Apple AirPort Hardware Troubleshooting

How to fix “No DNS servers” on Apple AirPort

How to fix No DNS servers on Apple AirPort
How to fix No DNS servers on Apple AirPort

Some people in the /r/AppleHelp Subreddit have complained about issues with their Apple AirPort Station including errors

No DNS Servers
and 'Internet connection'

Issues include the Apple AirPort’s status lights changing from green to yellow once or twice a day while constantly dropping the signal or providing no internet connection at all. This issue is caused by the ISP’s DHCP server not properly responding and the only fix is to set the DNS of your Apple Airport manually.

How to fix “No DNS servers” on Apple AirPort

The easy fix for this would be overwriting your DNS servers to Googles Universal DNS Servers and

To do so follow this simple to follow Tutorial:

If you keep having issues try resetting your AirPort using the following guide:

  1. Shut Down your Apple AirPort and Disconnect any Computer connected via Wifi and Ethernet
  2. Disconnect your Apple AirPort from your Router Modem
  3. Reset your AirPort Disconnecting your AirPort from the Power and taking a toothpick, needle or paperclip and press it into the reset button on the back of your AirPort for about 5 seconds until the status light changes
  4. After the reset power the AirPort back on
  5. Reconnect the AirPort to your Modem Router and make sure you connect it to the WAN port (the one with the circle of dots on it)
  6. Wait 5-10 Minutes for it to turn back on
  7. Re-connect all your devices and you should be ready to go!

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