2016 is shaping up to have great movies in stock for movie fanatics. If you are into action, horror, sci-fi, or comedy movies, then the upcoming 2016 movies will not disappoint. Below are some of the hottest movies that will dominate the box office in 2016.

1.X-Men Apocalypse

Genre – Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure

The movie tells the story of the emergence of the immortal and invincible, Apocalypse, the world’s first and most powerful mutant from Marvels X-Men universe. After thousands of years, he awakens and is in dismay of the new world. He recruits a team of powerful mutants, including Magneto, to rid the world of humankind and create a new world order, which he shall rule. Raven, with the help of Professor X must lead a team of young X-Men to stop Apocalypse and his crew and save mankind.

If you are a lover of the X-men movies, then you know they never disappoint. One of the frequently asked questions is if Hugh Jackman is going to appear as Wolverine. All I can say is watch the movie and find out! You shall not be disappointed. The movie has great fight scenes, which shall leave you on the edge of your seat. The cast chosen did a fantastic job in their roles. The movie starts at a high note and just keeps getting better. If you are looking for a great action movie combined with fantasy, then this is the movie for you! A must add to your watch list.

This film was directed by Bryan Singer and written by Simon Kinberg, Bryan Singer, among others. Some of the filming locations include Montréal, Quebec, Canada. The main cast include Oscar Isaac (Playing the role of the Apocalypse), Jennifer Lawrence (playing the role of Raven/ Mystique), Michael Fassbender (as Magneto), Olivia Munn (as Psylocke), among others. The production companies for this film are Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Marvel Entertainment, and TSG Entertainment.



2.Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

em>Genre – Action, Adventure, Fantasy

In this film, Batman, Gotham City’s vigilante, takes on Metropolis’ most worshiped modern-day savior, Superman to correct the unchecked actions of Superman. The world in the meanwhile is wrestling with what sort of hero they need. With Batman and Superman at war with each other, a new threat Doomsday arises putting humankind in grave danger than ever before. The film is rated PG-13 due to the intense violence and action throughout the movie.

When it comes to a vigilante faceoff, what better than Batman versus Superman? Most of us have had those heated arguments of who would win between the two. The movie has one of the best gladiator matches in the history of vigilantes! The son of Krypton vs. the Bat of Gotham Need I say more? Great film from beginning to end, it does not disappoint at all.

This film was directed by Zack Snyder and written by Chris Terrio, David S. Goyer, among others. Some of the filming locations include Michigan, Detroit, USA. The main casts are Ben Affleck (as Bruce Wayne/ Batman), Henry Cavill (as Clark Kent/ Superman), Gal Gadot (as Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman), Amy Adams (as Lois Lane), Jason Momoa (as Aqua Man), among others. The production companies include Dune Entertainment and DC Entertainment.


3.The M

3.The Masked Saint

re – Action, Biography, Crime

The film is based on a true story. It follows the journey of one pastor’s mission to help the community. The pastor risks his identity being known when he returns to his former life as a wrestler in order to save his community. This film takes us through the journey of his struggles and the consequences of his decisions. The movie is rated PG-13 due to its violence elements.

The film is inspirational and restores faith in the selflessness of mankind. It reminds us that no matter who you are, you can be able to help the lesser able by taking action. It is a great movie to look out for and follow the emotional and courageous journey of a husband who is a pastor his journey to becoming the community hero.

The film was directed by Warren P. Sonoda and written by Scott Crowell. The filming locations are Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada. The main cast include Brett Granstaff (as Chris), Lara Jean Chorostecki (as Michelle), T.J McGibbon (as Carrie Samuels), Diahann Carroll (as Ms. Edna), Roddy Pipper (playing the role of Nicky Stones), among others. Some of the production companies include Ridgerock Entertainment Group and P23 Entertainment.



4.Independence Day – Resurgence

Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

This film is a follow up of the 1996 Independence Day. The Earths nations have united on an immense defense program to protect the planet using the recovered alien technology. However, two decades after the first invasion, Earth is faced with a new extra-Solar threat. Only a few brave men and women can unite to fight against the invaders and bring save our planet from the brink of extinction.

It is said that Dean Delvin (writer of the 1st Independence Day movie) was given a huge sum to write a script of the sequel after the huge success of the 1st film. However, he did not turn in the ready script but returned the money back. 15 years later, he teamed up with other writers to produce a greatly written script. This is one of the reasons I loved the movie. The writers took their time to give the audience the best sequel possible. Great movie and worth the watch.

The film was directed by Roland Emmerich and written by Carter Blanchard, Dean Devlin and a few others. The filming locations include Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA with an estimated budget of $200,000,000. The main characters include Joey King (as Sam), Liam Hemsworth (as Jake Morrison), Maika Monroe (as Patricia Whitmore), Bill Pullman (as President Whitmore), Vivica A. Fox (as Jasmine), Charlotte Gainsbourg (as Dr. Catherine Marceaux), among others. The production companies include Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.


5.Ride Along

5.Ride Along 2

211; Action, Comedy

This is the second sequel after Ride Along 1. With the wedding of Ben and James’ younger sister nearing, Ben Barber heads to Miami with his soon to be brother in law, James Payton to catch a drug dealer who is supplying the Atlanta dealers with the products. The film is rated PG- 13 because of its violence, sexual content, drug material, and language.

This movie is as good as the last one. It is funny, captivating, and does not go over-board with the x rated content. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube deliver a witty, yet serious. The film will leave you breathless from laughter and at the same time take you through the emotional process of a family coming together and being there for each other. If you are looking for a light movie with just a touch of violence, then this is the movie to look out for.

