Snapchat delete message – We also know the program Snapchat the ghost item that represents this app. This program will self delete the messages that are send. You can send out snaps or messages such as texts, images, and videos.

How to delete a message on Snapchat?

How to delete snapchat message?

Within a specific period of time they will be gone. Once a person views it the message will automatically delete. This makes it easier to send out sensitive messages without worrying if the world is going to see them.

Accidents do happen when sending messages. You may have sent something to the wrong person. There are some sensitive messages that are sent over Snapchat that make it a little more nerve-wracking that the average chats.

There is no sure way to unsend these messages once they have been delivered.

Gmail is working on an undo send features that will allow a person to take back messages that have been sent. Snapchat should use a similar feature to delete snaps that a person has changed their mind about sending.

This tips can be helpful for people that are on a family plan and other members of the household may check their phone. Even if you are not able to delete things from the receiver’s phone you can still clear out your phone.

There are some steps to clearing off messages just in case you need to.
Snapchat is always changing their rules and features so it is important to stay up to date on the newest tips and tricks.

Clearing out your phone can allow you to have peace of mind.

What are Snapchat Messages?>There are two main types of Snapchat messages that people one to delete. They are videos and pictures.

Deleting Messages on Snapchat>There are text messages that people send and regret sending them right away.

This message is often used to follow up a picture or to start a conversation. You may be worried that they can be saved.

How to Delete Snapchat Text Messages>There are a few steps to deleting messages that you sent or received.

You want to first delete the messages permanently from your phone. This will not erase the messages from the other person’s phone. Snapchat sends the messages to a phone and not a serve.
Open up the Snapchat app and you will see the ghost icon appear.

  • Tap on the ghost and you will see you user name and score. Tap the icon that looks like a gear on the top left.
  • Go to Account Actions and click on clear conversations.
  • You will then see the messages that were sent. You will be asked if you want to clear the conversation and click do not ask again.
  • You can clear all your messages of just specific ones.

Keep in mind that when a conversation is cleared it will not delete it will not get rid of anything that has been saved. You can delete these messages but you cannot delete the sent ones from another’s phone.


Deleting Saved Snaps

rently you can save messages on Snapchat to review at a later time.
To save part of the text you need to tap it and as well as the part you want to save. The saved part will turn grey and you know it is saved.

You need to close the app and when you open parts of the messages will be gone.


Saved Messages

you want to get rid of the saved messages go to the saves area and click on the text so it goes back to normal. This will allow the app to delete the message when you close out.


Delete Accounts and Messages

you send a message to someone and regret sending it immediately there is one thing you can do. You need to delete your entire account before the other person reads it. This is quick and you can always sign up for a new account.

These steps will help you delete your account before the other person reads the message.

  • Go to the Snapchat Support Delete Page
  • You need to enter your user name and password. You will be asked to enter your password once again.
  • You are then able to delete your account.
  • Since your account is deleted hopefully you have done this before your snap was read. If the other person did see the snap it will be automatically deleted.
  • If they took a screenshot of it you will get a notification. If they did not you can pretend like you never sent it. Think twice before sending snaps.


Deleted Messages Stored on the Phone

le Snapchat is set to auto delete messages they are still on the cache of the phone. They can be recovered.


Cache Cleaner for iPhone

delete all of the snaps in the cache you are going to want to delete the Snapchat app.
You want to download a cache cleaner for the iPhone. Storage Pro is a good one but it does cost $2.00. This will delete the caches and you will not have to worry about your snaps being discovered.


Cache Cleaner

lso use the Memory and Disk Scanner Pro. This program will scan the iPhone for junk files and delete them. You will free up the RAM. All you need to do is hit the scan button and the program will do the rest.


Snapchat delete message – Cache Cleaner for Android

you are using an Android device you will need to download the Clean Master which has over 24.5 million reviews.

This app will allow your phone to run faster, will scan it for viruses, and will free up some space. You can get rid of extra copies and clean up junk files.

This will also include cleaning the caches.
You can also use the RAM to give your phone some extra storage space.

This app will manage the privacy on other apps as well.

Hopefully this has helped you learn how to get rid of Snapchat messages and make sure there is no longer a record of them. This will help make sure things are private.

In the modern world of computer and phone hacking it is important that a person knows how to protect themselves.



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