Mobile phone cloning – Mobile phone cloning is the modus operandi or technique that enables the reassigning of secured data from one cell phone to another.

In simpler terms, the other phone becomes a copy of the original. All phone come equipped with an IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number.

To check if the cell phone you have is an original you must scan the IMEI. The IMEI number can be found by typing #06 on an android phone or looking at the bottom on the back of an iPhone.

Once this is completed you can visit either the website of the service provider or you can visit websites such as IMEI to check authenticity.

Cell phones that are near the same towers allow other people to listen to your phone calls. In order to successfully clone a phone, you will need a copy of the original SIM card and a SIM reader that will be able to read and transfer the key to another phone with the end result being a cloned phone.

How to clone phones – Mobile phone cloning

It is a difficult task for a cell phone company to contrast an original from a clone.

By understanding this realization, the cloner can bypass security loopholes in order to access (personal) information from someone else’s phone.

Have you or someone you know experienced the following:

  • Difficulty in making outgoing calls?
  • Receiving busy signals from incoming calls?
  • Constant wrong number phone calls including hang ups?
  • Unusual phone numbers showing up on your phone?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, these are symptoms of cell phone cloning. Phone cloning can happen as easily by adding software and obtaining someone’s IMEI number.

With both of these attributes in conjunction, this will open the portal to your cell phone.

How do i clone a cell phone?

Cloning a phone is more successful on a CDMA vs. GSM. Let’s explore the difference between these two.
The CDMA or code division multiple access phones require the change and stand-in of the Electronic Programmable or EPROM chip.

This allows you to structure the ESN or electronic serial number by software. Changes are requested towards the mobile ID number at the same time.

After completion of changes of the ESN and mobile ID, the CDMA phone will be easier to clone.
In regards to a GSM or Global System for Mobile Communication phones; cloning these phones is possible by cloning the sim card.


How to clone phones: How to clone a cell phone number

clone a SIM card, you will first have to remove the original from the phone. At this point, a device is placed between the SIM card and another phone to withdraw the secret code.

Cloning a GSM phone is not an easy process. This process takes at least a few days to be completed.

You can clone a phone with/without the use of a SIM card, as long as you know the ins and outs of the cell phone.

  1. Get to know your phone by looking at the original packaging, taking the battery out of the phone and looking behind the phone near the SIM card.
  2. Locate the ESN or electronic serial number. The ESN is located in the back of the phone. The ESN information is automatically sent every time the phone is in use.
  3. Acquire the data necessary from the second phone. Cloning a phone cannot be successful without the information from the second phone. This data is important to enable ease of duplication.
  4. It is common k knowledge to know that cell phone includes a special code used to change a phone number. Gaining access to online sites will enable you to obtain the code to modify the phone number.
  5. It is imperative to change the phone number of the second phone to mimic the initial phone you are cloning. After changing the phone power on or restart the phone to ensure the phone was cloned successfully.



ll phone cloning can be achieved with both CDMA and GSM cell phones. It is becoming a more common practice. With the difficult task of trying to differentiate an original phone from a clone, there are many loopholes that people can bypass in order to access personal information.

As long as you have the appropriate equipment and software to complete this task; the overall effectiveness of phone cloning is limited. Always remember that it that it can still happen.