iTunes music not working ? Many people are fans of the Apple Music service. When this service is not working it will mess up our day.

There are some tips on how to fix Apple Music for the iPhone and the iPad.
Apple Music problems are often reported after the iOs system is updated.

The users are not able to play their music. If this has happened to you there are some tips to get you Apple Music working again.

iTunes music not working? Fix it now!

There are some troubleshooting tips. Try performing a step at a time instead of them all at once. If you are traveling this can be one reason why your Apple Music is not working.

Make sure that service is available in your area.

Visit this page to find out where services are available.

How to troubleshoot Apple Music for your Apple device. Forced Restart

Music on iPhone not working: How to force restart your iPhone?

One the iPhone 6S or older models press the home and the power button at the same time. The Apple logo will appear.

For iPhone 7 or 7Plus: hold the side and the volume down button for 10 seconds and the Apple logo will appear.

For iPhone X, 8 or 8 Plus: press and release the volume up button. Press the volume down button quickly. Hold the side button down until the Apple logo appears.

If this works restore the iTunes backup settings.

The Next Step:

If restarting your phone does not work try the following step!

Disable the music cellular or the mobile data. To go this go to settings and then music. From there click cellular data and change it to off.

Go back to the settings and turn on Airplane mode. Wait a couple seconds then turn it back off. If this does not work force the phone to restart from the steps above.

To restart the music app press the home button twice and then close the music app. After this launch the music app again.

To reset the network settings for the music go to settings then general then reset to reset network settings.

Open up the App Store and click updates. You will need to accept the terms and conditions and then refresh the app. Sometimes updating and accepting the terms will fix the issue.

You also need to update you iOS software to make sure you have the newest versions. If you are using a computer you will need to update iTunes as well.

Go to the settings then music and turn off Show Apple Music. Go back to settings and select Apple Id profile and sign out. Wait 30 seconds and sign back in.

This will open the music app. Click on settings then music. Click Join Apple Music to open up the music.

It is wise to back up the device that use iTunes. To back this up connect the device to a computer and then click on Backup Now.

Go to General then reset then erase all content and settings. Your device will restart and set you iDevice to new. When you are done open up the music apple.

Ways to Fix Music that is not working:

Apple music app problems: Cannot Connect to a Network or Windows iTunes Store


If you cannot sign into iTunes or purchase content and get the error message “iTunes could not connect to iTunes Store or a secure connection could not be established” . You may also get the message that you request could not be completed. The store may be unavailable or asked to try again later.

Apple music app not working  – How to Fix Non working Music:

On a computer make sure the date, time zone, and time are correct. If not they need to be corrected.
To correct:

Go to the control panel and click date, time, language, and region. Select the date and time option.
Put in the correct date and time and click OK.
If that does not work.

Go to internet explorer and click on the tools. Then select Internet Options and the Advanced tab.

Go to Security and find SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0. Be sure that one of them is selected and then click OK.
Still having trouble?

Go to the Command Prompt as an administrator and look for netsh winsock reset then press the enter button.
You may need to reinstall iTunes!

Before you reinstall iTunes select the Windows Key and then R and run %appdata%. Go to the local then apple computer then iTunes Prefs.

Follow the same prompts then instead of local select Roaming and clean the iTunesPrefs.
After all of this is erased go to preference files and select CommandPrompt and then type in netsh winsock rest and hit enter.

This will allow you to reinstall iTunes.

If your error message says media format is not supported
This message is becoming common along with the screen freezing.
Try the steps below to correct the problem.

  1. Go to settings and turn on Airplane mode. After a couple of seconds turn it off
    Restart the phone
  2. Go to wifi and the router.
  3. Close the Apple Music. To restart the phone go to settings then general and reset then reset network settings.
  4. Restart the wifi as well as the router.
    Force the phone to restart.

Hold down the sleep and home button.
You might have to remove the songs from your phone not only the library. When the download cloud comes next to the song press the cloud.

You will need to download the song again from iCloud. This should get the song playing.
When you remove the song and put it back using iCloud it should work.


iTunes music not working – Cannot Rare Music After Updating

pples often changes the ways that their apps work. To rate music tap the artwork of the album and the star rating should pop up.

If You Cannot find the Music After Updating the iOS System:
There are some problems that have been happening with the iOS system lately. People have given some ways to fix this problem:

Head to settings and go to Apple Id profile then iTunes and Apps Store. Then go on to Use Mobile and turn cellular data off.

Click on the settings then music. Make sure the iCloud music library is one.
Disable the iCloud , allow it to restart ,and enable it once again
Try adding a song to the playlist
Go to the settings then Apple id profile then iTunes and Apps store.

Sign out and then sign back into it.
Some networks are not able to find the music even after the iOS is updated. If you are having issues reset the network settings.


Did you sign out of Apple and lose your music?

f Apple Music is not working turn off the iCloud Music Library and then go to settings and music.
Sometimes all you need to do is turn the iCloud Music Library on once again
To do this go to


Settings then music

nder the library turn ON iCloud  Music:
Go to the music app and see if your songs are back!
Make sure you use the same Apple ID to get into your music that you originally signed up with.

If you are using a Mac Computer go to iTunes the Preferences and turn iCloud Music on.

It can be found under the general tab under where is says library names. When you turn this on all your music should be back.


Repeat songs and use shuffle

uffling is not a problem but rather a design flaw. There are ways to access the shuffle and to repeat songs.

Go to the music app and scroll down to find the controls under shuffle and hit repeat.


Apple Music Crashes After iOS Update

th Apple iOS 11 some people have found that their music keeps on crashing. There may be some ways to fix this.

There are some things you can do to stop your music from crashing.
Click on the settings then Apple id profile then iTunes and app store.


Select your Apple Id and then look for View Apple Id

sure to change the region to the United States. Save this setting. Once this works you can go back in and make changes as needed.

Apple Subscription is Active but you get a request for a new plan:

This is another odd problem that happens. You have a valid music subscription that is not expired. The end date is still a long time away.

When you want to play music you are told you need a new subscription.

You should sign out of your Apple id then go to settings. Go to music and turn off Apple music. Restart the phone and enable Apple music.

This usually works for most people.A fter Downgrading the iOS it crashedApple Music iOS 10 was redesigned and has some major improvements.

One issue that people are having is that their music crashes or freezes. The only thing that seems to really work is to do a full factory reset.

You will then have to restore the iOS before installing the newest iOS system.



you have any tips for getting Apple Music to work correctly feel free to comment them below.