Other music apps like Pandora: A lot of things have changed on how we listen to music in the 21st Century.

Traditional FM/AM stations are a thing of the past as people are now using apps to listen to music. New apps are brought into the legal music streaming services such as Pandora every day.

However, new kids on the block are consistently trying to outdo Pandora in the music market today. Below is the list of ten apps like Pandora you should check out.

Other music apps like pandora: Pandora alternatives


Digital Trends Magazine has rated Spotify as the most consistent app in music streaming for years for iPhone and Android users. This app gives you access to every song you want. The interface is simple and friendly. It provides a sense of community since you can see what your friends are listening to thanks to the integration of third party, Facebook. The app can be downloaded from respective stores and also for your Mac or Windows. You can sign up for a premium subscription to get full access to albums and playlists.

Google Play Music

This App was formerly known as Songza before Google bought it.

The Songza interface and features such as creating personal playlists were maintained even after the change of ownership. You can upload up to 50,000 songs in your cloud service account.

The app gives newest songs through its suggestions thus you stay updated. This feature is called The Family Library. Google Play Music is available for iPhone and Android downloads.


This is certainly the best app regarding services offered. It is unique since it allows artists to upload their songs for others to listen and offers copyright protection at the same time.

This site is becoming popular every day, and famous artists are using it to engage with fans. The app is free with paid options. iOS and Android downloads are also available for streaming.


Independent artists and listeners can connect through this app.

Artists can set up pages for free music display and merchandise. You can follow blogs, updates, and receive newsletters about trending news in the industry. You can stream or download content for your iOS and Android.


This app is the most creative app to have. Ever listened to a song as you pass by but you didn’t know it,or you were too shy to ask? You only need to capture a snippet of the song, and the app will tell you what song is it and how you can download or stream it. It is available for Android and iOS.

Apple Music

This app is a debut for Apple in music streaming market. It gives you full access to Apple Music Library with complete discographies.

This app allows you to make playlist although the catalog is unending.

The app is available for Android users as well and comes as a great gesture of kindness to Android users since Apple has always been mean and exclusive.


This app is owned by Jay-Z and has been a success so far. Major artists enjoy better royalties for their music, interviews, and videos.

The app was recognized for providing Prince’s complete catalog to users.

You can get tailor-made suggestions from this app thanks to its outstanding algorithm. It’s available for Android and iOS users.


This app is a great deal for those who love listening to their local radio stations. The app offers bonus features for free! You can make playlist and stream full albums for free. The most outstanding feature is the ability to get live programs from local stations from anywhere.

This app has earned a place in this list since it’s service and performance is amazing and hilariously free. It is available for iOS and Android download.

YouTube Music

This app is a great step for YouTube in providing music and video streaming.

Previously, closing the YouTube page from your browser meant the music video was gone too.

This app has come to allow you to vibe even when the browser is off without interruption.

The drawback is that you have to purchase the premium feature to get access to this YouTube Red. The app is available for iOS and Android users.


These apps are a great choice for music lovers who love streaming uninterrupted music without limitation. The music libraries have an unending catalog for you to choose from.

You can create playlists and stream live radio programs for your favorite stations with these apps. Get a wide variety of music by downloading these apps from Google or Apple store and make your phone ultimate music player.