The features of the LG G4 and those of LG V10 are almost the same but the difference comes in the structure. The LG V10 is definitely larger, has a rugged look and it is more powerful.
I noticed that LG is trying to come up with interesting ideas that are different from the rest. For the LG G Flex 2, it went all out as Samsung and Apple remain grounded. This I confirmed with the Android Lollipop 5.1.1.


LG V10 CaseThe LG V10 lasts longer than other phones due to its unique features. The back is made of silicone and stainless steel. It feels rough due to the bumps it has on the back which are made of rubber. This is very different compared to the LG G4 whose back is really smooth and made of black shiny leather.
In case it drops or falls to the floor, it does not crash or break like the other phones do. It is built to survive in the worst of places even in the military. It has a double paned gorilla glass 4 that gives it more protection around the screen area.
Its dimensions are 159.6 × 79.3 ×8.6 mm and weighs approximately 192g. It is not the same and doesn’t have a curve like the LG’s flagship.
The difference between the LG G4 and this phone is that the LG G4 is thicker and curved. This phone is bigger and it compares to the iPhone 6S Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
Unlike Apple and Samsung whose designs are made of aluminum and glass, LG is stepping up its game and making a better finish. It is more durable and has a microSD card slot and the battery can be changed by the end user.
The microSD slot and swappable battery should be the selling point for this phone.
It comes in space black, Luxe white, modern beige, ocean blue and opal blue. I have had the privilege of testing the black and white phones briefly.



mg class=" wp-image-703 alignleft" src="" alt="LG V10 Screen" width="406" height="237" />The most interesting feature is the second screen that is on the front. It has the same life battery saving ability like the YotaPhone 2 but the second screen is not the same. The screen is 5.7 inch and it expands so much unlike the LG G4’s 5.5 inch. When the corners 2560 × 1440 pixels are touched, the screen grows really big. The LG V10 has a display of 5.9 inches and a 2.1 inch display which looks like a frankestein marvel. The display has a screen that is really far away from the other one and this forces you stretch your fingers really wide. The top has a backlight component attached to it. The second screen serves as a slot to view the time, weather and notifications. It also displays the contacts list. Apple and Samsung do the same too but the menus are usually hidden.

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main screen is off, the display is still visible as it shows information and widgets. I also realized that it can also be turned off.
Nothing can interrupt any activity as with this phone one can multitask. This is easy because of the notifications that are always at the top of the screen.
It gets really boring when the Google maps direction appears on the screen with a name that you don’t know. This phone really avoids that problem easily with the second screen. You don’t have to risk swiping information on your screen while driving.

The display of this phone is out of this world as it increases the HD display unlike other phones.
It has two eyes at the front while other phones just have one.

Is the Camera

Is the Camera anything near the quality of the iPhone?

ie with this phone is quite easy as the 5 mega pixel camera has two front lens which can take wider and better shots.
The front camera takes good selfies and unlike Samsung, this one you tilt and everyone fits into the picture. It avoids blur images as it produces clear photos.
It does not cut anyone out and captures the background very well. It makes sure to capture all the details even at 120 degrees.
Optical image stabilization avoids the camera shake while taking a photo. It has a recording mode which joins the selfies and the back camera.
The recording is amazing and the recorders will like the audio and noise filter. A video can be created by combining different short clips together. You can then edit and remove the bad shots that you had taken to make it perfect.

Specs and And

Specs and Android Software

y reasons of buying the LG V1O like the specs upgrade found between the two displays. The memory is 4GB RAM instead of the 3GB that we are used to. The internal storage is also upgraded to 64GB. If the space is not enough, one can add the microSD card slot.
It is launching with Android 5.1.1 lollipop and grows quickly. The company also assures that the team is working in South Korea to have it running with LG UX 4.0 apps.

Battery Life<

Battery Life

00m AH removable battery. The second screen only uses 5% battery life. It uses the QuickCharge 2.0 for charging it faster. It has wireless charging and Qi charging.
How long the battery lasts depends on the background tests and how much the second screen is used.

Early Verdict

Early Verdict

it has a second screen and dual front camera is what makes it stand out from the rest. The design is good as it’s harder to break but I can’t help but miss the LG G4 back leather case. The selfies and 4k video recording is awesome too. With a second screen that makes it a 5.7 inch screen, it’s a phablet that competes with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6s plus which are the greatest in the market.

The price is still not determined but it will be more expensive than the LG G4. The fact that it has a microSD card and a removable battery is reason enough for why some people are going to want to purchase it.