iPhone speakers stopped working? Most iPhone users will be faced with the challenge where the iphone speakers stopped working. It’s an embarrassment when a user cannot make calls with the speaker phone.

When making calls, you cannot hear the other person on the other end.

Due to you not hearing anything, the action may trigger the caller to hang up. You will also hear nothing when you try listening to voicemail messages.

Any of your iPhone speakers stopped working?p>Signs that an iPhone Speaker is not working

Some signs that may make you know that your iPhone has an issue include not hearing the videos and music via the speaker.

The notification tone that we usually hear as new text messages and emails arrive suddenly disappears. Most users are in love with the sound, and they are disappointed when it vanishes.

The speaker is commonly used by our phones though it possesses several microphones.

The speaker is useful when making calls, when on Siri, listening to videos and music, for notifications, and other numerous applications that use the phone’s speaker.

Another sign that you may notice that your speaker is not working is typically cracking, generally poor and static sound quality that the iPhone generates. The sound is unpleasant and abnormal.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to fix the issue if the speaker stops working.

You should start with diagnosing the software.

On most occasions, the iPhone’s speaker stops working due to a human error or software problem. The good thing is that we can solve the above issues without having to visit the local Apple Service Centre.

Before undertaking the physical test, ensure your iPhone is upgraded to the current version of iOS. If you initiate the update, it may solve the issue immediately.


Speakerphone for iPhone not Working Fix

your iPhone has the current operating system or the update installed didn’t change the issue with your speaker, I will take you through a physical test.

One, check the connections in your iPhone speaker. It might look awkward but first confirm there is nothing injected into the earphone jack, including earphones, earbuds, or any other form of adapter. Secondly, verify that the ring or silent profile setting is not set to silent. If you see an orange color, the mode is set to silent.

One can fix the speaker problem by adjusting the volume. You can achieve this by pressing the volume up button till the volume is adjusted to its peak. You can confirm by checking on the iPhone screen to ensure the volume is at its peak.

Your iPhone speaker may be spoiled if it emits a tranquil and cracking sound. At this juncture, you may be needed to repair or replace the iPhone speaker.

It is essential to check that nothing is blocking your iPhone’s speaker. It is common for debris and dirt to get trapped inside thereby covering the speaker’s screen.

It’s especially prevalent if you put your phone in a case. If any blocking is available, use a microfiber piece of cloth to remove the dirt and debris carefully.

Also, your iPhone may show that the headphone is stuck in while it is not. A user may see the above stuck-in mode when adjusting the volume.

It may be as a result of dust, dirt, or anything else stuck into the headset jack. In such cases, check the earphone jack closely.

If you find anything inside, it is advisable to remove it carefully. It is crucial to blow into the jack to remove any dust if you do not see anything.

How to f

How to fix iphone speaker problem

beneficial aspect to consider is to fast insert and remove a pair of earbuds or earphones into the earphone jack. Repeat the process a few times to remove any dust or dust. There is a comprehensive article that explains to users how to perform this task. It will be helpful you if you are stuck in headphone mode.

Another tip is to check whether your phone is connected to any airplay speakers, Bluetooth devices, headphones, or any other audio gadgets. If connected, you may be required to completely turn the Bluetooth off or else disconnect the wrong Bluetooth device from your phone if you want to still connect to your Apple watch.

To connect or disconnect Bluetooth, go to settings, then Bluetooth. From here, you can switch ON or OFF under my devices. Tap the “i” icon on the side of the connected device, then select disconnect to remove the device from your iPhone. For Airplay devices, go to control center, then airplay.

Select iPhone to allow the blue checkmark to appear.

A user may also perform a reboot to fix the problem with iPhone speaker. Restart the phone and check again. To restart the Apple device, press and hold the sleep button till the red slider pops up. Then, drag the slider to turn your phone entirely off. After turning off the gadget, press and hold the sleep button again till the Apple logo appears.

It may also be of use to perform a restore to resolve the iPhone speaker. Sometimes rebooting may fail to work. Thus, try restoring your iDevice. Restoring the iPhone is the final option. It defines if the problem is the hardware or software. The best recommendable restore is the DFU. This technique has gained much usage in solving iPhone speaker issues.

However, before you perform a DFU, ensure your data is securely backed up in at least several locations such as your computer or the iCloud.

iphone speak

iphone speakers stopped working

restoration is done, you will have an idea whether your iPhone speaker is working normally.

You should be able to hear keyboard clicks as you set up the device. If you hear nothing, confirm that the phone is not in silent mode. You can also adjust the volume up button to verify.

If nothing changes after these steps, then the issue is not with the iPhone’s software. Your iPhone speaker may be damaged. It is probably a hardware issue, and your device requires a repair or maintenance.

You should consider visiting an Apple Service Store for repairs. You can confirm whether your phone is still eligible for AppleCare+. Also, use the iPhone’s serial number to check the status of its warranty. You can locate the serial number under settings, general and then about. Here, look for the phone’s serial number (IMEI or MEID).


Conclusionn your iPhone is working inappropriately. When the speaker is spoilt, it spoils our moods too. The iPhone and several other applications rely on the speaker. Therefore, it is essential to identify and solve the issue causing the problem.