iPhone volume buttons not working? How to fix

The volume button on my iPhone is not working, what should I do? The side button of the iPhone might stop working which can be because of many reasons, for example, it can be a hardware issue, these buttons might be stuck, and many more.

These tips can assist in solving the issue for some people :

The volume button on my iPhone is not working? What should I do?

  • The buttons can be cleaned by the vacuum nozzle, if the buttons are stuck then pressing the volume button upward and downward can assist in solving the issue, or DFU restore can also be done.
  • Restart: The iPhone can be restart by pressing and holding the sleep or wake button.
  • Update: The other option is to update the iOS software on the the volume button on my iphone is not working .
  • Reset: The iPhone can also be reset by pressing and holding the wake button simultaneously with the Home button until the appearance of the Apple logo.

iPhone sound button not working

Assistive Touch: This particular option can let the user use volume control through the touchscreen.


There is also the option of volume adjustment in the Settings for the sound. If it is adjustable then the chances are an issue with the main hardware which needs to be fixed by the Apple Store if the user is having a warranty.

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