The best shopping apps like Wish: Shopping has become easier these days. So sure you’ll go online to do it, since it’s at the click of a button.

Most shoppers know what they need or want, yet may not know which online shopping site is trustworthy or even worth shopping at.

With so many online, we’ve made it a bit easier for you to narrow down your shopping networks for you according to other reviewers and being true shoppers ourselves.

The best shopping Apps like Wish:  Other Apps like wish

There are some with speedy shipping services, some that take forever, there’s some that are different in prices, sizes, guidelines, and rules, for instance.
One of the 5 apps being used today that are considered good shopping networks by many reviewers and shoppers alike.

These apps can be easily accessed from your PC or mobile. Shopping or affiliate sites offer products for the home, for fashion lovers, for athletes, for the office, and much more.

As long as you have a tablet, PC, or mobile phone, and a loaded credit/debit card, you’ll have a shopping budget, you can shop!



You don’t have to be rich to shop online nor do you need to find parking space. We can almost get away with purchasing online full time if we can because of the variety of products and the ease to do so.

Instead, all you have to do is register via your social media accounts to get the latest updates and alerts on thousands of products that are available on such shopping applications.

It’s also one of the shopping sites that Google voted back a few years ago as one of the Best Android Apps to shop online.

It’s still a top contender in doing your online shopping from the comforts of your own living room or bedroom, or on your mobile.

Founded in 2011, the popular shopping network is used by shoppers from North America and Europe.

The company’s co-founders are former Yahoo employees, Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang. It has employed many technical savvy engineers and hosts about approximately 400 employees and growing.

The company is based out of San Francisco, California.

The main set-back with the Wish app is shipping. Wish is compared to eBay in merchandise but not in price nor shipping. *

The pro for Wish customers are the prices but shipping is not for the impatient.

Unlike other shopping networks, customers get their merchandise straight from the Amazon warehouses. Prices on this site are like walking into a digital “dollar store type” when it comes to price.

Wish shoppers have called and considered the “online bazaar” styled shopping site is well kept in navigating as well as cheap shopping online prices.

In other words, the offerings by Wish shopping app are discounted greatly.

They’re brand names and high-quality merchandise will help you save a bundle! The majority of the products are trendy, hip and least expensive compared to the original price-tag and other shopping sites.

Luckily, Wish accounts can be set up and customised to fit your needs by way of your emails or your social media accounts.



With such shopping networks like Wish and Amazon, there’s Wanelo. Some things can be cheap or pricey, but it seems like it’s in between price ranges for this website. There are many online stores which are popular and never heard of before but in their region. This is a great place for shoppers to shop at because of the large variety of stores. The ease of use on the site has a directory with more than 350K stores. Here are more than a few which you’ll find on this popular shopping site.

  • Estee Lauder
  • 2 Modern
  • 80s
  • LODR
  • essie
  • Lola’s Lookbook
  • Love Couture- Firebox
  • Lucky Brand
  • Silk and Honey
  • Macy’s

Wanelo shopping can be used on your iOS, Android, Windows, and on Amazon. There are many brands you’ll become familiar with and there’s those that you may already know of. The only set back is that you have to follow at least 3 sites (or it’s recommended that you follow three). In fact, it is free so there you have it. It’s recomended for the many, many brands and the features and deals it has. It’s motto, “Want, Need, Love.”



Some shopping sites give their customers the access to log in and simply buy according to a “set price.”

With Zulily, it’s all about the thrill of the sale days and special offers and deals customers have an opportunity to buy.

It’s one of the shopping sites that embed social media with it too.

In fact, shoppers can share their purchases on these social media accounts and with this, they’re able to share the connection of shopping.

This is how many of the Zulily shoppers stay connected with other shoppers of the site.

What you may see, someone else may have skipped or missed! You’ll get the alerts and latest updates on sales and special offers from many of the new promotions when shopping on Zulily’s website. Zulily is also free.



Fab is similar to Zulily in marketing themselves with their commercials and their website for a few years now.

They actually have one of the nicest blogs for a shopping website.

There will be some good deals and interesting things to shop for.

You may want to note that did have to downsise about 5 years -ago. Although, they’re stable now and you’ll enjoy their site and what they have to offer.



This shopping website is Chinese-owned. In fact, what Amazon is to the USA, AliExpress is to China. They offer free shipping for most of their products.

It’s interface has a wide variety of products. With many products such as in electronics, fashion, accessories, home and garden, toys, baby, and children, plus much more.

And you won’t have a problem shopping on the site since it’s user friendly.

Additionally, you’ll be offered coupons for signing up and once you sign up, you will be alerted with the offers of the day.

At any rate, products can be shipped to more than 200 countries and has its site in five different languages.

English isn’t the only language the site offers.

Start shopping and enjoy the experience in online shopping at AliExpress.



Finally, these top 5 shopping sites are ideal for those who want to buy from the comforts of their own home or from their mobile phone.

There are many more great shopping sites and apps to download but these are just a small portion of what’s out there.

If you have some that are your faves, let us know so we can mention them the next time around. Happy shopping!