Kik games to play: When you’re interested in someone, it can be hard to make the first move. Long gone are the days where dinner and a movie are the best choices for date night.

Rather than staring at a screen for hours, consider an activity-based date. These type of dates will get you closer to your sweetie sooner giving you the opportunity to get to know one another.

An activity can help you both relax, learn new things, laugh, and enjoy one another’s company. While there’s a lot of activities that you may consider, bowling, paintball, and mini-golf are all possible choices.

When you aren’t lucky enough to be able to be near your sweetie, friend, or squad online messaging is a great way to stay in touch.

With our busy schedules and being more mobile than ever, it can be hard to spend time together when you’re physically located in the same place. Integrating games that can be played together when you’re not in the same place can be a great conversation starter and inject a bit of fun, even when you’re not in the same room.

We’ve taken that a bit further and developed Kik to bring the enjoyment of playing games with friends and loved ones to a standard messaging app.

Kik games to

Kik games to play:  Kik question game

guide to the best Kik games to have fun and keep the conversation going.

Sometimes it’s hard to break out of your shell and have a conversation with friends or family.

Using Kik can bridge the gap and ensure that you both have fun while keeping the conversation going. Kik bridges the distance and with a ton of different options available, we know that you’ll find games that everyone is interested in.

Having fun games to play can take the pressure off you both, increase friendly competition, and keep things interesting.

Having games to play can turn a weekly conversation from an item on your agenda to something that you look forward to each week.

With games in all types of genres from word games to arcade-style games, there are games of keeping you interested in, no matter what you like.

What are Kik Game

What are Kik Games?

r conversation extending superweapon.

When the conversation ebbs or wavers, starting a game can be a great way to liven it up and ensure that you have more to talk about.

Games are an easy way to liven up the mood, so even if you have difficult things to talk about, a game can make any conversation fun.

With options from every genre, we have games that can help you relax while keeping in touch with long-distance friends.

This can help maintain relationships, insert a bit of fun back into your life, and help you to have fun together, no matter the distance between you.

While using a messenger app can be hard to communicate, games are a great way to keep you both interested and engaged.

You’re not just waiting for the other person to respond with mere text, but with games, a whole new entertainment is integrated into your normal conversations.

Games are available in many different genres too to ensure that whether you’re interested in word games, fill in the blank, or any of our offerings that are listed. No matter if you’re just friends, talking to a significant other, or family, adding games can make any conversation something to look forward to.

You can easily spend time together and have a bit of friendly competition at the same time.

Kik is great for those that are interested in group messaging.

By introducing games, your squad or group of friends will be able to spend time together no matter if they’re stuck at home during a school night or located throughout the country and still try to spend time together.

The best kik text gamesThe best kik text games

nt style or cooperative playing, there’s a ton of different options so that no matter your squad, there are games that everyone can enjoy.

With games from all genres, there’s something that everyone can get behind.

These easy to use games with integrated messaging will keep you coming back to spend time together with your sweetie, friends, or your whole squad virtually.

Tons of different categories ensure that you’ll find games that both you and your friends will enjoy day in and day out.

There’s even enough variety to switch between games to find the best fit no matter who you’re messaging with.Best Kik GamesThere are many different games to enjoy on Kik.

Let’s go over some of the best Kik games to get an idea of what we have available to bring you messaging game to the next level.

While we recommend trying out all of the games to see which you like best, we do have some that are more popular than others.

Check out these games below or find your own favorite, either way, we know that you’ll have fun integrating games into your normal conversations.

These are just a few of our selections so we recommend installing Kik to discover which of our many games is best for you in your situation.

Here are some of our favorite games:

Fill in the Blank Game

This i

Fill in the Blank Game

ss, marry, kill game. While there are a lot of variations on this game (and even the title with kiss sometimes being other, less savory words).

This is a great way to get to know people better and especially find out their type and what they like.

The fill in the blank game is also great for groups and easily scales up depending on how many people are playing.

You can choose each of the statements and send your friend a list of ten different statements. They respond with their answers and then choose their list of questions for you.

They then send you your list to answer and this continues so long as you choose to play the game.