This movie was directed by Tim Story, and written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi. The filming locations are Miami, USA. The main characters include Olivia Munn (playing the role of Maya Cruz), Glen Powell ( as Troy), Kevin Hart (as Ben Barber), Ice Cube (as James Payton), Nadine Velazquez (as Tasha), Tika Sumpter ( as Angela Payton), among others. The production companies include Cube Vision, Will Packer Productions, and Universal Pictures.


6.Dirty Grandpa

6.Dirty Grandpa

1; Comedy

The movie takes us on a journey of an uptight guy who is about to get married and his trip with his grandpa. However, the grandpa is not your typical grandfather and neither is the trip. He is a former Army general, who is very perverted and their trip ends up at spring break.

If you are looking for a comedy, then this is the movie for you. This movie includes a lot of graphic nudity, vulgar language, drug use, and crude sexual content throughout the film. The combination of an uptight grandson and a crazy grandpa is an interesting spin worth watching.

The film was directed by Dan Mazer and written by John Phillips. The filming locations include Riverside, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The main characters in the film include Zoey Deutch (as Shadia), Robert De Niro (playing the role of Dick Kelly), Julianne Hough (as Meredith Goldstein), Zac Efron (Jason Kelly), Aubrey Plaza (playing the role of Lenore), Eugenia Kuzmina (as Cathy), Dermot Mulroney (as David Kelly), among others. The production companies for this film include Josephson Entertainment, QED International, and Lionsgate.


7.The 5th Wave<

7.The 5th Wave

enture, Sci-fi, Thriller

In the film, four waves of increasingly deadly attacks have left Earth in near destruction. Cassie, a young woman consumed with fear and distrust, is on the run and desperately trying to save her brother. Having no other hope, Cassie teams up with a young man to prepare for the inevitable 5th wave. She must learn to trust him in order to survive and protect her younger brother.

This motion picture is rated PG-13 due to the violence, a brief teen partying, and language. The movie has amazing sound effects and great acting which completely transforms you into that world. The cast does not disappoint and the storyline is captivating from the beginning till the end. It is a great Sci-fi to look out for.

The film was directed by J Blakeson and written by Susannah Grant and Akiva Goldsman. The filming locations of the films are Macon, Georgia, USA. The main casts are Chloe Grace Moretz (playing the role of Cassie Sullivan), Maika Monroe (as Ringer), Live Schreiber (as Colonel Vosch), Nick Robinson (as Ben Parish), Maria Bello (playing the role of Sergeant Reznik), and Maggie Siff (as Lisa Sullivan), among others.


8. Teenage Muta

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

1; Action, Adventure, Comedy

In this movie, the turtles, plus April O’Neal are back to save the city from a dangerous threat.
If you enjoyed the first film, then you are bound to enjoy this as well. The turtles are still as funny as before (maybe even funnier), and the story line is just as gripping. It is a must watch for the whole family. Funny, witty and highly enjoyable

The film was directed by Dave Green and written by Josh Applebaum, and Andre Nemec. The filming locations are New York City, USA. The main cast includes Megan Fox (as April O’Neil), Stephen Ameli (as Casey Jones), Alan Ritchson (as Raphael), William Fichtner (as Eric Sacks), Will Arnett (as Vernon Fenwick), among others. The production companies include Nickelodeon Movies, Gama Entertainment Partners, and Paramount Pictures


9. Fantastic Beasts

9. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

dventure, Family, Fantasy

The film revolves around the writer, Newt Scamander and his adventures in the New York’s secret witches and wizards’ community. The film is set 70 years before harry potter joins Hogwarts and reads the book in one of his classes.

If you were, or still are a fan of Harry Potter, be sure to watch out for this film. J.K Rowling is at it again and delivers a greatly written script that will undoubtedly transform you into the magical world. The film is not based on any major novels but was created for Comic Relief in the UK. An amazing film worth every cent!

This film is directed by David Yates and written by J.K Rowling. The filming locations are Leavesdenn Studios, Leavesden, Hertfordshire, England. The main characters include Eddie Redmayne (as Newt Scamander), Ezra Miller (as Credence), Colin Farrell (playing the role of Graves), Katherine Waterston (as Porpentina Goldstein), Ron Perlman (as Gnarlack), among many others. The production company for this film is Warner Bros.



10.Deadpoolenture, Sci-fi

This film tells the story of a former Special Forces agent turned mercenary. He adopts an alter ego, Deadpool, after being subjected to rogue experiments that leave him with the ability to heal.

The film is very interesting due to Deadpool’s dark and twisted sense of humor. This film takes us along the journey of how a normal man gains power and uses these powers to hunt down the man who nearly destroys his life. This movie is captivating and has great actors. Fantastic work yet again delivered to us by Marvel. I would recommend this film to anyone (especially if you enjoy fantasy, action films).

This film was directed by Tim Miller and written by Rob Liefeld, Fabian Nicieza, and a few more writers. The filming locations were Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The main casts include Morena Baccarin (as Vanessa Carlysle/ Copycat), Gina Carano (Angle Dust), Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson/ Deadpool), EdSkrein (as Ajax), and T.J. Miller (as Weasel), among many others. The production companies include Marvel Enterprises, TSG Entertainment, and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

The above are just some of the top 10 best movies I believe shall blow up cinemas near you. Keep a look out for these movies, grab your popcorn, and enjoy the show!