Hey, what’s going on, everyone It’s Josh here and today I’ve got a video on the MacBook 12 inch with Retina display. I know this laptop came out earlier this year so this isn’t going to be a full review but instead my experiences after using it for a few weeks. When it was first released I was very excited but it took me a very long time to come to means with the price point, and what it was able to do at that price point, and not just go out and buy one because of its beautiful design, which really attracted me for the longest time. I had the MacBook Air 11 inch for quite a few years as a portable backup computer which I was very happy with. I was just hoping for Apple to come out with a 12 inch MacBook Air with a Retina display. Obviously, the MacBook 12 inch isn’t exactly that and it did come with its share of controversies especially when it came to some of the decisions that Apple made with this laptop.

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What can the MacBook 12″ be used for?>Starting with what I use this laptop for was pretty much for school and for work on the go. With the computer itself weighing in at just two pounds there is literally no excuse not to take this everywhere I went. It is the reason why I’ve never really been an iPad user. This is close enough to the same size as an iPad and pretty much the same level of portability but can do so much more.

With the laptop itself coming in at 0.35 centimeters at its thinnest point to 1.31 centimeters at it’s thickest point, the design aesthetics of it is just amazing and the second I saw it I fell in love with the design. Of course, you’ve got a beautiful 12 inch Retina display with a 2304×1440 resolution. The model I went with is the 1.3 gigahertz Intel Core M processor with the standard 8 gigs of RAM 256 gigabytes of PCIe flash storage. I would definitely recommend anyone who plans to purchase this to at least get the 1.2 gigahertz option. That’s from what I saw in my research it does have a reasonable speed boost compared to the 1.1 gigahertz.

The Elegant Design of the MacBook 12

The Elegant Design of the MacBook 12

On the other hand, you’ve also got a new keyboard from Apple which they’ve engineered to fit into this really slim body which has reduced the amount of travel compared to traditional keys. I initially saw quite a few complaints about this but I have to say it isn’t any better than a normal keyboard but after using it for about two weeks you should definitely be able to get used to it. That is what I’ve done. You also find Apple’s force touch on the track pad which obviously is very good but I personally haven’t really used any of the gestures that is implemented into it.

One of the thinnest Ultrabooks on the Market

One of the thinnest Ultrabooks on the Market

Does the form factor mean less Processing Power?

So far I’ve definitely been able to adjust to most of these things as my biggest worry at first was the processor. Coming from an i5 processor to an Intel Core M mobile processor, I wasn’t too sure about the performance considering the price tag. For what I’ve been doing on it so far, I’ve noticed no issues in performance at all.

Perhaps what most people complain about and what I was pretty much prepared upon purchasing the MacBook was the fact that you only have one USBC port for everything. It is not only for charging but it is also for connecting your displays, your peripherals, hard drives, but also charging the device. It didn’t make sense to me why Apple couldn’t have had two or more reasonably three USBC ports throughout the MacBook. As in the event of using an adapter as you can see here you don’t have the ability to charge your laptop while using it. My USBC cable actually also broke in the first week so that was slightly inconvenient as well. By the way, I will be linking this adapter in the description.


The one and only port

o make things sound worse, Apple’s digital AV USBC adapter, which consists of one USB port, one HD mod port and one USBC port, costs 80 bucks which I totally feel should have been included with this MacBook. Although USBC will be coming to our mainstream devices in the next few years, the only advantage I could find as of now for USBC port on this MacBook is the fact that you can charge it using an external battery pack.

The MacBook comes with an amazing Retina Display

The MacBook comes with an amazing Retina Display

Another thing I also noticed is the speakers on this computer sound great as well and here’s just a short little test. Other than that this has just been my experiences on the MacBook 12 inch with Retina display. After using it for a couple of weeks for school and work, like I mentioned mainly for web browsing, replying to messages, email and a little bit of photoshop and word processing. I love this laptop and don’t regret buying it. I’m not going to be the first to admit that it is definitely overpriced for what it is especially with that 480p webcam in there as well. The specs aren’t anything impressive but the form factor and design are.


My Conclusion about the MacBook 12″

n though I would advise many people to hold off until the second generation of this laptop, if you’re looking for a primary computer I would almost always recommend someone to go and get the MacBook Air 13 inch for example but if you’re someone looking for a backup computer, and would most likely be using it for the same purposes I do and have the money to spend on this, if you’re willing to deal with some of the trade offs I’m sure you’ll be very happy with it.