Camera flash iPhone 5 not working? Do you love taking selfies, or just shooting a video with iPhone? If yes, then your camera app should be functioning excellently.

It would then be a great disaster to discover that the flash does not affect the photos taken as reported by several users.

These users claim that the flash of iPhone 5 does not work as specified since the flash keeps going on and before or after the photo has been taken. This means that the camera shot is not properly synchronized with the flash. Fixing the Problem:

Camera flash iPhone 5 not working? Fix it now!

To resolve the camera problem, try the following tricks and check the impact of each tip towards fixing of the issue.

Fix the flash in iphone 5s

  1. Disable location service. To do this, go to the privacy setting and perform the action
  2. Reset the camera app by double-clicking the home button then tap and hold the camera icon, then the red minus sign.
  3. Remove the case covering your phone if it has a case on it.
  4. Restart the phone by long pressing the on and off button and use the sliders to complete the process
  5. Reset your phone by pressing the on and off button plus the home button for about ten seconds. Here you have to ignore the slider.
  6. Do the DFU resetting the problems of your iPhone.