How to get a high snapchat score: Snapchatters we have come to find out that our society is rather competitive.

Everyone wants to be the first to do something and doing it last is a bad thing. It is more than in just games, it is in life as well.

Social media pages keep up striving to the best and post the things we have to brag about.
Snapchat even has a score.

How to get a high snapchat score

There are different ways to get a score, get points, and how the entire scoring system works.

If you cannot sleep worrying about your score at night it is time to step away from social media and connected devices.

It seems there is always a score being kept and a person should do their best to come out on top.

Scores on Snapchat

If you signed up for a snapchat account you may have seen the number next to your name. You may have a slight idea of what they number is used for.

Those of you that have no idea that is why we are here to explain it to you.

We are going to take a look at this score and what it means.
Snapchat allows you to share pictures and media with friends.

These images only stay for a short period of time. When you send or receive media you have a couple of seconds to see it and the nit is gone.

The app deletes the pic and there is no record that it was sent.

If you want to set up a Snapchat account go to the app store and download it for your Apple or Android phone. You need to enter your email, date of birth, and select a user name, password, and enter your phone number.

How to get a high snapchat score?

Once you have an account you can post so you can be on top.

You can post guides ,selfies, and some other things to get ahead of other users.
Your score on Snapchat is on the profile page below the name to the right of the user name.

Snapchat does not give a whole lot of information about the score other than it combines the number of things that you sent as well as received.

This includes stories and other snaps.

There are some other factors that go into it as well.
To see the numbers you can look at the Snaps that others have sent. Go to the camera and swipe left. You will see a page that says Snapchats.

Click on this and you will be brought to a new page. This page has numbers on the top of it.

The number on the left is the number of things that you have sent. The number on the right is the number of snaps that people have sent you.

How to get snapchat score higher

For every pic that you send you get one point no matter how many people you sent it to. For every one that you receive you will get a point.

These numbers may not add up to the score on your page. That is where other factors are added in. We are still looking for the equation online as to how your score is determined.

There are some snappers that have theories about the formula for the score.

Here are some of the theories.

Some people think that the stories sent are not used to determine score. Another theory is that the user will get a point for every snap they send and another for every one that they open.

You may get more point if you have not sent any snaps in a while.

You may lose points as well. no one is sure.

There is a Snapp Tips blog that was published that have more information on the topic and a close look at the scoring system.

Snapchat did not release the scoring formula yet and users are still guessing.

While no one is sure how the score is calculated people still want to increase their score. The number of snaps sent and receives does play a big role in it. If you send a lot of snaps you will have a higher score.

Why Get a High Score?

No one is really sure why there is a score and some people do not. The score can show others who is the most serious about sharing on Snapchat.

This can help you get ahead of others in the social media game. Companies are also looking for ways to become more popular and this score for Snapchat works.

Snapchat also came out with some new features call Trophies. There is a public list of who is earning the trophies. This keeps people heading back to the site.

There is a trophy for high scores as well. No one is sure what they really mean but everyone on the site wants to earn trophies.


There are several different options for getting points. The first way to get these points is to send more snaps.

Even if your friends are tired of your pics there are still ways to get more points. You can add anyone so think of all the famous people that have accounts and add them.

You do not have to take pictures, you can send blank ones and add some text. Your score will go up due to this. You can save the real snaps for people that you know.

Many sites that claim that they can help you increase your points.

There is one called SnapChat score hacker that says that all you need to do is enter your user name and the number of points you want to add to your account.

There is human verification to complete and the points will be added to your account.

Most of them are false. You will need to disabled your popup blocker which can lead to additional trouble.

People from Snapchat say that this does not work and Snapchat cannot be hacked. Your best bet is to send and receive snaps on your own.


Another thing to keep in mind if that there is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Snapchat is thinking of adding the chance of making money on the site.

If this happens try to get at least 5,000 stories and views.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions please comment below.