The internet makes it easy to get a free download of just about any song you want. The problem, however, is that free music isn’t always legal music. Streaming services like Pandora and Spotify are an excellent source of free soundtracks as long as you’re online. But if you’re planning for some offline listening and don’t want to spend anything you should follow try out these music downloader tips and tricks!


We will show you how to listen to free songs on the Internet


How to do it on iPhonep>If you have an iPhone read this guide, if not scroll down to find the alternative for Android (Samsung, HTC, etc…)

To get started, you want to go ahead and install two apps onto your device. The first one being iFile Organizer and the second one being the official YouTube app. This is the YouTube app right here. You want to install that. You also want to install iFile Organizer, which looks like this. It’s completely free. Once you’ve got those installed, you’re ready to get started on the free music downloader!

To get started, go ahead and launch the YouTube app.p>Once inside of the YouTube app, you just want to go ahead and search for any song or artist you want to download a song from. Find a music video with that song, then you just want to go ahead and skip any ads if they play before the video, and then you just want to tap on the arrow in the top right and copy the link. Once you’ve done that, exit to your home screen, launch iFile Organizer, tap on sources, tap on the plus icon, and then tap on the web. Once you’ve done that, just go ahead and tap on web, and then you just want to tap on the URL bar, close out of anything if there’s anything in there, and then search for YouTube mp3. Hit go, and the first result should be the one you want. It’s called YouTube to mp3 converter, and the link is, so tap on that.

Once you’re here, you just want to go ahead and tap on the URL bar and then basically cancel out all the stuff that’s already in there to make sure it’s completely clear, and then you just want to paste your link that you already copied right in there, then just tap convert video, wait for it to process. Here it says, “Video successfully converted to mp3.” As you can see, it gives you the title and length of the video. Then you just want to hit download. Once you do that, you’ll get this little pop-up that pops up on your screen. It’ll have three options; download, open, and copy the link. We’re just going to hit download, and it should be highlighted in red. You just want to select a name for your song. I’m going to leave it as it already is, so I just hit OK. As you can see right here, it popped up under files. If it’s not downloading, you just want to go ahead and tap on the download button next to it, and then it should begin to download. As you can see, it is now downloading. I just want to go ahead and wait for that to finish downloading.

Now that the song is done downloading, if we go ahead and tap on it, you can see it will automatically begin to play. We have the normal music controls, like the ability to adjust the volume of the song, pause, play, and we can even adjust the speed of the song, which is nice as well. If we play the song, one nice thing I’ve found about this music player is that it will actually continue to play music in the background even when the app is closed unlike the YouTube app which requires it to be open in order for it to play music. If we close, pause, that real quick and we exit out of here, if you go back to your files and if you tap options, you can actually create folders to organize your songs better. You can also rename your songs, and if we tap on playlist you can also create playlists.


How to get the Music Downloader on Androidp>If you have an Android Phone (Samsung, LG, HTC etc…) you can use any of the services below to find your favorite music

First up is Jamendop>One of the largest free music sites. You won’t find Taylor Swift’s latest album here but with over four-hundred thousand tracks by some forty thousand artists it’s pretty easy to find music that suits your tastes. There are also twenty one radio stations on Jamendo. Please their search tools and popularity ratings help you quickly find the kind of tunes you’ll like. If you’re a musician Jamendo is a good place to showcase your work and even make some money. Sign-up is free and fast and there’s a paid Pro version for creative types.

Next up is Soundowl.p>Soundowl’s operators say they’ve got about three-hundred thousand tracks int eh bank you can download for free. You can also upload your own tracks to share but beware that Soundowl’s strong DMCA filtering will keep you honest. We like Soundowl’s minimalist, no-nonsense interface and strong search feature that lets us focus on the music.

It may come as a surprise but Facebook is actually a great place to load up on legally free music. Why? Because many, many artists operate Facebook pages to keep in touch with their fans. It’s not uncommon for them to post up links to free bonus tracks that you can access just by liking their page. Of course liking a few dozen bands will clog up your news feed so be sure to adjust your feed settings to compensate.

Another popular music resource is SoundCloud.p>SoundCloud is a repository of tracks uploaded by both listeners and artists and while not every tune posted is free, many of them. There are also SoundCloud apps for iOS and Android. SoundCloud is popular with many well known artists so it may have an edge when it comes to finding music from a popular artist.

One place for finding free music that may seem a bit too obviousp>Is At any one time Amazon has tens of thousands of tracks available for free download. It may not be the latest and greatest hits but if you’re looking to fill in your music collection

  1. simply hover over Shop by Department
  2. Then hover over Digital Music
  3. Then go down a bit to Deals

From there you can select Free Songs or Free Albums and if you’re a prime member you’ll also find thousand of complete albums that are essentially free to download as part of your annual fee. We’ve got more sites to explore so hit the links below to find out more.