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Cloning a Sim Card – Step by step guide

How to clone SIM? Cloning a SIM card is something many people have thought up but do not know how to do it. You are going to learn step by step how to clone a SIM card.

Most people own for and use it for a lot more than making calls. Many people do not know how easy it is to gain access to their information.

This can be done by cloning the sim card. The SIM is the transmitter signal from the phone to the phone tower.

Sim cards can secret keys called IMSI and KI values which will allow the operator to know which mobile number is reaching a customer.

These keys are also used to keep track of billing for each customer.

With that in mind the goal of cloning the Sim card is used to get access to these numbers. They are also used to register the sim on a network.

SIM cloning: How to clone SIM?

Cloning the sim card allows you to spy on someone and make calls and messages from their phone. Keep in mind this is illegal.

There is a flaw in GSM technology that allows two keys from the operator to go into a blank smart card.

The sim is authenticated based on these keys and will fool the operator into thinking that the original sim card is being used.

Cloning the SIM

Not every SIM card is able to be cloned.

These cards are made from three elements which are the comp128v1, the Compt128v2, and the Compt128vs. these Comp128v1 is able to be cloned.

This is what 78 percent of sim cards today.

That is very common.

To clone the sim you are going to need:

  • A programmable blank sim card
  • A sim firewall reader/ write. They can be purchased online
  • Download a magicsim
  • Download and install a USB sim card reader

How to Easily Clone a Sim Card?

  1. Remove the sim from the phone and put it onto the card reader. Click read on the magicsim. Once it has connected select crack Sim from the toolbar.
  2. Click the Ki and allow the crack to finish.
  3. Click file and then save.
  4. Disconnect the file menu so you do not ruin the sim.
  5. Once you get confirmation that it is disconnected put the sim in the phone to test if it works. If it does not you did not unlock the sim or your copied it instead of cracking and saving it.
    Unlock the Sim
    Go to the phone tools and select sim card.
  6. Click unlock sim. It will then ask you for a code.
    If you call your network provider you will need to give them your phone number, account information, security code, and your name. They may want to ask why you need your card unlocked. You can give them any excuse such as going overseas.
    Once you have the code the sim will be unlocked.
  7. Insert the sim and open up the usb sim card reader.
    Data recovery on the sim card.
  8. Click the connect button. It should state no info is found.
  9. Select write sim and select the .dat file that you saved earlier.
  10. Click start and give it 10 minutes to write. Once it is done enter the security code you got from the network provider.

After following these steps the sim should be cloned.


Remember cloning of a sim card is illegal and you can get in trouble with the law if you get caught. There are some things you need to keep in mind before you go exploring with the cloned sim card.

When someone places a call both mobile phones will rim. This is the same case for text messages and other messages.

Only one of the calls can be answered . If you are trying to make two phone calls at the same time, one will go through and the other call will fail.

It is good to keep this information in mind once you have cloned the sim card. Another thing to keep in mind is to not do anything that will get the attention of the network operator.

If you get caught with a cloned sim card you are in some legal trouble.

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