing on their iDevices when the iDevice is plugged in.

The problem can even be much worse for others when they plug into the lighting port for charging. At first, “smart” iFolks may have their way by successfully wiggling the cable inside the port.

For others, they can painlessly get the connection by simply putting the iDevice and the cable at particular angles.

To put it, in brief, iFolks has discovery less painful ways of dealing with the problem through some creative messing around maneuvers that help but for just a short while, and in most scenario works only once.

After that, the trick can’t work, and you are left frustrated and mad as your iDevice won’t charge!
How to solve the problem of an iPhone that is not Charging.

If you are experiencing the same problem I experienced, there are some things to do before you pay the Apple Support to replace some parts.

iPhone lightning port not working

In most cases, the charging problems usually result from some blockage in the lightning port that may happen when it collects lint, dust and other debris from your pocket or handbag or whichever place you keeps it.
And you won’t find it too obvious (not unless you got hold of some microscope which is unreasonable anyway). The lightning port is usually very tiny, so they often get blocked without even realizing it, until the unexpected knocks at the iDevice won’t charge!

This problem may also result from corrosion that does happen when the contacts get exposed to moisture.

With time the contact surfaces get corroded and a thin layer forms over them making it hard for the current to pass through.The good thing here, however, is that you can easily clean the metal surfaces and get your iDevice back on track-charging.

All you need is to proceed with caution.
Be cautiousThe first thing you are going to do is to check the state of your charger.

Ensure the cable is not kinked, frayed or chewed otherwise replace it with a new one and see if your charging problem is resolved. If you have another cable available, then try using it.

Ensure that the cables you use are recommended by Apple for better results.If you are using your computer to charge your iDevice, try using a charger plugged into the wall and see if the problem is resolved.
Finally, it could be your charging unit so try additional charger or if you do not have one, borrow from a family member or a neighbor or just buy a new one from a nearby apple store or seller.
Cleaning your lightning port

Lightning connector not charging? Fix it now!

The first step you need to perform out you even think about anything is to TURN OFF YOUR PHONE.If you suspect corrosion

  • Unplug and re-plug your lightning cable continuously for at least 8-9 times. This helps in polishing the correction off
  • The cleaner to use should be an electric contact cleaner.It removes oil, dirt, and corrosionYou can then spray onto a Q-Tip followed by gently inserting the Q-Tip into the lightning portTake caution not to spray directly into the lightning port.
  • Polish all contacts on cable and iDevice.Wait at least 30 seconds before using.
    If you just want to remove dirt, dust or debris
  • Using a wooden toothpick or plastic, scrap the inside of the port to remove clumps of lint, dust, and debris. Ensure the wooden toothpick or plastic you use is very thin.
  • If you have a lense, use it to check deep inside the port. Otherwise, you can use a flashlight. If you still find dirt at the corners or bottom, scrap them carefully using a paperclip or other strong probe such as dental flosses.
  • Use canned compressed air to spray the lightning port
  • Gently clean inside the port using a Q-Tip dipped in rubbing alcohol.
  • Wipe over the port after putting some surgical gauze.

Always remember to let the port dry for at least two minutes which you rub alcohol or used canned air.

Once you are through with cleaning, power on your iDevice followed by plugging in your lightning cable to check if the problem is resolved.

Is The iDevice Still Not Charging?

If the problem is not resolved, check if the cable and the charger work with another iDevice. If they do, hard reset your iDevice. This can be done by holding down the home or volume down button then press the power button.

You then let go the buttons on the appearance of the Apple logo. If the problem is not resolved, re-clean and hard reset.

Final thought

When your iPhone or iDevice won’t charge or is displaying some strange intermittent charging, consider the above tips to get everything back on track. Meanwhile, always ensure that you clean your phone now and then.

This you can think of as preventive care. While cleaning, ensure that you clean the chargeable cable as well as the iPhone or iDevice port.

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