iPad/ iPhone camera won’t work? The latest iPhone and iPod touch models come with dual cameras one on the back and the other one facing the user.

iPhone camera won’t work? Fix it now!

Many readers who have the latest iOS are experiencing problems with the devices camera app. The common issues that many of the two latest devices are complaining of are as follows;

The camera app often crash while taking photos

Sometimes the camera app is unable to open giving the device users a hard time in enjoying taking pictures of great moments.

In some cases, the users complain that the camera app is unable to switch cameras from back to front or vice versa.

The app in some cases displays black screen which is very disappointing especially one is set to take a selfie with friends.

iPhone/ iPad camera screen: How to identify the real problem?

The best way to get a solution to your iPhone or iPod camera first make sure you recognize the real problem to know whether is the camera with an issue or the camera app.

Identify the time when the camera problem occurs, test the cameras using other applications if it works then now start looking for a solution for the camera app.

What to do when your iPhone or iPad camera is not working?

In many cases when the cameras are not working might be a software problem and here are the tips on how to make your cameras work again;

Ensure your camera app has the right permissions, go to your settings, privacy than to camera and ensure all the apps that require camera are on.

Check your iOS updates on the setting-general-software update, if you don’t see any update, restart the camera app through double pressing of the device home button.

You can also reboot your device if the first two options don’t work when it fails to go to settings and reset all setting afresh which might erase your current settings.

Once you notice the problem persists, back up the device using iCloud or iTunes to ensure, you don’t lose any of your information.

Go to settings, then general to reset and erase all the content and settings on your device. Now you can restart your gadget if the problem is gone restore your data and content.



ce the above procedures don’t work, it’s time to seek help from any iPhone customer care close to you since it might be a hardware problem.