iPhone will not stay connected to Wi-Fi? Fix it now!

iPhone will not stay connected to wifi? If iPhone doesn’t stay connected to the Wifi, or if the connection time is very limited, or if there are any sort of the Wifi connectivity issues, then the following steps can be of help:

iPhone will not stay connected to Wifi? Fix it now!

  • Go to “Settings”, find “Wifi”, then switch it off and turn back on. This probably might resolve the issue.
  • If the above step doesn’t help then the iOS device can be restarted.
  • If still, the issue remains still, go to “Settings,” find “General,” select “Reset,” and then finally select “Reset Network Settings.” The issue is likely to be resolved by now and if not then continue.
  • Go to “Settings”, find “Wifi,” then find the Wifi which is currently in use and click,” Forget this Network.” The settings would be reset. The problem would be settled by now, however, if still there is an issue then again there are some other options as well.
  • Go to “Settings,” find “Wifi,” then select the option of “Other,” then the name of the network in use has to be entered exactly the way it is used. Then “WEP” has to be selected from the Security Settings.

iPhone will not stay connected to Wifi?

The password for the wireless network has to be entered which will enable the user to join the network.


However, if nothing helps then also try to restart the router or update it to the latest firmware because it might be causing the main issue.

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