External batteries have been emerging into the technology world as vital accessories over the past few years. No longer are they geek toys. They’re mainstream must haves. These little devices or some not so little can boost your phone or tablet for an extra one hundred, two hundred, heck, even five hundred percent extra battery. They come in a variety of sizes, capacity, colors, and shapes. In no particular order, let’s take a look at my favorite five.

1) Known Quality: Anker Astro

Anker Astro Power Bank

Anker Astro Power Bank

First up on this list is one from one of the most reputable brands out there, Anker. The Anker Astro 6,400 milliamp battery comes in a compact body finished with a soft, smooth, matte black texture that feels really awesome. It comes with one USB port and an included micro USB cable in the box. There’s enough power here to charge an iPhone over three times. Most Android phones more than twice and an iPad Mini once. The Astro 2 is one of the best options out there if you’re looking for a combination of capacity, affordability, and portability.

MacCrunch Rating: 9/10Available on Amazon here

2) The Bang for the Buck: Steely Glint

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That’s right, a lot more powerful of the previous one. This guy comes at a very reasonable price and in an amazing brushed aluminium design. If you’re someone with multiple devices, especially devices with large batteries such as tablets, this external battery will charge anything you throw at it multiple times. You can simultaneously charge an iPhone, and iPod, and an iPad multiple times. If you’re somebody that doesn’t want to worry about batteries ever, get this guy and you can charge iPhone so many times it’s not even funny. This guy is really a beast if you’re looking for a super high capacity battery.

MacCrunch Rating: 9/10 – Available on Amazon here

3) The Most Portable: Anker Astro Minidiv id="attachment_1099" style="width: 739px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">Anker Astro Mini Power Bank

Anker Astro Mini Power Bank

Directly countering the previous colossal battery would be the number one ranked external battery on Amazon. The Anker Astro Mini. Anker coming in again on this list. This tiny lipstick style battery packs a respectable 3,200 milliamp battery, good for roughly one and a half iPhone charges, half an iPad charge, or a full charge, plus to many Android phones. It’ll fit in any nook or cranny, pocket or purse, bag or drawer, coming in at three and a half inches tall and weighing that of an egg. Finished with an aluminum coating and five color combinations, this is one premium battery. There’s only one amp, which means charging speeds won’t be anything to brag about, but still more than enough to get the job done. You also have a variant for ten dollars more that includes a lightning cable, and a micro USB cable. This, as well as all the other external batteries will be linked in the description of this video. This battery is the ultimate portability option, but sometimes I feel like I’m hurting its feelings by using it.

MacCrunch Rating: 6/10 – Available on Amazon here

4) Not Quite up to date: Intocircuit Power Bank

v id="attachment_1100" style="width: 731px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">Intocircuit Power Bank

Intocircuit Power Bank

The fourth option is my go to high capacity battery. Not only is it the best bang for the buck battery on this list, but Intocircuit packed a beefy 11,200 milliamp battery into a fairly compact body. It’s made of sturdy, good looking, and good feeling aluminum that comes in the gray you see here as well a silver model. This guy has a flashlight, two USB ports, and a digital display to tell you exactly how much capacity you have left. Included is a carrying pouch and USB cable. If you’re looking for a high capacity battery to charge multiple devices many, many times, look no farther than this inexpensive, great looking, and compact battery from Intocircuit. I said about a year ago this was my favorite external battery, and that’s standing strong today.

MacCrunch Rating: 3/10 – Available on Amazon here


5) Not well thought out: Skiva Power Bank

id="attachment_1101" style="width: 730px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">Skiva Power Bank

Skiva Power Bank

Rounding this list is kind of the Swiss army knife of external batteries. This 2,600 milliamp battery from Skiva is the smallest capacity battery on this list. You’ll get a full charge of an iPhone, other than the six plus, and about a full charge of most Android phones. This battery is bigger than the Astro Mini however, shown earlier in this video. That’s because this guy has a built in lightning and micro USB cable. Pop the lid and you’ll see the lightning cable attach to a doc like cap. You’ll also see the USB plug required to charge this guy, which means you only need a USB port, not even a cable to charge it. The Skiva also included a USB to USB cable to charge. Unfortunately, the lightning cable can only charge your idevice without a case, unless the case doesn’t cover the bottom at all. However, Skiva makes a version with an actual cable as well. You can find that link the description.

MacCrunch Rating: 3/10 – Available on Amazon here


Those are my top five external batteries of 2016.

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