Even as the iPhone 6s has been identified as Apple’s premium product, having exceptional features and made record sales worldwide since its launch, there has been one thing troubling most of its users. Some users have been writing to Apple or posting on online fora that “iPhone 6s is getting hot.” While tech experts explained that the problem of “overheating” that reportedly left some of the users with discomfort holding the phone in hands was indeed noted, it could be quickly resolved and posed no risk of health problems.

One of the key reasons for iPhone 6s getting hot, included downloading of multiple apps simultaneously. The problem was reported by most of the new users of iPhone 6s. As per the experts, this was because the phone was subject to too much downloading at a time while it was also retrieving the database of users on emails and phonebook (at the backend). The whole process had been reportedly warming up the screen, consuming excessive battery power (leaving it heated) and rendering the processor work at a furious speed.

The other causes for the overheating of iPhone’s three components including the screen, battery and processor can be environmental temperature, the phone’s case you select or too many auto-download options enabled together.

How to fix

How to fix overheating

u know why iPhone 6s is getting hot (a problem that’s rumored to be fixed with the iPhone 7), it is crucial to identify the solutions to the problem too. Rebooting the phone is the best and basic and immediate solution if the user finds the phone getting hotter and uncomfortable to hold in hands.
Some long-term solutions for protecting the iPhone 6s from getting too hot include turning off automatic updates and unnecessary apps. This can save the phone from being at the job of downloading content consistently that in turn will heat up the processor and battery.
Reducing the brightness of the phone can be another solution for preventing the screen from heating up and leaving the device hot.

For those who comfortably resort to regular phone backups by saving their data and phonebook on icloud or email sync, restoring factory settings can be another good solution to beat device heating.
Apart from these, fundamental changes, iPhone 6s users need to be also watchful of keeping the device in cool place and not leaving it in closed conditions like in parked car, cupboard or office drawers.


These condit

These conditions can also significantly heat up the phone.

Apple, iPhones have been designed to function well in temperatures ranging between 32 Fahrenheit and 95 Fahrenheit. In fact, the phone also has a feature of displaying the heat warning signs when heated beyond proper limits.
As different users have different choices of the phone case, and a broad range of interesting cases are available in the market, the users often end up buying covers that do not go well with the phone’s processor.
If one looks at the phone carefully, it has various vents for releasing the heat. However, some cheaper cases block these vents, leaving the phone overheated.
Experts said that using Apple’s authentic covers or bumper covers were better to avoid over-heating. Apart from all these changes, iPhone 6s users are recommended to visit the nearest Apple stores in case their iPhone 6s is getting hot.
Following a series of online fora coming out in open to criticize the problem of iPhone 6s overheating, Apple Inc had clarified that iPhone 6s may get slightly hot while charging. However, it is normal.
Updating the phone to IOS 8 is another long- term solution for resolving the problem of overheating, Apple had suggested.

Quick take at so

Quick take at solutions:

  • Turn off auto-updates and unnecessary apps
  • Restore factory settings
  • Upgrade to IOS 8.
  • Prefer Apple’s authentic case or bumper cover.
  • Reduce screen’s brightness.
  • Avoid leaving the phone in a closed environment.