Hey, what’s going on everyone it’s Joshua here and welcome to the review of the Jaybird Freedom Wireless in-ear headphones. As you may remember in the past, I have reviewed other products that have come out from Jaybird from the audio line specifically. Those products were all great, but Jaybird has indeed continued to come a long way in making themselves the best in-ear wireless headphone. I’m not the only one to say that.

Are the JayBirds the best wireless earbuds?

The Packaging of the JayBirds Wireless Earbuds

The Packaging of the JayBirds Wireless Earbuds

The Jaybird Freedom was announced a CES and is their current flagship being the successor to the Jaybird X2. Many improvements have been made. I received this a week before the initial release and had some time to speak with Jaybird’s CEO and marketing team. From the day, I received them until now I’ve given them a thorough test and have developed my opinions. There’s a lot to cover when ii comes to the fit, the size improvements, the advanced features, and its wireless functions but let’s go ahead and start out with the design.

You will notice that these are by far the smallest earphones that Jaybird has ever made. The X2 and previous models weren’t necessarily large, but this just takes it to a whole new level. It is constructed out of metal and is very durable, so if you do need to throw in this your bag, you don’t have to worry about them getting crushed or anything. To be exact, the speaker housing was reduced by twenty percent, and it has a new enhanced 6mm driver.

I’m someone who’s hesitant to purchase Bluetooth headphones as they seemingly have a loss in sound quality but with every Jaybird product I’ve tested out the sound quality was excellent.

Aside from the metal construction they are also sweat-proof as well as a lot of people will be using this for athletics.

Inside the box, you’re given everything you need to ensure your comfort including a set of standard silicone tips, but they have also included Comply™ foam tips as well. In addition to that, you also have a few sizes of fins, as well as a carry case, a USB charging cord, and a charger and battery attachment. I’ll talk about that a bit later.

The Jaybird Freedom also has the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology and that allows you to connect two headphones to one device at the same time or one headphone to different devices. If you’re constantly switching between your computer and your smartphone, you don’t have to worry about disconnecting them every time.

One of the Best Bluetooth in-ear’s for running and workoutp>Taking a look at the headphones themselves, you can see that they are incredibly small. It is available in five different colors including carbon, which I ‘ve got in front of me, gold, ocean blue, and blaze red. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the black one as since I have black hair, it just blends in and looks very subtle.

Jaybird Freedom Lineup

Jaybird Freedom Lineup

When it comes to the fit, I’m pretty picky about using headphones and earphones as the majority of the ones I try don’t work out with my head or ear. It’s great that Jaybird has included multiple types of earbuds though as a Comply™ ear tip is typically a separate purchase. Which I did a review on the channel a really long time ago. They’re by far the most comfortable option, but if you’re doing sports or something, then they’re going to get a little bit hot. Personally, I don’t like the sound to be completely isolated most of the time.

These headphones for me were okay regarding the comfort.

v id="attachment_1028" style="width: 466px" class="wp-caption alignright">Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones

Not the best but not close to the worst either. There’re a few ways you can wear them including just wearing them around your neck typically which looks kind of weird. The way that most people will probably go with is from the back of your neck. They do also include a cable holder. They kind of tie together the access cable when it’s too much time as you can see here. They have also added fins and a lot of people also like to wear them where they wrap over the ears. I recommend just trying them out and developing a personal preference for how you would like to wear these. When you’re not wearing them, you can have them just hanging around your neck, and they look pretty good and don’t get in the way either. Which is a problem I’ve experienced when using typical wired headphones and the cable is running down my shirt.

The in-line remote is pretty typical with a three button layout to control your volume, play/pause, and skip. You also have an in-line microphone as well to take calls. The voice prompts also make it very easy to indicate what you’re doing with the button navigation.

The Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones

Now, let’s talk a little about the battery life of the Jaybird Freedom. You have a four-hour battery life on the headphone itself. However, it does also include a separate attachment which is kind of an external backup battery that gives you an additional four hours. That little unit also has a USB port so you shouldn’t have any problem charging it while out and about. The other unit is light, and that gives you a total of eight hours of battery which is solid. If you have to go somewhere quickly, you can also charge this thing up for twenty minutes, and that will give you one hour of additional listening time.

The App Features an Equalizer

The App Features an Equalizer

We’re kind of deep in the review, and it’s time to talk about the sound quality. One of the biggest features of the Jaybird Freedom that is the MySound App. The Jaybird Freedom produce pretty incredible sound and from the X2 I found the sound to be pretty balanced and very high quality for a Bluetooth headset. I noticed that once again here everything was immaculate, and there were no single connectivity issues that you would normally expect out of a wireless headphone. Normally on a review of any audio product I would comment on whether the sound is very balanced, the bass is good; the bass is lacking, but with the customize menu it gives you the ability to create different profiles. Whether you would like more bass, more mids, more highs, and whether you would like a tighter bass or faster mid.

By far the best Bluetooth Headphone for Running and Exercise

They also work with a lot of athletes so you can go ahead and preview some of the sound profiles that they have created as well as some of the preset Jaybird styles. You can play your music alongside and preview everything in real time while you adjust the EQ to exactly the way you would like. What’s great is after you have created your custom EQ the settings are synced to the ear-buds themselves. Meaning, if you switch between devices, your custom options will be still be applied.

best wireless bluetooth earbuds

I’ve been talking for quite some time now and as you can tell I’m excited by the new features and just the overall experience with the Jaybird Freedom.

Are these the Bluetooth Earbuds you have been looking for?

In conclusion, Jaybird has hit the major categories in what they have improved including; the hardware, reducing the size, constructing it out of metal, and also introducing a mobile app that ultimately enhances the audio listening experience. The only complaints I have are surrounding the battery and the fact that you have a separate module that stores half of the potential power.

I can see myself losing the part, and it would have been nice to see a micro-USB port integrated into the control unit. Four hours is not bad for the battery but for some that may be an issue but for anyone who’s looking for the best of the best in Bluetooth earphones, is an athlete who’s looking to buy an excellent pair of earphones for their workouts. I can assure you that this price two-hundred dollars are going to be well worth it. That is my opinion. – Joshua Wilson

The Jaybird Freedom are the Best Bluetooth Earbuds

The Jaybird Freedom are the Best Bluetooth Earbuds

Other than that I got to give huge thanks to Jaybird and Logitech for sending this out for reviewing purposes. If you would like to check it out for yourself, there will be a link in the description section below and if you enjoyed this blog post be sure to hit that like button as it helps the channel out a bunch. I’ll see you all in the next one.

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