iMessage not working: Your pictures are an important way to share snapshots of your life.

Pictures that are taken on the iPhone 6 Camera can be sent to several differnet locations including emails, iCloud, Airdrop, iMessgaes, and other locations.

When the phone cannot send the photo using iMessage this can be frustrating.

There is nothing worse than getting the β€œNot Delivered” message.

iPhone 6 not sending pictures with iMessage

iMessage not working? Fix it now!

Apple does a lot of work with their iMessages and it is similar to other messaging services. There are some steps to take if the phone is not currently sending iMessages.

iMessage not working? This will help you troubleshoot!

The first thing you want to do is to log out of iMessage and then restart the phone. To log out of iMessage you need to tap on the settings and then go to messages. From that screen turn iMessage to off

Restart the phone by going to the Home screen

Hold the wake/ sleep button down for 15 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the iPhone.

Allow the phone to start up. Go to the Settings and the Messages and turn the iMessgaes to on. Check the phone to see if it will now allow you to send photos with iMessage.

Check your wifi!

If restarting the phone and the iMessage did not work than you want to check your wifi.

Go to Settings and then Wifi. Turn the setting from on to off. Then turn it back to on. Try sending a picture again.
If the iPhone 6 is still not sending iMessages

The DNS of the phone may not be associated with the wifi connection.

Go back to settings and then back to wifi.

Click the i next to the wifi button. There will be several fields that appear. Find the names on the DNS and change it from the numbers on the screen to Exit out of the settings and allow the wifi to restart. Head back to iMessages and try to send a picture.

These easy to follow steps should be able to fix any issues you are having sending photos or attachments with your iMessage.

You may want to check the basic iMessage guide if you are experiencing other isses.


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