These statements include, but are not limited to: I love, I like, I’d give a kiss to, my best friend is, and I really don’t like.

While this may not be an appropriate game to play with family members, this can easily be scaled up to play with a good friend or in a group.

You’ll have the option to choose which statements to choose. This can ensure that the statements are appropriate.

No matter if you’re playing with a crush or a group of friends, there are a ton of things that you can easily learn about one another and this game is one our best conversation starters to boot.

Would you Rather Game

Bringing it bac

Would you Rather Game

is the popular game of my youth. With situations canvassing all aspects of life, this is a great way to get to know your crush or a new group of friends or team.

There are light-hearted and serious questions intermixed to choose from, so no matter who you’re chatting with, there are enough questions to learn more about your friends family members, and crush while not asking questions that you would rather now know.

While not all of the questions deal with love, there are a number of questions that would be great for groups or family members.

Imaging playing a game of would you rather with a grandparent, couldn’t that be fun? Never Have I Ever!

For the established couple or best friends, never have I ever can be a great game to get to know secrets and things that they haven’t ever told anyone.

With tons of categories and options, there’s enough to keep the conversation going.Our version is a bit of a different spin on the classic.

Each player starts with 5 outs. The first person says, “I have never gotten a tattoo.” If you have a tattoo, you lose an out and you’re down to 4. If you’ve never gotten a tattoo you’re still at 5 outs.

This continues back and forth until someone runs out of outs. Whoever runs out of outs first loses and the game can be repeated as many times as necessary.

This game is traditionally for friends that know a bit about each other but can be quite illuminating when getting to know someone or playing in groups.

While there are no prizes for these games, the comradery, laughter, and knowledge that you’ll get on your friends will be priceless.

Movie Line Game

With the popularity of Google and IMDB, t

Movie Line Game

to play but is a great choice for movie buffs. With a few set rules to start, (including no google searching) you can communicate only via movie quotes.

These quotes can be categorized into genres or specific actors depending on your skillset and knowledge base.

Taking the time to agree not to use outside searches is the best way to ensure that you’ll have fun with this game.

With this being a great option for couples or group messaging alike, there are a ton of choices to get the conversation started.

Pretend to Be SomeoneThis is a fun game for a group of friends or a couple. In this game, you pretend to be someone else and communicate as such.

With variations that include letting the other know who you are, or not, the hilarity can easily begin. No matter if you’re interested in fictional characters, historical people, or even superheroes, this is a great game to get the creative juices flowing.

Consider using this game when chatting with a group of friends of your squad.

This can easily add to the fun and make your chats a thing to remember.

In addition to pretending to be someone, you can also guess who each other are for an added bonus.

Build Your Story

Best for creative thinkers, build your story

Build Your Story

ler conversations.

Taking turns, each member of the conversation adds a paragraph or two to the original story and this process goes back and forth.

While we recommend beginning with an interesting, but short, initial story to build off of or just a list of details to get you started, there are a ton of stories to choose from.

By adding a paragraph or two at a time, it’s easier to build the plot and get your point across before letting your co-writer respond.

This can save time and I know that some hilarious stories will ensue. While it can be played in a group, it can be more difficult and slower going depending on how many people are participating.

This game is unique because you’ll never compose the same story twice.

No matter your interests, each time this game creates something unique.

With stories of all shapes and sizes, our build your own story game allows your creativity to thrive a paragraph at a time.

A few tips include starting with a short paragraph, discuss with your co-writer how the dialogue will be broken up, and have fun with it.


Here’s our review and guide for the best Conclusionik games and why adding them to your normal messaging with friends is a great way to get to know friends, crushes, and family members better.

While there are other games out there, these easy games increase the dialogue between those chatting whether they are in a relationship, friends, or even your whole squad.

Leave a comment below with your own games that you enjoying playing while chatting and we may include it in our next guide. If you’ve found this to be helpful and would like we ask that you share this article on all forms of social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any questions about Kik, how we came up with our name, or how it works, let us know.

We would love to hear from you!

Consider Kik, the messaging platform that integrates games as a way to increase communication, have fun, and to get to know one another better.