Save photos from Facebook to iPhone: Most users have probably updated their iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch to the latest operating system, ios 11.

After upgrading, you may have realized that it is sometimes challenging to save photos from Facebook.

Most users are wondering what could have gone wrong with the process of saving pictures from Facebook.

When users come across this message, they directly open the settings, then photos where they then change the status of Facebook to ON. However, you may find that even after following the above process, Facebook is nowhere to be found. Therefore, the phone cannot access photos from Facebook.

The above issue has affected numerous iPhone users. Most people have raised the above issue by emailing, commenting and chatting with the relevant personnel about the problem.

How to save photos from Facebook to iphone?

It sometimes looks like a quick and straight forward task. Sometimes Facebook needs our authority to access the photos, in such cases, you should be able to find it under privacy settings where you turn it on.

However, it fails to work! You are then trying to figure out why it is not working and how you will fix the issue.

First, the current iOS 11 altered the way iPhone gadgets handled third-party privacy. Basically, the manufacturers eliminated the default settings where Apple devices would integrate with the third-party social networks freely.

This technique meant that the social application single sign-ins from the updated ios settings application were also abolished.

More so, the standard apps like Twitter and Facebook are supported like any other app. A user must give permissions within applications to access things like contacts, notifications, photos, calendars, mic, camera, among other apps.

In the previous versions of ios, one could sign in to apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo right from the settings app since they had exclusive rights. However, it is no longer possible in ios 11. The current usable process is to sign into all the third-party applications through the app itself. The update changes the users’ daily use a lot, from Siri to Photos.

Steps for Saving Facebook Photos in ios 11p>If you are unable to save photos from Facebook to iPad or iPhone even after updating to ios 11, you will need to update the application permissions. The app enables Facebook access to Notifications, Photos, and location services.

If you can’t see the notifications, you can then go to settings, then privacy and finally photos. You should be able to find Facebook here. If successful, you just set the Allow Photo Access to Read and Write from Never. Several users will need first to authorize Facebook before this toggle pops up.
Tips to Allow Facebook to Save Photos on Apple devices

  •  The first step is to open your Facebook application and log in with your Facebook credentials.• Secondly, tap Ok or allow to show up message regarding notifications and photo access iPhone not saving photos from Facebook in ios 11. If you don’t see any warning about photo access, locate any photo and tap it. Ensure it is not a link. When the photo opens, tap on the three dots top right corner or dip press the picture itself. Then, choose to save the photo. A notification will pop up asking you to allow photo access.
  •  After you give Facebook photo access, go to settings then privacy and lastly photos. Update the Facebook to Read and Write from Never. Else, open settings, then Facebook and select Allow Facebook to access.



Saving Photos from Facebook

photos will be a walk in the park after you give Facebook permissions to access photos. You will just be long pressing the picture or tap the three dots on the upper right and choose to save the photo. Some images might not save due to restriction by the owner.

Therefore, if you are unable to save a given picture, try another one.

Failure to See Any Notification to Enable Photo Access

Sometimes, you may fail to get any notifications to enable photo access.

Also, Facebook might not be listed in the settings, privacy, and Photos menu.

You may also fail to get photos in settings, Facebook, and allow FB to access as an option.

In this scenario, restart your Apple Gadget by pressing the power button then slide the device off. After rebooting, check whether the issue is resolved.

If the problem persists, ensure you perform a forced restart.

How to

How to save photos to iPad/iPhone from Facebook?

e earlier iDevices like iPhone 6S, press power, and Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.

In iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, press and hold the side and volume down button for a few seconds until the Apple logo pops up.

On the current devices like iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus, press and fast release the volume up button.

Then press and fast release the volume down button. Lastly, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

It is also essential to try deleting the App from storage and see whether it works. If it is not successful, remove the Facebook application by going to settings, then general, storage, Facebook and click the delete app button.

After deleting, restart your Apple device by powering off and then powering it up again. Then, visit the App Store and re-download the Facebook App.


Issues with Accessing Camera on Facebook

essential to allow Facebook camera access because the app is no longer incorporated into the iOS settings. Users can give Facebook authority to use the camera for stuff like Facebook Live.

Here, open the Facebook application and choose the live option.

The first time to use this feature, a message will show up asking you to allow camera access, select allow. You may also the following simple steps; tap privacy button and switch on the camera.

Select allow access to open the Facebook application settings and toggle the camera ON.

Once you are done with these settings, return to FB and select live. You will be asked for permission to use the Mic, select allow to enable the Mic access Facebook.

After you give permissions to the camera and the mic, the settings appear in the settings then Facebook as toggles. From here, you can switch on and off as required.



tegration between Twitter and Facebook has also changed. Within Siri and search settings, it is possible to toggle on both Siri and search suggestions to enable Siri authority to access to look for Facebook, Twitter, and several third-party applications. Siri can however not update your Facebook status on your behalf.