GPS not working on iPhone/iPad? How to fix

GPS not working on iPhone-iPad

iPhone / iPad no GPS signal? Users have been reporting issues with this GPS system. They have stated that the system has not been working or was giving them incorrect information.

iPhone / iPad no GPS signal? Fix it now!

A common problem is that the navigation apps are not working and they cannot receive the GPS signal. Try the steps below or possible solutions.

Fix the GPS signal iphone issues!

Change the date and time to set automatically. To do this go to settings then general then date and time. Make sure your device is connected to wifi. This will help with accuracy.

To change the Toggle 3G setting go to setting then general then network then enable 3G.

  1. Turn the toggle to off and open the maps app.
  2. Find yourself by clicking settings then general then network then turn 3G back on.
  3. Turn the wifi of.
  4. Try to reset the network.
  5. Go to settings then general then reset then click on reset network settings.
  6. Restart your device after this.


If you are still having issues make sure you have the latest version of the maps app.

Keep in mind GPS is not available on the original version of the iPad or the iPhone.

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