How to Remove iCloud Lock using Kavo Unlock

To anyone that has problems with an iCloud Locked Apple device; worry not because the perfect remedy is here already. Kavo Unlock has released a freeware software that allows Apple devices users to unlock their devices in case they have problems going past the iCloud Activation Lock screen.

Some of the ways iCloud connects you and your device include:

  • It allows you to share your photos, locations, calendars etc. with your friends and family
  • Helps you trace your device in case you lose it
  • Helps you have the latest version of your important documents at all times regardless of the device you are using e.g. photos, documents, notes and contacts.

iCloud Activation Lock is quite tough!

However, with all these benefits, iCloud has several disadvantages which can make it hard to access or use your device. For instance, if you buy any Apple device from another person and the original owner forgot to take off the iCloud link, you cannot use the device unless you enter the specific password or use an iCloud unlock software such as Kavo unlock to remove the password. iCloud is very secure because even if you buy the device from an Apple store and you lose your password, you will either have to enter your iCloud password or remain stuck on the activation screen of your device.

How does the Software Remove the iCloud Account?

Yes, it is true that the Apple’s Activation lock system is a good security feature for any iPhone or iPad user. However, when you lose or forget your personal information, that is where problems kick in. Without the information, there is no way that you are going to access your data or information.

One good thing about Kavo unlock software is that you can run it on any Windows PC or Mac device. Secondly, this service is compatible with windows and it works perfectly whereas most competing services cannot. This makes Kavo unlock software convenient and reliable to most people who have lost their iCloud passwords. Finally, this software can be used to unlock a fingerprint lock in an iPhone device. Therefore, if you need to unlock a fingerprint lock, you just have to type the IMEI of your device to activate the plugin.

If you need to use or download Kavo iCloud Unlock software, you can get it here on for free as it is a Freeware. The first thing you will have to do is download the program (don’t worry its free!). Then, you will connect your device to the computer you are using for the software to recognize your device. Give it a few seconds and after the device have been recognized you will be able to bypass the cloud. This process is quite simple and straightforward because you just need to follow a few steps. You don’t have to be worried by the operating system you are using because this software works on a number of operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. Finally, you should update the software on a monthly basis to improve user experience and performance.

Here’s how the iCloud Removal works

Removing iCloud Activation Lock is what Kavo iCloud Unlock tool does. The free software allows you to restore the factory settings and hard-wipe your device erasing such information as iCloud Metadata and Login Information, thereby giving you a chance to set up different information and set up an ID that you can remember.

It is also worth noting that using this app will not render your warranty invalid as it will remain intact. Kavo iCloud Unlock does not tamper with your iCloud account whatsoever. In addition, do not for any lies stating that you will need to buy a new phone of pay for iCloud services if you use our app. Our services are free.

Preferring Kavo iCloud Unlock over another app is wise because you benefit from services such as guaranteed lock removal, daily updates and you get one of the best support services. The app is safe for use and adheres to all the rules and regulations set.

Download Kavo iCloud Unlock Software Direct Link

Downloading the Kavo iCloud Unlock app is advisable because you can never tell when you will need it. It is compatible with most of the iPhone and iPad series.

Do not forget that the Kavo iCloud Unlock is free and we do not charge for this Software.
Please do not pay any 3rd party offering this software or it’s services as we provide this software free of charge to our readers

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Once Dow

Once Downloaded which devices can Kavo Unlock?

Unlock Freeware is compatible with all latest iOS versions including recent iOS 11 and 12 updates as-well as all older iOS versions down to iOS 7 and iPhone models ranging from iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, SE, 6S Plus. 6S, 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, to iPhone 4 and all iPad Models including iPad Pro and Apple Watches



Download Kavo iCloud Unlock

Activation Lock Removal Section for the Software/freeware download link


What else

What else can Kavo Unlock do for me?

ve designed our Kavo Unlock Freeware to not just offer you to remove your iCloud Activation Lock but also provide features such as removal of the previous owners ‘Find my iPhone’ setting as-well as remove a blacklist that has been set in place by your carrier allowing you to use your iPhone or iPad even if there has been a blacklist set to it and providing your Apple Device with a fresh identity no matter if its in clean, lost or *stolen mode. (* and Kavo Unlock do not encourage nor allow the unlocking of any stolen property)

After an Unlock has been done you can freely use your Apple Device as you wish including using it with your new Apple ID, Syncing it with iTunes, visiting a Genius Bar for a repair and Updating your iOS as Kavo Unlock provides your Apple Device with a fresh identity.