Hey, today we’ll compare Siri vs. Google Now vs. Cortana. For this review I used a HTC One running the latest version of Android thats available for it, a HP Stream 7 Tablet running Windows 10 and an iPhone 5s running iOS 9 Beta. Alright lets get the fight on – I present you Siri vs. Google Now vs. Cortana. Enjoy the show!

What is Siri?

Siri can be described as a personal assistant that resides on an individual’s iPhone or other devices like iPad or iPod touch. Which means, it can be found on Apple products that people use on a daily basis. Siri has been designed to respond to the words an individual speaks instead of a requests that the user types. For instance, when an individual talks, the program will perform a wide range of different tasks. When these tasks are being done, Siri will provide its response using a human like voice. Because this programming is automatically built into the device, the user is not responsible for downloading any type of software.

Before the user of the device can use Siri, however, they will need to set up a profile via a prompt that leads through the set-up process. Therefore, it is important for each user to say yes to the initial prompts so that they can get started.It is important to note that Siri can be classified as a service and a software product. This statement is true because the questions and the commands are uploaded immediately to their secure servers. Once this data is uploaded appropriately it is also sent back down to the device (i.e. iPhone). Its also important to note that this is coveted software because most people will find it much faster than typing emails and text messages.This software is also ideal for various kinds of everyday activities including retrieving information from online dictionaries. It is also a great tool for solving various kinds of mathematical equations and ensuring the right measurements are converted easily.

Siri is a great tool for many different things. One of the most notable is providing users with a way to retrieve information by speaking into an Apple device to complete a request.

What is Google Now?p>Google answered Apple’s challenge after Apple released Siri with Google Now, and intelligent personal assistant. Popular Science named Google Now the “Innovation of the Year” for 2012 and it is just getting more popular.

Google Now is implemented as part of Google Search and it recognizes repeated actions from a user and predicts what the user might be looking for. It also uses a natural language interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions for a set of web services. If you have a question about anything, just type your question in the search bar and send. Google Now will offer you a list of websites that it believes is most suited for your question. Not quite right? Just re-word your question and try again. When you first sign into Google, Google Now will show some possible actions for you based on actions you have taken in the past. Google Now will show you these possibilities in the form of “cards”. Cards are places you can click on that are right underneath the Google Search Bar. Google Now remembers all of your searches, actions, and websites you have visited. That is where the cards come from. The cards are fully customized to match you and your interests and searches. Want to know what the score was from your favorite football team’s game was? There will be a card for that as long as you have searched that in the past. Google Now also will tell you what the weather is and how far you need to drive to go to work. Just think of Google Now as your very own personal assistant who remembers everything and has everything organized so you don’t have to.

Google Now is available with Android and Google Chrome for personal computers. It is versatile and will work on the platform you have, as long as it is Android or Google Chrome.

Another area of Google Now is the voice search. You can do many things with voice search that will make your life easier. Don’t know the definition of a word? Ask Google Now and it will provide the answer. Do you want your bluetooth turned on or send a text message? Google Now will do that also.

All-in-all, Google Now has been implemented to make the hustle and bustle of life a little easier to handle.’


What is Cortana?p>Cortana is your personal computerized helper that has been developed by the Microsoft Company. This amazing software is designed to work in conjunction with the use of the Windows Phone 8.1 and also with the use of the Window 10 operating system.

This software was given the name Cortana after a character in a video game and has a computerized voice to assist you with various things via your Windows Phone 8.1 or the Windows 10 operating system on your personal computer, laptop or tablet.

Cortana is equipped with the capability of being able to give you reminders and comes ready to have recognition of your voice to perform your various commands without you having to do the pre-programming all your requests. Cortana is also registered to be able to provide information from the Bing search engine in relation to the weather, news, sports scores, biographies and more.

This is truly a viable and interesting creation that is proving to be helpful now and will certainly increase in popularity and usage in the future.