When customers have a problem with their devices such as laptop computers they are going to call customer service to see what the problem is. HP Customer Support like many companies has an automated system. That is not the problem. The customer has reported that it takes several minutes just to hear an option where they can speak to a live representative. While a person finally gets the choice to talk to a real human instead of a machine, the problem is far from over. Many people expect that they will have to wait on hold for a couple of minutes. It is not uncommon for HP to put their customers on hold for 45 minutes. Sometimes their waiting period is even longer. Customers have reported that they have been placed on hold for more than one hour trying to get some support. Once a customer can speak to a human the customer support from HP does not improve much.

HP took 4 hours of my time then Hanging up on me

I personally have had a negative experience with HP, after talking to this guy named ‘John’ who had a stunningly Indian’ish accent to be called John I have already spent 2 hours getting redirected from Support to Manager to Supervisor, I have recorded the entire thing on my phone and as I cross the 2:30 hour mark they hang up on me for no reason after letting me wait for 20 minutes on hold. I call back and tell them I have proof that they willingly hung up on me (something HP Customer Support is known to do), and they said ‘oh that department is closed for the day.’ REALLY? In the end, I ended up speaking to some super-manager-supervisor of some sort who wasn’t good at anything other than going on my nerves and repeatedly calling me. After four wasted hours I declare war on HP and this won’t be my only action I will take.


Customers have stated that when they try to explain the problem to the customer service representative they often do not understand what is wrong which is to blame that 90% of HP’s Customer Service are underpaid Indians who barely speak English. Several customers have reported that it has taken more than half an hour to explain the problem they were experiencing because the customer service representative did not understand them. Even after this period and explaining the situation many times the representative was not able to help them. It seems like they are not trained on the technical aspects of the products they are supported to help fix.
When a person is trying to return to exchange an HP product they do not do much better with the customer service department. The department is either unwilling or unable to provide information for even a simple exchange. Customers have reported that it has taken them over an hour to get information on how they can get a refund for a product that does not work.

HP SUCKSPeople that have purchased personal computers from HP are either uneducated or are too poor to buy a PC from a reputable company (heck buy a Mac if you can afford it). Things go well until the HP computer is around four months old. At this point, they notice some problems with the computers and call customer service. HP installs some software into their computers, and it takes Windows a very long time to restart. Computer experts say this can be due to a problem with the drivers. When a person calls the customer service number to find out what is going on with their computers, the representative is not too much help. The agent does not know how to diagnose the problem, or they are unwilling to help. This leaves customers very disappointed. Not only have they had a slow running computer they have no one to turn to for help.
Not only are people reporting that they are having trouble getting in touch with a real person when they call the customer service line they are likely to get a transfer from person to person. It is nothing for a customer to speak to five different people before they get an answer to their problem. At this point, many customers just give up and hang up the phone. It seems the representative do not know the information and just keep passing the customer around. HP also tries to get customers to pay for technical support. It seems the people that work the line are not trained in technical information.


If a customer wants anything close to a solution, they are going to have to pay for it.

Many people are not happy about this. HP products are not cheap, and many people do not want to have to spend extra money to get their new products working properly.
HP is a well-known and respected company. It seems they are becoming more known for poor customer service than anything else. While many people still like their products they are losing a lot of customers due to the poor service and lack of customer appreciation.

Lesson Learned. If you can’t afford a Mac – AT LEAST DONT BUY HP

Here’re the records of the call duration of the HP Customer Support:


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