Problem with iphone camera? Sometimes a person wants to take the most memorable pictures as he or she might be viewing a beautiful sunset.

Problem with iPhone camera? Fix it now!

They open up their camera on the iPhone 6s and the camera refuses to work at all.There could be two possible reasons due to which the Apple iPhone 6s back camera might not be working:

  • One is the software glitch
  • There might be an issue with the hardware

There is also a possibility of seeing white lines or the camera might stop functioning at all.

If the issue in the camera is because of the software glitch, for example, the camera has been working for all other applications except the main camera application then it is likely to be an issue with the software.

However, if it has not been working for all the applications, then it is time to take it to the Apple store and get it fixed.

For the software glitch these steps can be of help for some individuals:

Problem with iPhone camera: Possible Solutions:

  1. Quit all the extra applications by swiping up after pressing the home button.
  2. Switch off the iPhone by switching the power button and sliding the power off option towards the right and wait before reopening the phone for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Switch on the iPhone again and unlock the phone to check the camera application whether it has started working or not.

These solutions are most suitable when the camera is working for all other application except the main camera application. After performing these steps, still if the camera doesn’t work properly then, following steps can be considered:

Restore camera on iphone: Restoring The iPhonep>It is a must to arrange for the backup data before restoring the iPhone. The backup for the data can be arranged in iCloud or the iTunes.

  • Go to “Settings”, find “General”, and from there “Reset” can be seen by swiping towards the bottom of the screen. However, if the person uses iOS, the “Reset” option is available directly by swiping down the screen.
  • “Reset All Content and Settings” is the next option to find and by entering the passcode, every data from the iPhone is likely to get removed.
  • If there is a backup of the data available on the computer, the phone has to be connected to the computer, in order to restore the iPhone by launching the iTunes. There would be a “Restore” button which can assist in the restoring process, it can be found below the Update button.
  • The iPhone has to be restored to the latest version which is likely to fix the camera issue.
    It’s time to take the iPhone to Apple store if nothing works at all even after a lot of effort. There is also a very smart option for connecting to the Customer Service who are usually trained to provide the utmost level of support and satisfaction to their customers.




ith the issues and there is also the possibility of getting a replacement for the phone.